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  1. So, anyone got a recommendation for the guy? 🙄
  2. I need to shift a kidney. These wheels are so hot right now.
  3. Nice. I have a black compact too. Fun cars!
  4. I videoed, maybe you can see something I missed? My guess is it only likes official MDs or some sort of zoning restriction?
  5. Theres usually at least one on trademe. Expensive but. Budget at least a grand for a clutch and flywheel.
  6. They should change Kaiwharawhara to Wellington on their drop down.
  7. I have a harness off an engine that looked like this. Was out of an E36 compact 318ti though. Any use?
  8. Hi all, I really don't have the dedication to update a project thread so started a youtube channel to log my progress and keep me motivated. It's really grassroots (in the weeds) with minimal editing effort, but enough detail I hope for anyone planning to take on something similar. It's also super budgety due to little disposable income (house, kids, food, etc). If that low bar/expectation sounds like something you'd be interested in, check it out under blackie bmw motorwerks. Cheers
  9. OK. Tried today - zip, zero, nadda. MD loads but no apparent option to select and play it.
  10. Find out who valued the white E36 M3 on trademe at 38k and go there!
  11. Why reduce the effectiveness of your brake lights? Insurance co will find this a big OUT if you get ended
  12. Did you buy this car from Kapiti by any chance? Its red right?
  13. Hi Darryl, Hayden here from rotary days. Nice car. Good luck with the sale.
  14. Yes might have order, thanks. Only pair I've located used bloke wants $40 lol
  15. Bump. Both items in title still un located. Thanks
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