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  1. dbach

    E36 318i Touring, Manual

    Yes it has sorry
  2. dbach

    E36 318i Touring, Manual

    Bump, $4k for a member here
  3. dbach

    E36 318i Touring, Manual

    Bump, $4300 for anyone here
  4. dbach

    E36 318i Touring, Manual

    Updated price and listing. Had a fresh WOF and full service at the start of the month.
  5. dbach

    E36 318i Touring, Manual

  6. Hopefully someone knows what they are doing and we will get to see it on the road soon!
  7. Its sold? Yes I got pictures of the rust. Several different spots rusted through. Looks like a big job especially getting done to compliance standard
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1719289740 I am pretty interested in this, just because I really love E30 wagons. I enquired and the rust is really bad, approx $4-5k to fix. I don't know much about compliance, never had to go through it before. Any opinions/advice would be appreciated.
  9. dbach

    E36 318i Touring, Manual

    More pics of interior, engine etc
  10. dbach

    E36 318i Touring, Manual

    Hey everyone, Looking to sell my E36. I have owned her for a year and a half. Originally listed as was planning on leaving the country but now my plans have changed I am staying but need to free up some money for study. NZ new manual. 220,000kms will go up as is my only car. Calypsorot. Half leather interior* M Sport steering wheel and gear knob. Brand new Michelin PS4s all round (Bishops Garage Feb 2018) + alignment. Full service and new WOF done on the 1st August from Bishops Garage. No issues at all. Wof and Rego. The rear passenger door has been replaced and repainted due to a run in with a bush causing a big dent. Will upload better and current photos, and of interior when I am back in Auckland. $4,000 for Bimmersport members Located in Freemans Bay, can text me on 021 2951131
  11. As above, got the front seats and black leather door cards already, just need the rear seats for my e36 touring. I know this might be a hard one as I haven't seen many wagons wrecked or parted out but worth trying
  12. Hey, as above, looking for a good panelbeater in Central Auckland - Grey Lynn area would be ideal. Did myself a mischief on Monday during that intense rain and came off the road into a bush so got a few dents and scrapes to get ironed out. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hello everyone, Been nosing around here for a while but haven't actually uploaded anything so here is my car. 1997 E36 318 Wagon, NZ new. 5 speed manual gearbox so an good reliable daily/occasional road tripper. It has a 328 exhaust someone must have put in at at some point, along with the style 39 wheels which look cool. I did want a 6 cylinder when I was hunting at the end of last year and nearly bought a 328 auto wagon in Montrealblau but am actually really glad I got this car in the end I love it. Im taking it around the South Island this Xmas/NY holidays. Cheers, David
  14. dbach

    E34 540 Touring

    Oh yep, found the thread. Good info. I guess Ill just keep an eye on it and see how high it goes
  15. dbach

    E34 540 Touring

    Does anyone know about this car? I am interested in grabbing it for a South Island road trip at the end of the year but won't be able to go down and have a look before auction closes. Also any ideas of what it might go for? Hard to gauge as not seen many come up before https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1450851648