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  1. Hey Team So update for the v8 wagon. Been a few busy weekends moving to a bigger shed so had to delay pulling cars apart. But Finally in and this weekend getting stuck into the 5 speed swap. Also nice to have all the toys under one roof. So far since last post have managed to put xyz adjustables in. Over the weekend started pulling the auto box and rear end out of the car. Also found that old owner Eddy had welding some subframe plates in which is a bonus. Just one small torx bolt stopping me from dropping the box as i need to go and buy a torx ring spanner in order to get the bolt out. and change the brake lines to m3 hubs then everything is good to go back in. M3 rear end and zf 390z 5speed box with other little bits. . And a small update for the v12 m3 wheels that came with car and ones ill be swapping to.
  2. Hey Team another small update. Throttle bodies machined.
  3. Small update Received a message from the engineer saying he has finished the CAD work of the lower portion of the intake manifolds and injector fuel rail. All to fit and sit nicely between the heads in the valley.
  4. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Haha i know right when he told me the power figure i was like is that it lol. But my goal wasn't about the final power figure, more so getting the thing to idle and run smoother which its is definitely now. So very happy with the tune. Gavin even picked me up from the airport which was a 40min drive away, Highly recommend the guy!
  5. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    @Creaver @zero Can you see it now?
  6. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Team Very long time no post. alot has happened especially with my other builds and getting the coupe wof ready. It officially sold today In the time that has passed I manged to get the sedan to Gavin for a tune. I wasn't there for it unfortunately as i had to drop it off on a Saturday and return next Saturday to pick up. Very happy with the tune as it runs so much better now. Idles smooth and no more burble! i can't stand that. So the red line is the base tune of M60B44 how the car first came in. Blue line is the final tune figures. Also have got some more work done with the custom 3 piece Hamann wheels, re-drilled holes to match the centres with the barrel. I have one wheel completely cleaned of old paint and now 3 to go. Glad to have found this paint stripper and it works Amazing! Looking at getting the centres powder coated in hyper black and keeping the lips polished. Now the car is tuned and the WOF and REGO is about to finish i will be putting the REGO on hold and taking it off the road to swap all the bushings and arms out with the kit i purchased last year. Once thats all done and wheels are ready ill take it in to get certed. Fun times ahead Thanks Richard
  7. Hi Team Very long time and no post. Alot has been happening as to why i haven't posted. Today is a very sad day but also good and exciting. For you all that have been following this build know i was going to use the Green e46 sedan as my platform for the v12 build. After some serious thinking i couldn't give this opportunity up. I am the new proud owner of this rolling body M3 ( thanks paul ) Some of you may hate the bodykit but its slowly growing on me. Well see you how we go as i may convert it back to factory. which has meant that i am selling the green sedan. I have just sold the red coupe and have also purchased the v8 wagon ( thanks eddy) Great work horse as i have more space for parts now. So again ill be adding the wagon build to this thread just so i dont have a million build threads going. Wagon e46: currently has M60B30 v8 motor and auto in. Plans to convert M60B44 supercharged manual. I purchased a M62B44tu a few months back Also pulled the M60 heads of my spare car ready for the M60B44 build So thats pretty much what has been happened in the past few months. Now that the new M3 car has the whole rear end included, so I can now use the other M3 rear end for the Wagon supercharge swap which works out perfect. Now also all the parts that were intended for the green sedan will be used on either the M3 or wagon. I will be install the XYZ adjustables into the wagon tomorrow. Will post pictures if i get time. Thanks Richard
  8. I say he hasn't yet, and not sure if they have one. But will find out next time im in there.
  9. Hey Nathan I haven't been billed yet but say it wont be cheap, still have the custom cam grind and ITBs to go. So still a little way away till I have to pay the bill. Power gain wise, wouldn't know sorry as this is the 1st bmw v12 they have done so unknown territory really but will definitely see an improvement... I hope
  10. Hey Michael man that is a bloody brilliant idea! the v12's m70/73 are renown for having sh*t exhaust flow, so two would fix that but no thats the spark plug port.
  11. Hey Team Small update, dropped off cam sprockets and engineers has finished porting the heads.
  12. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Everyone So over the weekend manged to get my daily back up and running Man what a night a day difference it is, the gear chatter that i did have mainly due to loose friction plate is pretty much gone. Clutch pedal feels a little stiffer which i dont mind at all. But just in general the whole motor feels and runs abit more smoother now. Also managed to change out the broken 2 o2 sensors in the e46 coupe and taken the bonnet and bumper off for painters next week. drives shafts were originally same length but due to the adapter plate, i had shorten the old drive shaft. But used the front half of the 530i shaft as it was the longer piece but good as it was beefier had to swap shifters out too due to length differences.
  13. Hey Everyone We have finally got some action going! called up the engineers and as promised he had started some work on the heads. Popped in to have a look and he didn't disappoint, so excited to finally get this build back on track. One of the heads in the CNC machine getting the intake and exhaust ports done, not sure on specs but looks to be 2-3mm of porting done. a view of some of the exhaust ports Yet to be machined. Machined Intake side. A comparison of one done and factory. Billet blocks to be machined into the throttle housing. Throttle plates and the trumpets that will be going on top So thats it for now, Engineer was originally going to weld and make the intake adapter plate by hand but has now decided to machine it out of a solid billet piece. Regrind factory cams and find some stronger valve springs to suit. can't wait to see more of this build taking shape. Thanks Richard
  14. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Nathan Yes its a dry sump setup, i think the manual swap is the easy part, eddie did all the hard work of mounting the thing in and getting it running mint. You should have a look at these guys Nathan https://adamat.com.pl/ i was enquiring about their kit till i found eddies car.
  15. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Arrived today little sneak peak, will jump into this weekend. Hopefully will have the sedan back up and running.
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