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  1. Gabe79

    Book Help!

    You might be searching for "Life and Adventures of Santa Clause" and getting no results... Search for "Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" and you'll get results. I have a pdf/ebook here if you want that, but I think you want a dead tree (I agree they make better books...) Trademe, as Mikan says, or Whitcoulls has it too. EDIT: Bah, Whitcoulls is 10-12 days shipping. Must come from the UK.
  2. You can have either RF, or IR, but not both. The frequency, if it's RF, can be derived from the VIN. "Information regarding remote control:Basic = remote control 433 MHZSA 876 = remote control 315 MHZSA 875 = infrared remote control"
  3. I've actually had a bit of a revelation shopping with Rockauto. I miss lifetime warranties from FCP Euro, but the prices here are very good. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2010,escape,3.0l+v6,1444720,brake+&+wheel+hub,rotor,1896 Don't try to price two rotors in the same order. Buy one per order, and the shipping isn't insane. ($30 per rotor individually, but $100 for two in the same order)
  4. Hi Paul, John, thank you kindly. John, I appreciate the offer. Seems like it'd be less of a hassle for Paul, so I'll hassle him instead of you! Paul, I'll PM you shortly. Thank you!
  5. I bought this Coil Spring Compressor on trademe without realizing it was pick up only and am in a spot of bother. Anyone in Wellington willing to pickup+ship to me, happy to reimburse costs, and provide beer/drink of choice.
  6. That's the idea. Wife is keen on a Toyota, and I might just have to go with that to save myself considerable grief. Her experience of my BMW ownership was not a positive one!
  7. Agreed value policy with Tower. Until now I was neutral towards them, at best. We use them for house, contents, and both cars. They can be annoying as anything, and disorganized, and such. They paid out without fuss here. Zero hassle, and whilst their admin department is horrible, their claims department was super helpful and effective.
  8. Nobody hurt. Car and pride only.
  9. Give Troy from Peninsula Rust and Panel Repairs a call at 09-428 3802. It's a bit out of the way maybe, but he fixes worse things than that regularly.
  10. The solution to that particular problem...
  11. Life's been busy lately, and I haven't had much occasion to post here, or even read much. Alas, fate intervened about a week and a half ago, on the day there was massive massive rain up here. Was driving off of Dairy Flat Highway, and during a minute period the rain got so thick I couldn't see. Thought something was in front of the car, swerved to not hit something, hit something else instead. There was a high curb and wall next to it. The wall the car might have survived, but the curb killed it... Damaged everything between the wheel and the engine, and from that oil leak, even the bottom end of the engine got it too. EDIT: That could be the transmission pan that got it, unclear. I didn't climb under to look.
  12. Gabe79

    Quick rant thread.

    On a bmw forum I feel it's a bit weird to suggest masochism is a bad thing.
  13. Replaced the evap purge valve on the 530i.
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