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  1. Nice wagon, out of interest how many kms per litre (or MPG) are you getting on the trip computer?
  2. Your a keen man mate, good on you! looking forward to watching it come together.
  3. Replaced the plugs and coils tonight, apparently if one goes then the others aren't far behind, plugs looked in good condition so happy to see that. Test drive felt like a little more power and less hesitation, a couple of hills where it would normally start to lumber and change down it keep the same gear which was interesting. Easy job, 45mins.
  4. Does it feel any different after the freshen up?
  5. At close to 100k miles thought it a good time for a valve lash inspection, the motor sounds good i.e no noisy tappet sounds so was hoping everything would be within spec and it was, intakes were all .007-.009 and the exhaust .011-.013. If anyone wants to borrow my tools and shim set let me know. The biggest issue was removing the fan, man that thing was on tight and the fan removal tool i brought was bending under the pressure and started to strip the nut, so brought a proper 32mm spanner which did the trick along with some good penetrating lube. Planning on ditching the mechanical fan for an electric unit as they have been know to disintegrate and destroy radiators, dent the hood etc.
  6. Sorry no sound clip just yet, it was a quick blast in the country then into the garage for some maintenance...
  7. Its interesting reading about the life span of catalytic convertors, 100k miles, 10 years etc, they don't last forever, and being 15 years old with 100k miles on the clock it was worth thinking about options. The decider on removing them was the ability via BMWflash to turn off cat protection and cat warm up, basically the car in stock form plays with the fuel mixture to ensure the cats are working correctly, and enable me to run a tune based on no cats. The car already has a back box, so the OEM engineered "headers to tail pipes" equations are out the window. How "likely" is any loss? As the article you quote mentions - "Pressure loss has been kept down", meaning its still there. By the time ive had it mapped im pretty confident I will see increases in pwr based on testament from those who have done similar over the years. And I've reduced weight by about 7kg :-)
  8. Having had two E61's (525i and a 550i) previously and currently drive an E91 (330i) my choice between them would be a coin toss, I preferred the E61 525 to drive as it was roomy and had enough acceleration, the smaller E91 looks nicer and more modern IMHO (esp from the rear where E61's look a bit dated) but its a bit cramped inside compared to the bigger 5 series (im 6'1"). The 550 was beautiful on long trips but didn't handle anywhere near as good as the 525 (both motorsport models) and of course drank more. If you want your friends to enjoy the ride in the back on your weekend roadies then get a 5 series - unless your friends are dwarfs ;-)
  9. You don't want to sell your do you? you can then get the 2.25" ;-)
  10. Good stuff, where did you source them from, price? 2.5"?
  11. Cat delete! I have been tossing up when to do this, and now that i have the ability to code out cat enrichment and protection i decided it was time to get rid of them. Its certainly a lot louder, obnoxious resonation at 2.5k too. Think i might need another x-pipe to help with that. Will post about the coding later.
  12. I believe they are the standard Motorsport spec wheels for the E9x, I've seen them on a couple of coupes too. These ones are a bit ruff, lots of curbing and some paint flaking off, good from far, but far from good ;-)
  13. Cleaned the mass airflow meter today, wow, what a difference it made to the idle when cold, its was a little rough but after this clean its a lot smoother. super easy 10mins job.
  14. Super cool man! be keen to hear more details on the turbo setup, any issues you have had, good people to know when it comes to a project like this etc..
  15. Maybe can can catch up at a track dat sometime :-) Ive found the requirements for seatbelt anchorage doubling plates, and yes rivets no problem, mustn't be less than two or more than 4 mild steel monel rivets. Im looking to drop a race seat in my three, i hear its one of the better modifications you can do.