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  1. Gillzzbimer

    bmw 320i throtlle body part

    R u open tomorrow mate ??
  2. Gillzzbimer

    bmw 320i throtlle body part

    Hi everybody, is anybody having the throttle body (THROTTLE BODY 13541439580-06) for bmw 320i 2007 msports e90/91 engine please, i really need it thanks
  3. Gillzzbimer

    Diagnostic overview

    Alrite , thanks for the reply buddy , i was just wondering if somebody had a same experience , i did a scan yesterday and its showing 3 codes all related to throttle sensor so i will take it back to the guy who serviced today or if he cant find it then i will deffo see Glen . Thanks
  4. Gillzzbimer

    Diagnostic overview

    Hi Glen , i had my bmw 320i 79k 2007 serviced 3 days ago , drove it to work and back was all good , next day started the car and it is showing half engine light with rpm going up and down and when i reverse it or shift to drive it shakes even with the brakes on , i am gonna bring the scanner and scan it today , any possible fault you guess from your experience please?? Thanks
  5. Gillzzbimer

    Bmw 320i 2007 taking up too much engine oil

    Sure , I will have a look and let u know . Thanks for ur reply
  6. Hi guys . need an advice bmw 320i 2007 75k mileage , got 5 month ago , noticed that it is taking 1 L oil every 500 to 600 km . no signs of leakage at all any suggestion please and I have 3 years mechanical warranty as well , thanks