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  1. Wrecking E39 Msport

    wishlist incoming!
  2. Quick rant thread.

    I've been using comgateway for years. They are a lot better than the NZ Post service. I was there in January. I don't think I can live there anymore, based on that one visit, alas... First time back with family since the election, and that division the media portrays is probably not nearly as intense as what I felt, alas...
  3. Quick rant thread.

  4. Quick rant thread.

    If my country wasn't crazy, I'd move back there for amazon prime, and cheap parts.
  5. '92 E32 740il

    Gorgeous car. What price do you have in mind for it?
  6. M54 valve cover

  7. rounded breakline nut, help

    Hi Glenn, I couldn't find one that has 7, and 8mm, but is this the set you mean? http://www.sulco.co.nz/Tools/Flare-Nuts-Crows-Feet-and-Hydraulic/6PC-9-21MM-FLARE-NUT-WRENCH-SET.html
  8. BBS RC Refurb questions

    I found this really helpful for mine.
  9. 1998 E39 528i touring parts car jus in @ BMWORLD

    It's hard for me to come and see. It's an hours drive each way. I work at home with my kids here, so I can't really just ditch for this.
  10. Talk to me about the E65...

    I think the e39 Touring is precisely the larger car to partner with the Leaf. I agree entirely. I've got a lot going on right now with house selling/buying/getting screwed, and once that's over, I'll focus on this.
  11. 1998 E39 528i touring parts car jus in @ BMWORLD

    Can I move my shades to the new doorcards? Or can I just glue my door cards? The leather/plastic bit is separating from the top bit.
  12. 1998 E39 528i touring parts car jus in @ BMWORLD

    Still have rear doorcards in this? Do they have the sunshades?
  13. I am a masochist... How much? Also, do I need a cert for an engine replacement?
  14. Talk to me about the E65...

    Did you know Leafs appreciate in value right now? There is such demand for EVs in NZ, my Leaf today sells for $3k more than I paid for it a year ago... Plus, that is my wife's car. One guess as to which car would have to go... Plus, you drive the ugly thing now, shush about the Leaf!