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  1. Nice car there. What are you looking to get for it?
  2. 2016 M235i Coupe, outside the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna.
  3. I dunno, those look more reliable.
  4. Lots of info as to what cable to get for what series car you have. EDIT: I have the cable for e46/39 here, but cannot for the life of me find a reference to having bought it online. I'll keep looking though.
  5. It's not a Merc, but don't knock vans...
  6. Watch the Grand Tour segment on it. It is apparently a dream to drive, if you get over the weird-as design quirks (Like the door being misplaced on the body!) and the Italianess of the build.
  7. "Honey, I have it advertised! It's not my fault nobody is buying it!"
  8. How much are you after Brent?
  9. List for next house has a garage that is actually level. I never even considered that a garage could be off-level, but no, it really can be off by a foot for every six, which is quite steep when you want to use jack stands.
  10. I thought of it as tacky/kitsch more so than boring. In a BMW, the woodtrim looks classy, if not to my taste. In this, it looks like something out of a porno movie set from the 70s.
  11. Are you actually garage-less, or do you, like me, have a large garage-shaped storage space?
  12. See, how can we say "oh, it's a great engine, you just have to sink $4-5k into it and you're good for 200k kms more? Specially buying blind, without any indication of when the work was done, or whether the work was done? In the unlikely scenario you have full history and know exactly what was done and when (note, you still wouldn't know if an engine had overheated and been driven, for example...) it's totally a crapshoot. Spend $7 (or even $4.5k) and have the expectation that you might well have to sink an additional $3-4-5k on it 'soon' ? That doesn't make sense to me. In my view, when I see a M62, I mentally add $3-4-5 to the price and think "is it still worth it?" and I don't come out with a 'yes' very often. I picture him waiting so long, he'll end up at that $4500 tradein value in 6 months time.
  13. Suspiciously low mileage. Not likely the maintenance on it has been maintained, I'd think.
  14. I started this thread on the topic awhile back, it might help.
  15. Chain guides are precisely what makes these engines interesting buys (and why you can struggle to sell one for even $4500) It's the do-you-have-$5k-sitting-around-just-in-case lottery.