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  1. Thanks for that. I think I’ll plug that hole with dab off tomorrow and will tackle this when I get back on the 19th. If I get a chance to remove stuff this week, I might still do, just to plan the repair later. This will also give me a clear idea if I have any other leaks or not with he car parked while away.
  2. I put myself into my boot today and closed the lid with my wife outside. The risk was worth it (and she didn't even leave me in there too much longer than needed...) I found one leak. We used a water jet from the hose full on, all up and down, no water on that pillar again, but I did find this gem gifted to me by the previous owner: Check out the missing stud on that rear right shock absorber... It is basically a hole through to the outside. Water slides nicely down my tail lights (which don't leak even a little bit... over my bumper and right into that nice hole there. Now, I am sure there is another leak somewhere. It is not possible for water from this hole to end up in that space behind the pillar from earlier... But c'est la vie eh. I'll be taking the bumper cover off this week and will be in the market for a new-to-me absorber sometime this week, or mid-October when I'm back from a trip.
  3. New Zealand has more than one highway? 😀
  4. How good is your cell reception there? You might be better off with a mobile data plan.
  5. Trade you for a 530i. 😀
  6. I've done my share of car work between 10pm and 1am. In my case it's to coincide with kids being asleep and not needing me. I am just too tired at night for that right now. I hope to have time before they turn 18!
  7. Penrite HPR5 on sale at Supercheap right now.
  8. This thread is inspiring me to add items to my to-do-when-kids-let-me-sleep-and-have-time-for-myself list.
  9. Hi Allan, thanks for the input. The car is parked outside, reasonably level-ish on grass. Ive checked and rechecked the boot seal rubber, even having replaced it. 😀 Ill check the things you mentioned, but what drainage channels could this be related to?
  10. I don't think you'll be able to use just the EWS from the donor car, which is what you'd need for the keys to work. At a minimal, using the donor EWS without recoding it will give you a tamper dot on your mileage display. You can't use the donor keys if you code it either, as the keys won't match it either... Your EWS, DME, and LCM need to have the same VIN and that is also stored in your keys. The VIN on each of those can be changed to match the others, except for the keys. That said... Keys are the cheapest part of that setup (lie, LCM is cheapest, but you don't need one of those...) Basically, get your barrel fixed. The other options will end up costing more than you think, I think.
  11. Carjam has a service for vehicle history from Japan. EDIT: Importing yourself is quite interesting. If you'll be using a service to do it for you, the odds of actually saving money versus buying here are quite small. All the savings get eaten up by fees (at least for the cars I looked at.)
  12. Note, if you have time, the sane thing to do is to remove everything up to your throttle body, clean throttle body and ICV and inspect everything you remove, plus all the CCV hoses. THEN you make a determination on what you need to replace. Now, this may be the sane thing, but is not what I did. I just bought the vast majority of the parts needed to get to the CCV, including the CCV setup itself, removed everything, cleaned CCV/ICV and replaced with new parts as put stuff back in. It fixed my problem. I found cracked hoses, leaking hoses, etc... This took me ~3 hours, as a newbie. The CCV replace was not actually so painful in the end. I watched a lot of youtube videos and it went really smoothly for me. I don't have a lot of time to work on my car, so rather than doing the sane thing, I threw money at it, under the (safe bet, it turned out) the assumption the previous owners hadn't replaced anything in that area in my poor car's 17 years of existence... The only real drawback of the "remove everything and inspect before deciding to replace..." approach is that, at least in my case, hoses literally disintegrated in my hands when I was removing them. Be very careful removing things you don't have replacements for. (Although I concede the offending/disintegrating hose was a CCV hose which was going to get replaced anyway...) I think up to the throttle body, you can safely remove and anything you find can still be usable, even if sub optimal, until you get a replacement part in.
  13. Sorry. I park outside. I thought about the condensation/moisture angle too. It doesn’t make sense. I scooped out a good litre of water from my spare wheel well after the most recent storms we had. I don’t think it’s a trickle, or a moisture issue it has to be a full on leak. It looks like it’s coming from behind the pdc controller somewhere. Need to just get in there with a torch. Edit: the boot Lining and contents are all dry. This is happening below, or behind all that, but above that vent by the battery. I thought to be a seam cracked too. Might still be. I have to remove be the bumper to fix some broken pdcs. That’ll be a good time to visually inspect the outside of that area.
  14. Whilst I may also have a leak while driving, the car hasn’t been driven in awhile now and not at all in the rain/wet. This leak is happening parked. I’ll just have to go in there and having someone with a water hose outside.
  15. A mate suggested the same. I have fold down seats and today checked my emergency latch release works. 😀 thats the the next step here.