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  1. Funkyflynz

    Custom Bumper Lips & Spoilers For Sale

    Think your on the money, looks very similar.
  2. Funkyflynz

    Custom Bumper Lips & Spoilers For Sale

    Did anyone end up buying one of these? Are they still available?
  3. Funkyflynz

    E36 Clutch Problem

    With NZAD conversions? I called them up and apparently with their kit you need to install the clutch disk back to front, normally flat side to the flywheel and the sprung hub on the gbox side, but its the other way around with their kit
  4. Funkyflynz

    E36 Clutch Problem

    Interesting, do you recall which way you installed the clutch disk? Flat side to the flywheel or gearbox?
  5. Funkyflynz

    E36 Clutch Problem

    Thanks for the reply, i just don’t understand why The release bearing that was supplied with the kit by NZAD isnt the correct length, so frustrating.
  6. Funkyflynz

    E36 Clutch Problem

    im having the same problem with my NZAD kit (for my e36 m52b28) The zf box im using previously had what i beleive was an M20 flywheel and clutch kit. Does anyone know if the m20 in a zf requires a m20 clutch fork? And if tje m20 clutch fork is different to what is used in the 36 zf’s? Im wondering if perhaps this is the cause of my issue?
  7. Funkyflynz

    4x100 BBS RS

    5 years later lol
  8. Funkyflynz

    4x100 BBS RS

    Out of interest did these ever sell?
  9. Funkyflynz

    FS: e36 318iS 5MT - needs love

    Hey mate, any chance you could give us a txt, i will give you a call anout the car 0279622621. Cheers
  10. Funkyflynz

    Going drifting

    The 328 had no radiator, my guess is expansion tank blew or the radiator blew. Trans lines had been cut and all the oil was gone. Motor seems to run ok, compression test shows all over 200psi, but im swapping the motor out, more on that later.
  11. Funkyflynz

    Going drifting

    So after a ride in a mates championship winning drift car and a little taste of driving on the track with the M3 I decided to give drifting a shot, I sold something special from another project which hurt a great deal but I now have a budget which should cover buying, building and repairing a car and 6-7 events. The goal is cheap and cheerful drifting, but as im not what I would call a good driver this is thinly disguised as "driver training" to my wife ;-) Phase 1 - Buy a base... There was only one car to start with in my mind, na E36 coupe. I have always been a fan of them and they are cheap! Once the decision was made I had a 328 silver coupe in my quiver, amazed by how cheap it was the search continued for another as a spare, within a week I had a 318 with a blown motor. Spend - $300 total. Next up, Cant be bothered waiting...
  12. Funkyflynz

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    Love this thread, good stuff bud.
  13. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Quick update, that little bit of track time got me hooked so the M3 has spent a large part of the last 6 months parked up as I work my way towards a drift car, with the odd 6 hours drive here and there :-) , after missing the group trip over the Gentle Annie I was determined to check it out. I did treat it to a front set of Pilot Super Sports and a Sparco bucket, which made a world of difference!
  14. Funkyflynz

    Looking to buy a welder

    That's a great way to go, I paid $500 for an own your own bottle, the one advantage being its a swap bottle so I never have to cert it. But its about $140 to swap for a full one from memory. I rented one off BOC for years, but cringed every month when I had to pay rental on two bottles.
  15. Guys, Planning to take the 2.8 and manual ZF trans out of an E36 sedan and drop it into a E36 coupe. The question I have is does the pedal box, clutch master cylinder, clutch lines, shifter etc from the sedan bolt straight into the coupe shell? FYI I have two coupes I can use, one is a 328 auto, the other is a 318 auto. not sure if it makes a difference when doing a swap like this? Appreciate any help. Lee