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  1. Bryce

    Constant warm air through vents

    Thanks Allan
  2. Bryce

    Constant warm air through vents

    Thanks Allan
  3. This may have been covered somewhere already, if so please direct me... I have an E46 wagon. It has constant warm air flowing in the windscreen and footwell vents, and also the center vents if rolled over to the red dots. The temp is set at it's lowest and the only way to stop the warm air is to switch the fan off. The aircon works fine for the central vents, but still hot windscreen and feet. There is power to the hot water valve, and a mechanic who replaced the radiator checked the valve and said it seemed to be opening and closing okay. He isn't a BMW specialist and couldn't figure out what was causing the problem. The number 62 fuse is fine. Coming into summer now it would be good to get this sorted. Any advise or experiences would be very appreciated! Cheers, Bryce.