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  1. Waiting to see these pop up on trademe with a markup and 'change of circumstances'.🙄
  2. B25 but more reasonably priced and comes with ECU, etc https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/engines/listing-2384941723.htm?rsqid=raws1-7958ca6a629c4f9b80238173d4408209-001
  3. Keep an eye on trademe. I got a low mileage one with all ancelleries for 1k.
  4. Wouldn't public holidays be an issue? Labour day on Monday for example.
  5. Don't buy then if you're that concerned. I've lived in the UK 12 years where you pretty much have free reign with cars and mods. No certs there.
  6. We're already enough of a nanny state thanks
  7. A cert for the coilovers is a doddle.
  8. Car Foile - sponsor of the general section - their website has gone. Edit: Sponors deals section doesn't appear to have had a post for a year.
  9. I agree with 330itis - some of the 30k ones have been on tardme for donkeys. There's also an M6 recently listed at $20k. Maybe it's the petrol prices....
  10. Purchased in error. Fits E36 320i, 323i, 325i, 328i E34 520i, 525i E38 728 Li Part number 5PK890 $20 plus postage
  11. Blackie

    2006 130i Manual

    Haven't seriously tried to sell this but just throwing it out there that I'm interested in part exchanges with 5k - 6k cash. Tidy E36 or something else interesting. The 130 has just hit 124k and runs great, no issues whatsoever, just it's only being used for train station runs when I should be catching the bus!
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