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  1. Blackie

    E39 M5

    I think if you look at the threads in this trademe section flippers are treated with distain, but because it's someone within the community people are acting differently.
  2. Blackie

    E39 M5

    Got every right to express my opinion. If you dont like it or have anything positive to say, take your own advice and move on from this thread
  3. Blackie

    E39 M5

    I care. Not spending 30k on a car that was 20k less than a month ago and would make sure others dont get ripped off either. That's a "healthy forum culture".
  4. Engine/gearbox out again for me today. Not by choice. Decided after morning coffees to troubleshoot clutch on my E36 compact with M52. Was swapping various clutch slave rods as nothing seems to be engaging in there. Nek minute... rod #3 pops off through slave hole into bellhousing! .....Bye! Quick feel around and I had my fingers on it for a couple of seconds then slipped down into the abyss. 😫
  5. It's one if these reserve not met deals, but yeah 8k is good value
  6. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2550454006 Q&A - not come across this EDL speak before. As far as I know we just have open diffs? Couldn't find much by way of a search.
  7. Thought someone might have one laying around. Anything considered. Thanks
  8. Couple of hundred maybe. Value is in the headers.
  9. Blackie

    BMW 316i Compact

    Some pics taken today after a quick wash.
  10. Hi all, I'm thinking of selling my project car that I've essentially lost interest in. Funny thing - when doing the 'hard' work, I'm always dreaming of how nice it will be to be doing those finishing touches. Then once the hard stuff is finally done, I get bored and lose interest! That and I am always surfing tardme and so getting distracted by all manner of other cool stuff. Currently that is ranging anywhere from mid 80's Toyota FXGTs to Z3's to fixer-upper van engine Porsches, so I may be interested in swaps for potentially anything! So, the BMW - it's an unfinished project - don't expect to drive it away or you will be sorely disappointed. Bring a trailer. BODY - Ex UK car (will confirm miles - nothing high) - driver only airbag model - non-aircon model (removed pump, etc from swap engine) - 328i front swaybar - 328i front brakes - new clutch master and slave cylinder (Bilstein/Febi metal ones) - clutch kit is good used 318ti non-dual mass - original getrag gearbox (factory manual car) - good condition mtech front seats (m rain) - new gearknob and gaitor (China) - lowered on 17" wheels with a bit of kerbing (not me) - good condition (but cheap) tyres (new Daytons on front) - car handles really well, i find it much more responsive than e36 coupe or sedan Engine - M52B28 stock engine from 328i (will confirm kms - nothing high) - starts and runs - ECU re-flashed with EWS delete (still requires chip in key) and manual tune - 328i gauge cluster - 328i radiator and new slim electric fan (needs wire and clutch fan) - new flexi bellows to inlet manifold and U hose with USA parts - new metal thermostat housing and new thermostat - short throw shifter - old 4 cyl brakets removed (coil pack, etc. - looks ugly when people don't do this) - 328i exhaust supplied but not fitted Bad bits - - sunroof leaks - roof liner has been removed - sunroof switch secured with cable ties - grills missing and wiper panel broke too - shallow dents in body and some scratches and scuffs (previous owner worked for NZTA on roads) - clutch needs bleeding (being a PITA, still attempting to solve) - battery in boot needs secure - I wasn't comfortable with level of rust eating into vents in one of the front disc rotors (budget to replace - $140) - front shocks need replace - airbag light not going out fail for last warrant (haven't looked into) - needs cert for road use So in summary, i reckon for a grand you could realistically be up and running. The cheapest 328ti currently forsale is $6,500 so you could come in 1k under that. Or you could race prep, use for parts, whatever. I will edit ad as I am sure I have missed some good stuff and add more photos at the weekend. Car is located on the Kapiti Coast and comes with all of my E36 spares if wanted. Asking $4.5k Message me through the forum please.
  11. Another cheapie. 6450 from a dealer. Sheesh https://www.trademe.co.nz/2529074324
  12. Interior pics are up now for anyone interested. A bit of wear on the steering wheel for the kms
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