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  1. Blackie

    M52b28 tuned dme’s

    M3 headers, the holy grail..if only.. Would these be of any benefit on a stock M52?
  2. Blackie

    Forum clean up?

    Nice, thanks Jon.
  3. Blackie

    Forum clean up?

    I've noticed as I'm sure others have, lots of old/dead stickied posts that make the place look like it's unmaintained. I reported a fair few of these last year but no one seemed to be home (quick to delete my for sale post as I was trying to edit with a pic tho). How about a clean up / take out the trash? A couple of examples - there are more General discussion - Car Folie (pinned) - created 8 Jan 2011, user indicated business has closed on 15 Nov 2018 General discussion - Bimmersport Downtime - created 22 May 2016, last post 20 Dec 2016, hopefully resolved by now? News - Bimmersport News RSS feed - created 2 Jul 2007, unsurprisingly this no longer works. The FORUM RULES (yes all caps) - created 19 Nov 2008, the formatting of the post is awful and there's some real strange stuff in there (e.g. Warez - good memories) For Sale - Bimmersport 2013 Wall Calendars on Sale Now - 28 Nov 2012, yea For Sale - Bimmersport T-shirts - 8 Feb 2007, assuming no longer available, etc. Thoughts? And before the usual about how busy the mods are with family, etc. I'm happy to do this.
  4. Blackie

    Replacing Transmission with 2nd hand.

    Get same model. Not a difficult job to swap like for like.
  5. My cousin checked this out last time and no cracking, just too ugly for him.
  6. Blackie

    BMW E46 compact 325Ti with a 3L engine nz new

    This isn't the car most people are thinking of?
  7. Blackie

    M43 engine

    Sent one for scrap a couple of weeks ago as had for sale for about a year. It was a mint runner too, only removed to go 6. Bad timing. 😞
  8. Blackie

    BMW Z1

    BMW baja
  9. Blackie

    E36 M3 '94 convertible. Only 32k miles

    Why's that?
  10. Blackie

    M button

    One less thing to go wrong 😁
  11. Blackie

    Mystery M-Coupe

    I've complained of companies doing that before but tardme does nothing...
  12. Blackie

    E36 M43 single mass flywheel

    Still looking. Will consider bigger combos just dont want to spend a thousand. For an M52 engine and getrag.
  13. Blackie

    Scrap car removal Kapiti Coast

    I`ve got a guy coming tomorrow, fingers crossed he doesn`t pull the same gag.
  14. Blackie

    Scrap car removal Kapiti Coast

    Got another pig for collection. This time rolling but still same problems getting shot of it. 🤣
  15. Blackie

    Could be a Bargin 135i $1 Reserve

    And auto too.