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  1. He was probably the one who overvalued that one. He valued a LHD RX7 at 80k which is madness.
  2. Why hasn't he withdrawn it from tardme? I wouldn't trust that guy one bit...
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2780833039 E87 exhaust for what looks to be a good price.
  4. I'm happy to contribute with both time and money. I expressed interest way back when but no one replied to my message. Also, happy to admin as some sound a bit burnt out and need a break.
  5. Blackie

    E39 M5

    I think if you look at the threads in this trademe section flippers are treated with distain, but because it's someone within the community people are acting differently.
  6. Blackie

    E39 M5

    Got every right to express my opinion. If you dont like it or have anything positive to say, take your own advice and move on from this thread
  7. Blackie

    E39 M5

    I care. Not spending 30k on a car that was 20k less than a month ago and would make sure others dont get ripped off either. That's a "healthy forum culture".
  8. Engine/gearbox out again for me today. Not by choice. Decided after morning coffees to troubleshoot clutch on my E36 compact with M52. Was swapping various clutch slave rods as nothing seems to be engaging in there. Nek minute... rod #3 pops off through slave hole into bellhousing! .....Bye! Quick feel around and I had my fingers on it for a couple of seconds then slipped down into the abyss. 😫
  9. It's one if these reserve not met deals, but yeah 8k is good value
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2550454006 Q&A - not come across this EDL speak before. As far as I know we just have open diffs? Couldn't find much by way of a search.
  11. Thought someone might have one laying around. Anything considered. Thanks
  12. Couple of hundred maybe. Value is in the headers.
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