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  1. ThNks BreakMyWindow that's exactly what I am planning on doing. And also may need some new phone batteries?
  2. Hi yes I got the car checked out and fixed the boot , got a service and fixed a few minor things. I will get a SIM card for the phone so may need a bit of help for this if I get stuck. Am keeping everything original. Cheers John
  3. Thanks for letting me know about the meet at Caffeine and Classics. I plan to make it there. Cheers
  4. Thanks for your help M3AN
  5. Sorry about the pictures not sure what happened there heres a few different ones
  6. Hi My names John and I purchased this Oxford Green 1999 M5 about a month ago. There were some posts on this car over Xmas and in Jan. Just letting you know it has gone to a good home. I am really enjoying driving it. Trying to only drive in the weekends but just can't help taking it for the occasional mid week evening drive. Cheers BMW Front Right BMW Left Rear BMW Front Seats BMW Rear Seats BMW Wheels