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  1. DVD as in the vid. Didn't see any MD option. I dont think i kept any of my MD's so cant test
  2. I have the MD/DVD combo so made a quick video.
  3. If you can find any identifying markings on the one that connects down low that would be appreciated. Pretty sure the one near the fuse box was for the trans, but my memory ain't great!
  4. Hi all, I'm currently swapping an M52B28 engine from an automatic 328i into my factory manual 316(t)I compact. I did a stella job of labelling everything with a number and then assigning that number to a detailed description of where it went and what it did in a spread sheet. Unfortunately I then went a wiped the laptop it was saved on before giving it to my wife to use for her business! So, I am at a loss as to which plug is for the engine and which is for the transmission. I plugged up the black one to the chassis and it fitted, but I saw a youtube video where someone plugged the one with the white ring. Do they both fit? How do I identify which is which? (not my picture btw). Cheers
  5. Random parts. Pickup only Kapiti. $300 the lot M54B30 inlet manifold, exhaust headers, alternator, starter motor, random small engine parts. E46 330ci front discs and hubs, brake master cylinder, random bits of engine loom, fuel rail (no injectors).
  6. Needs side skirts. Wheels dont do it for me either but glwts
  7. I think the questions are fair - I don't see anyone claiming to be an expert. People are just trying to work out why the 17k asking price. If you're not a 'fan' then essentially it's a dereged shell with a body kit, paint and cage. If it were a Nissan or something it'd be 5k. Look at what people are asking for turn key E30 race cars.
  8. How do you tell its gorgeous from those pics? Can't even see the entire car.
  9. x2 round blower motor filters for E36 compackt. 1 393 2419 New or clean second hand please. Mtec front bumper in black to fit same car.
  10. Blackie

    318ti m52 swap

    I like the drop the whole subframe method. Wish I had that with mine but my donor had suspension damage. What driveshaft did you use?
  11. I suspect you'll need a manual front driveshaft which is longer than the auto ones. Leave the back half alone.
  12. One listed now with similar kms for $18,000 less. Grab a bargain lol
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