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  1. Ktm1

    e30 15x7 4x100

    Hi Rob, Any chance you still have these? Cheers
  2. Ktm1

    e21 4x100 15"x6.5

    Hi guys, looking to comply with 2k cup rules for my e21 to race this weekend. Does anyone have a set that would suit? Wheels 4x100 15"x6.5 with semislicks would be even better! Any help would be appreciated
  3. Ktm1

    BMW E21 Seat Rails

    Thanks Man!
  4. Ktm1

    BMW E21 Seat Rails

    Awesome thanks
  5. Ktm1

    BMW E21 Seat Rails

    Thanks for the reply. Yup have factory rails does this comply with WOF etc?
  6. Ktm1

    BMW E21 Seat Rails

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck finding seat rails for Recaro Race seats in an e21. Alternatively does another models bracket fit? NZKW seems to have brackets for every model but e21 Cheers!