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    I totally agree with you, but you should respect other people's choices as well, big tyre brands make affordable and cheap tyres as well to catch the lower market, but it doesn't mean they are crap. Good you stick with the standards, but it doesn't mean those who don't are stupid!
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    The bypass is still working and this one will let the airbag deploy in case of an accident. Now the module is the one that's playing up, if you unplug the occupancy sensor it doesn't detect and trigger the airbag light, which normally should. I am aware of the safety issues involved here, that is why i don't just put anything untested in my car, these bypass sensors have been in the market for a long time and a lot of people use them, am sure member's here use them as well.
  3. Hi guys and girls, I am a new memeber. I have a good low kms '96 BMW E36 318i, which only done 84k's called blackbeauty. Had it for couple years now and still going good aside from a couple of weeks ago the airbag light came on again, when i say "again", i had an occupancy seat bypass installed and reset the airbag approx 6 mos ago and now it's back. This time i took it to the shop and had it scanned, the mechanic mentioned that it is the airbag module that needs replacement as it does not recognize the occupancy sensor when they unplug it. I found one with the same part number, but it was taken off a 7 series bmw and not a 3 series. Will this module need recoding eventhough they have the same part number? Or will it be a plug and play as they have the same part number? Can anyone shed light before i proceed in installing the module? Thanks in advance.....