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  1. I know how it works, and I get what you're saying but the manual shifting bit is what makes a manual a manual.
  2. None of my cars are track rats just I hate autos
  3. I much prefer that E36 take on this that sold recently. At the very least it should have been a manual.
  4. Nice. Local to us too for a change.
  5. I pulled it off tonight but it's perished and starting to split in one place too sorry.
  6. I have a passenger side that seems ok. Drivers one is split unfortantely
  7. Don't think that's what he meant at all
  8. You forgot fake news, chemtrails and flouride is mind control
  9. Sure I can take one off mine. Send me a pm.
  10. Looks like a closed group, guess you have to sign up to see?
  11. Can't see it.
  12. $2k seems too much to me
  13. I've been in one. Goes really well and sc size seems perfectly suited to the engine if you know what you're doing with tune etc. The engineering also looked sound. For the price i doubt anything can touch it.
  14. Have you thought about removing the tow bar?