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  1. Have you paid for the car jam report? My car shows as last registered in 2015, but it’s been registered the whole time. It’s also got discrepancies in the report with regards to dates, like it says 2015, but has current mileage for example.
  2. Bump.
  3. That's no fun. Sorry dude. Antenna?
  4. I think there is a considerable misunderstanding, or perhaps, redefinition of the word "cheap" here. There is nothing about hydrogen fuel cells that makes it cheap if you take away the existing context of it being part of the refining process for petroleum. This definition of "cheap" simply looks the other way when faced with the prospect of creating an entire supply chain which doesn't currently exist in this, or any other country. The difference with electricity being that obviously there are outlets everywhere... Even if we're talking about fast chargers not existing en-masse yet, there isn't a new infrastructure that needs to be created for their use, we already have that infrastructure (again, here and everywhere else already...)
  5. The irony being that switching to the magical hydrogen still depends on gas guzzlers existing. It makes no sense to still rely on petroleum refining for a country that is self sufficient on electricity in a way that is nearly entirely renewable.
  6. This won’t happen until someone becomes a FCP affiliate here. In saying that, I don’t know how well the notion of lifetime replacements will work here from an economic perspective. Maybe ECS Tuning affiliate would be the ticket.
  7. Got VIN? Remotes have frequencies. Your VIN tells me the frequency of your antenna. I have a frequency checker at home and would be happy to send you a remote of the correct frequency for you to test.
  8. Just so I understand this right. The remote works on another car but not your car. A different remote works on your car perfectly?
  9. Im in the US this week till the 13th. If you get it to me I’ll bring it back for you.
  10. I have sleeves and a kit like that for an e39 front bushings. There are eBay kits too for cheap that should last one or two uses without issue 😀 edit. I bought the bmw part for the sleeves, but I’ve read of people having good luck with exhaust piping for sleeves too. Nothing wrong with that setup either. There is a good write up for this on the beisan systems page for an e39 bushing but it should be very similar to that setup you linked.
  11. Check the parts on realoem? It’ll tel you all vehicles with that part.
  12. Is this the thread you’re thinking of?
  13. Except for them countries that don't use coal, like New Zealand, for example... Or for all them countries phasing out coal because natural gas is so much cheaper...
  14. You were in block heater territory with those temps. It’s cruel and unusual punishment to not park indoors in those temps. 😀
  15. It would fit one car, if it didn't have a bunch of stuff in it at the moment.