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  1. Hi. Looking for a complete and working cruise control kit to fit my manual 325i. Cheers.
  2. E30 Radio Fault Code E99 Help

    Yes it is. Found out the E99 code is telling me to push the reset button on the head unit. It still has the "load" problem though.
  3. E30 Radio Fault Code E99 Help

    Hope not. Still be interesting to know what the code says.
  4. Hi. I have the business radio in my E30. It has the 10 CD stacker. Not long after I got the car the radio kept bringing up "load" on the radio display and would not play the CD's. Now it brings up error code E99. Can anyone tell me what this means or where I can find an explanation for this code? Cheers.
  5. E30 Air Con Recharge

    Thanks Nick.
  6. E30 Air Con Recharge

    Hi. Just bought an E30 which is fitted with air con but it doesn't work. The last owner never used it. I'm assuming that at the very least the gas has leaked out. I have spoken to a few car air conditioning businesses and they tell me the only option is to upgrade the system to run R134a. Can someone tell me if this is my only option? I found the following article which suggests something different. http://www.rtsauto.com/how-to-recharge-the-ac-in-your-car-eg-used-will-be-e30-and-how-to-use-ac-manifold-gauges-and-pull-vacuum/ Cheers. Dean.
  7. M-Tech 1 Steering Wheel

  8. Complete Set of 4 x 15" E30 Basket Weave Wheels

    $920 now, and then they're going on Trade Me.
  9. M-Tech 1 Steering Wheel

    Hi. For sale is my M-Tech 1 steering wheel. My plans have changed and I don't need it now. Excellent condition. No rips, tears, or significant wear. $180.
  10. New PFL Fog Lights

    Hi. I have for sale a pair of new pre-facelift front fog lights, including the switch (switch is used). These are genuine ZKW lamps and are new. Really hard to find new. What you get is what is seen in the following pictures. You won't find a better set. $250.
  11. Hi. I have for sale 4 x 15" basket weave wheels, including centre caps in good working order and tyres. The tyres are Supercat 205/55/15. Tread depth on two tyres 5mm across the tread. Thread depth on the other two 3-5mm across the tread. Obviously the previous owner was running a lowered car. All wheels have curbing but they still looked blimmen good on the car. The wheels run straight. $1,000.
  12. Sold

    PM sent.