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  1. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    I say he hasn't yet, and not sure if they have one. But will find out next time im in there.
  2. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Nathan I haven't been billed yet but say it wont be cheap, still have the custom cam grind and ITBs to go. So still a little way away till I have to pay the bill. Power gain wise, wouldn't know sorry as this is the 1st bmw v12 they have done so unknown territory really but will definitely see an improvement... I hope
  3. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Michael man that is a bloody brilliant idea! the v12's m70/73 are renown for having sh*t exhaust flow, so two would fix that but no thats the spark plug port.
  4. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Team Small update, dropped off cam sprockets and engineers has finished porting the heads.
  5. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Everyone So over the weekend manged to get my daily back up and running Man what a night a day difference it is, the gear chatter that i did have mainly due to loose friction plate is pretty much gone. Clutch pedal feels a little stiffer which i dont mind at all. But just in general the whole motor feels and runs abit more smoother now. Also managed to change out the broken 2 o2 sensors in the e46 coupe and taken the bonnet and bumper off for painters next week. drives shafts were originally same length but due to the adapter plate, i had shorten the old drive shaft. But used the front half of the 530i shaft as it was the longer piece but good as it was beefier had to swap shifters out too due to length differences.
  6. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Everyone We have finally got some action going! called up the engineers and as promised he had started some work on the heads. Popped in to have a look and he didn't disappoint, so excited to finally get this build back on track. One of the heads in the CNC machine getting the intake and exhaust ports done, not sure on specs but looks to be 2-3mm of porting done. a view of some of the exhaust ports Yet to be machined. Machined Intake side. A comparison of one done and factory. Billet blocks to be machined into the throttle housing. Throttle plates and the trumpets that will be going on top So thats it for now, Engineer was originally going to weld and make the intake adapter plate by hand but has now decided to machine it out of a solid billet piece. Regrind factory cams and find some stronger valve springs to suit. can't wait to see more of this build taking shape. Thanks Richard
  7. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Nathan Yes its a dry sump setup, i think the manual swap is the easy part, eddie did all the hard work of mounting the thing in and getting it running mint. You should have a look at these guys Nathan https://adamat.com.pl/ i was enquiring about their kit till i found eddies car.
  8. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Arrived today little sneak peak, will jump into this weekend. Hopefully will have the sedan back up and running.
  9. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Andy haha yeah it was late that night of pick up, thanks for accommodating me. Would have love to yarned about the v12, plenty time for that though. It looked to be the wheel bearing that was making the noise, once i swapped the whole rear end over, no sound.
  10. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Evening All Got this piece of the puzzle today, one step closer
  11. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey 0-60 once i have the superchager in place ill have a better idea on how to attack the intake side, but do agree its current state a box around the pod filter would help. Gave the engineer a call today and he says he may have the heads ported and ready for viewing by the end of the week fingers cross he follows through with it.
  12. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Team Long time no post, As i have a couple projects going at one time i have share my time between them all. Some of you may have seen my other e34 project build thread which is taking most of my time up now a days only due to me waiting on the engineer to start on my V12 motor, but i have given him a month to start something as it's almost been a year and half since i drop the motor off. If nothing happens in a months time i will be pulling pin on him. I have found a guy over in Aussie. Guys name Rama he owns and runs RHD engineering and makes ITB's galore. So either way excited that this project is heading somewhere again. So in the mean time other things semi related to this build have happen. You all must know _ethrty-andy_ well i saw he was selling one of his do a uppers on trade me for $1 reserve. This puppy i managed to win. had a few bits needed to be done to make road worthy, ( still not) So me and the boys took all the running gear from the gearbox back to whole rear end out of the sedan and swapped it all into this coupe. Now its a manual 328i, there are a few little bits to finish off then ill sell it to fund this Its a e46 touring with a v8 swap. So i hope you guys dont mind this build thread will home two projects now. re-titled Project Twin E46's In short plans are to swap the 4lt v8 in as it has a 3lt one, convert to manual and supercharge it. I still wanted the sedan to be rollable so managed to bolt the m3 rear end in minus the diff. doesn't that look nice. checked the rear subframe and no cracks but still intend to weld the reinforcement plates in at some point. Looking forward to bring more updates. Thanks Richard
  13. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey hey everyone long time no post, so alot has happened since last year. Long story short i made a big F@#K up with the manual swap. So the PMC kit does work with the zf 310 box i have, so does the flywheel but the clutch side is where i went wrong. The clutch kit that came with it is made for the zf 39dz box (which i also do have) which states on the PMC website also. The difference is the input shaft and sleeve are bigger on this box same as the 420g boxes, compared to the zf 310 one. Zf 310 input shaft Zf 39dz box So a few months back notices a release bearing was making a noise, thought that isnt right but kept running the with it. Wasnt till two weekends ago it completely shat itself. Was driving to auckland and all the sudden it wouldn't let me select any gears luckily i was stopping in Waiouru visiting a mate, he lent me his Suzuki swift for the remainder of the trip. Towed the car back home and took the box off to find this. Release bearing was completely wrecked. Further investigating i found the pressure plate is also not releasing at all which explains the no gear selecting but at least Friction plate is still mint like new. the left one is the correct release bearing the right is the broken wrong size one. as you can see the input shaft holes a different. The right is the M30 clutch that i got and will be using. Also I think the slave cylinder rod might have been slightly too long as you can just make out where the release bearing was grinding on the little prongs. The fingers and diaphragm may have been over extended causing the pressure plate to fail. So yeah lesson learnt there. Big plans ahead for all my projects though. I have brought a factory zf 310 box with v8 bellhousing from ebay ( currently at customs) this will be replacing the one in the e34 sedan. I also brought a lighten chrome molly flywheel from RHD engineering. Brought a 2nd hand M30b35 clutch kit that's needed to fit onto the RHD flywheel. This will hopefully get the car running mint and i will be able pop up to see Gavin in early April for a tune. Hope to meet up with you Ian and Nathan keen to check out your rides Also along with the zf 310 v8 box, i scored myself a 420g 6 speed box and associated bits. After some time to think i really want to keep the E34 540i touring factory as possible as i dont want to butcher such a nice clean example. So all i will be changing on it is converting it to a manual, so no more supercharger for that car. But here comes the fun part, You all may remember a build thread from Eddie, his e46 v8 wagon? well i will soon be the proud owner of it. I have test driven it and man has he done one of an amazing job on making it look and drive factory with the M60b30 v8. My plans are to drop my spare M60b40 into it. Convert it to manual with the PMC adapter kit and Zf 39dz box, and lastly super charge it with the one i was going to use for the touring, fun times ahead. Thanks Eddie for doing the hard part of mounting the thing in and sorting the oil pump issue. Also picked up a few things while up in Auckland. A whole 330i rear end going into the new e46 wagon These rare 10 inch rear ac schnitzer wheels which will go on one of the e34 cars. fronts 8.5 Also in the time passed i managed to get the Hamann's centers finally machined to fit the 3piece barrels. Just need to redrill the bolt holes and get it powder coated. Looking forward to bring you guys more updates. Thanks Richard
  14. e46v12

    E46 manual pedal box

    Hey Team Does any one have a e46 manual pedal box and hard line for sale? Thanks
  15. e46v12

    E39 rear adjustables - Sold

    The Shocks are still in the car, but need them in there to be able to manoeuvre the car around, ill try and get it out and measured when i get some spare time. Thanks