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  1. Guys, Planning to take the 2.8 and manual ZF trans out of an E36 sedan and drop it into a E36 coupe. The question I have is does the pedal box, clutch master cylinder, clutch lines, shifter etc from the sedan bolt straight into the coupe shell? FYI I have two coupes I can use, one is a 328 auto, the other is a 318 auto. not sure if it makes a difference when doing a swap like this? Appreciate any help. Lee
  2. Funkyflynz

    New Wellington member, absolute noob

    Nice, looking forward to this build
  3. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    I tried stage 1 and 3 of the burble over run, while it sounds cool on lift off and downshifts i would also backfire when upshifting, i found this annoying and almost as if it was slowing the engine, so i removed it. Just running the shift lights, sports memory mode now. 6 flashes in total, 24 to go :-)
  4. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Had a great time at Powercruise Taupo back in Nov, 100's of cars various types and having the opportunity to roll race down the straight was pretty cool. Spent most of the time hunting GTR's. Being first time on the track with the M3 meant i was also able to get a good feel for the car and it highlighted an issue with understeer, the 225's on the front aren't a cheap tyre but theres simply not enough grip, im going to have to sort that out. Had a ride in a series winning drift car too, that was quite the experience, thing was violent! Interesting event in your interested in cars of all types.
  5. Funkyflynz

    WTB M3 E46

    Good luck with Alpine white mate, my favourite but hard to find. Have you had an E46 M3 before? theres a few things you want to check for other than km's and colour.
  6. Funkyflynz

    New member New Plymouth

    Nice catch mate
  7. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Just rubber marks, genuine racing strips :-)
  8. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Brought a set of 17" 335 M Sport Rims to have a bit of fun with, reducing the rolling circumference will also help with torque Photos might be a give away as to what happened next
  9. Funkyflynz

    M TOY M3

    Nice one, what do you put the additional power and economy down to?
  10. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Have been playing around with BMWFlash and Ecuworx software, man its amazing what the community has put together out there. Ive flashed the DME to enable shift lights like the CSL, disabled cat warmup, cat protection and tried the build journal burble overrun - stage 1 and 3, all this for about $30 worth of software and a $20 cable. Plus i can put it back to stock anytime. Worth a look if you have an E46 M3
  11. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Sweet, im going to run without for a few weeks, if my ears don't stop bleeding i will throw in a single resonator to see what that does. Cheers.
  12. Funkyflynz

    Cls63 Project

    Your a keen man mate, good on you! looking forward to watching it come together.
  13. Funkyflynz

    Work horse - back on the wagon. Thanks HellBM

    Replaced the plugs and coils tonight, apparently if one goes then the others aren't far behind, plugs looked in good condition so happy to see that. Test drive felt like a little more power and less hesitation, a couple of hills where it would normally start to lumber and change down it keep the same gear which was interesting. Easy job, 45mins.
  14. Funkyflynz

    M TOY M3

    Does it feel any different after the freshen up?
  15. Funkyflynz

    SUXG4S - E46 M3

    At close to 100k miles thought it a good time for a valve lash inspection, the motor sounds good i.e no noisy tappet sounds so was hoping everything would be within spec and it was, intakes were all .007-.009 and the exhaust .011-.013. If anyone wants to borrow my tools and shim set let me know. The biggest issue was removing the fan, man that thing was on tight and the fan removal tool i brought was bending under the pressure and started to strip the nut, so brought a proper 32mm spanner which did the trick along with some good penetrating lube. Planning on ditching the mechanical fan for an electric unit as they have been know to disintegrate and destroy radiators, dent the hood etc.