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  1. Thanks for that. I did expect to pay my excess, as that's not unreasonable.
  2. Silly question, but I haven't crashed a car in a few country-moves now. How does insurance work in New Zealand for this kind of thing? If I have full coverage and hit another car due to negligence on my part, will my insurance still fork out for it?
  3. I have one 2012 and one 2013 left. I sold two 2012s recently. 2013 has a nice fresh battery now, actually works. ;p If I was mounting one of these as a dash/radio/console, I'd do the no-battery module though.
  4. Cool. Finally something to do with these N7s sitting here. (Woes of a computer geek...)
  5. If you want to go the DIY route as others suggest, check these folks out:
  6. Note FCP will actually quite often 'negotiate' over shipping. Their automated calculator is weird and you can sometimes talk them down on shipping just by asking.
  7. Annoyed with you. I'd have bought yours!
  8. Nice car! You do need a price here for the rules though.
  9. I'm keen to hear how well that works with a proper (i)phone.
  10. Nice 335i mate. More pics!
  11. Hi Alan, welcome to the party! Post some pics of thet E61 mate.
  12. Got me started.
  13. Might be unrelated, but on an e39, if you have two and one bulb dies, you do get a cluster warning. I had this happen this week.
  14. "My BMW made me do it!"
  15. I realize my post above was poorly worded. I mean to say that when we were wronged during a trademe transaction, trademe has gone out of their way to help us rectify things and in one instance, closed the account of the offending party. They certainly can't force someone to sell you something that someone doesn't want to sell to you, and yes, at the end of the day, the worse they can do is close someone's account, but that is no different than any online auction system really and they certainly have an interest in having their site be trustworthy, which in my experience, at least, they succeed at doing.