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  1. Hi guys. I've got a 1993 E36 M3. Obviously RHD and euro spec. It's my weekend fun car and odd track day car. Have done a lot of mods to the suspension, drive train and engine in it's current NA state. I'm now after a bit more power as I've basically done most of what I can on the NA side. There seem to be a lot of supercharger kits getting good results out of the states and Europe, but they are for the lower powered US spec models (240hp) or left hand drive models. As mine is the 3.0L (210kw/286hp) there don't seem to be any 'kit' options that work. Ideally I'd like to get around 400hp, maybe a little more and retain a lot of the reliability and drive ability that I currently enjoy. Does anyone know if there are any kits out there that would work for me, or any tuning places that have done work like this before that I could talk to? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Cheers, Skyguy