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  1. Blackie

    2006 130i Manual

    Haven't seriously tried to sell this but just throwing it out there that I'm interested in part exchanges with 5k - 6k cash. Tidy E36 or something else interesting. The 130 has just hit 124k and runs great, no issues whatsoever, just it's only being used for train station runs when I should be catching the bus!
  2. I just use the aux plug, too easy
  3. Everything at Duttons is overpriced. $10k+ for a Morris Marina there
  4. Best bet are the M3 style kits they sell on trademe or try Auto38 in Newtown.
  5. Hoses sorted. Power steer pulley sorted. Still chasing airbox and fan.
  6. Okay bleeded again by pushing the push rod in by hand with the bleeder on top. No difference. Clutch master next.
  7. Value is subjective and this is a really small audience.
  8. Blackie

    M52B28 DME

    After the one with EWS removed, raised redline, 98 tune, etc. Got 200 to spend.
  9. Be bold and put up the price so we can all get back to our day jobs...
  10. I replaced the runflats on mine with regular tyres. The ride is much less choppy, unpredictable and tram tracky but still very hard for a road car. I wouldn't touch one now with runflats. Close to 2k to replace.
  11. Thanks, will give that method a try, although it sounds difficult to achieve under the car - like needing 3 pairs of hands!
  12. Hi all, I couldn't see a clutch / gearbox section so hope this is the right place. Car is an E36 with Getrag My car has been sitting for close to a year as I was doing an engine swap. Once the engine was back in I refitted the clutch slave into the gearbox and tried the clutch pedal. The pedal was rock hard. I checked the clutch slave and all looked good, so tried again. Eventually their was a bang and the pedal broke loose going right to the floor. I removed the slave and found it had blown apart and shot brake fluid everywhere. Fast forward and I now have a different clutch and new slave cylinder. I've been trying to bleed the slave like I would on any car but it doesn't appear to be working. I get someone to hold down the pedal, release the fluid, close the bleeder, return pedal to normal, pump again and repeat. The pedal is very easy to press and doesn't feel like it's connected to/operating anything mechanical i.e. the clutch. When under the car the clutch slave hose moves but I can't hear any sign of the fork moving. My next step is to remove the slave while someone presses the pedal and observe if it's moving. I'm starting to think the hard pedal was actually the master cylinder and the blown slave just the result of the sudden pressure surge when it broke free. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of the above or experience with this issue? Cheers
  13. This thread needs pics.
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