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  1. Gabe79

    Bmw E39 possible ews problem

    A lot of people around here go for EWS delete. I happen to have the bits (All you need is an AK90+) and have done this a bunch of times now, so for me, coding a new EWS is easier than a delete, which I've never done. The same equipment lets you code keys too, which is a nice bonus skill/ability to have in my book.
  2. Gabe79

    Bmw E39 possible ews problem

    The EWS/transponder and the door remote are two different components, albeit in the same key. In aftermarket keys, they are completely separate parts of your key, where on the OEM keys, the transponder is built into the key electronics. That the remote works means nothing for the EWS being working, or not. That said, coding a VIN to an EWS module is trivial, and EWS modules are cheap as anything from wreckers. You're a bit out of the way for easy assistance though... Good luck!
  3. Gabe79

    Google Home

    It's openly stated (by everyone barring google/Amazon) that these record always. Do the GCSB guys also advise against fitness trackers like the US military does now?
  4. Gabe79

    Quick rant thread.

    Imagine the bonus returns! The speed camera gets you for speed, and for having the German plates on!
  5. Check realOEM. The ones I linked in the other thread are for my 530i. In any case, you just need to do trial and error. Sold by and fulfilled by Amazon is what you want. Play around till you find free shipping rotors that fit your car.
  6. Free shipping from Amazon... Bosch rotors.
  7. Yes there are. I just checked. Follow the instructions on the first post. It won't show the free shipping till the end. The rotors I linked show as free shipping for me.
  8. Check this thread out
  9. Good luck. Please keep us posted on the outcome.
  10. That's true. Even when you get the disputes tribunal involved, in all likelihood, the best outcome will be to actually get your money refunded. I haven't seen the application of punitive fines in cases like this.
  11. It's all cost-benefit. They do nothing, and most cars don't come back. The few that come back, they give them a run around, and 'offer' to pay their MBI excess. It's a good gig, and probably costs them a lot less than it would cost them to have every car actually checked, and repaired, as needed. Worse case, they take the car back, refund the money, and sell the car again to the next sucker who comes along, without having done anything to the car, if they can get away with it.
  12. Gabe79

    E28 Dilemma

    He is up here, near me. It's not a long drive. If you PM me, I can link you with him.
  13. Gabe79

    E28 Dilemma

    A very good friend of mine specializes in rust repair and recertification. I can put you in touch if you'd like.
  14. Gabe79

    $50k F10 M5

    Gorgeous car, but ... Oh the maintenance bills...
  15. Gabe79

    Quick rant thread.

    I hate that so much. I usually reply with, "What's your best offer?"