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  1. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    So just another small update, doesn't look much but spent a few hours on my back putting it in. Now i can officially say it has three pedals Best part was i didn't have to take the steering colum off which i read online that i was going to have to do. master cylinder and clutch lines all put in and ready to go.
  2. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Glenn Wasn't sure what you meant so i googled It No i didn't dial it in. However the holes that i did make didn't effect the position of the adapter plates itself when bolted to the box or motor. So hopefully the company that made it dialed in.
  3. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Team another small update so have spent the last week just modifying the adapter plate to fit. I had to grind out the holes that bolt to the motor, grind a bit of the box to allow the bolts and starter motor to fit. But know she fits perfectly. few pictures of the flywheel clutch and adapter plate. almost there. Thanks Richard
  4. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Team another small update so spent the weekend pulling apart the m60 motor of it's heads and timing system. Giving them a good scrub Assembling onto the m62 block as you will see i rtv silicone everything as i don't want any oil drips coming out. new oil filter. new knock sensors So went to try and put the PMC adapter plate on the box but realized its made for left hand drive for the starter motor. so angled grind the right side to match the left hopefully its fit. Thanks Richard
  5. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Francois I purchased mine off euro1 auto spares. But had a jag one lined up, it was from trade me. But couldn't come to an agreement with the seller If you keep a look out for any jag xjr model that is getting wrecked, it should have the charger like the one above. Thanks
  6. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Nathan there's no kit that i know of, i was going to use the jag xjr supercharger as there was a kit in the states that would mount it up. But couldn't seal the deal on that so went with the AMG charger. I'm just going to set it up the same way as the jag one. Get some custom intake adapter plates made from bmw to charger. Then will try and use the Bmw fuel lines and injectors, the Charger has an intercooler integrated into the bottom of the charger itself so would "hopefully" sit in the bmw valley pan area. plump it up and either chip the ecu or go aftermarket worst case. Thats the rough idea at the moment for it. check this build out, this is what got me on to the idea. https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=418571&page=6 Thanks
  7. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Andy Thanks again for picking up that stuff the other week for Blair. yes i agree the Hamanns are a great wheel, even better with more dish and offset. As for the supercharger i hear what your saying, i could always grind the AMG off but i quite like it but at least its german. Yeah didn't relize how easy it was going to be until i did it. but was more worried about breaking any clips or plastic bits which luckily i didn't. Thanks Nathan it was a hammer finish charcoal black supposedly, that i had lying around.
  8. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Team So managed to get a lot done today and hopefully tomorrow too. With the help of Master Gee and another mate E.B they pretty much turned up here in a ute with a portable work shop, had his compressor, big tool box and gearbox stand. We managed to pull the motor and box out in 40 mins. I did some minor stuff during the week also just to help spend things along. this bloody thing was heavy! I had removed the radiator and coolant expansion tank before hand. before after a good degrease and water blast. so after discussing with gee the best option was to take the whole front off, that way we could just hoist the whole motor and box into the car. As we are using the pmc adapter plate, we didn't fancy trying to line the box to the motor while under the car. M62b44 block M60b40 heads and everything else needed from this motor will be swapped over to the b44 block Also managed to get the Hamann wheels apart and paint stripped the 3 piece barrels. The Hamann centres may need a little machining to fit or possible heat the barrels up and see if they expand enough to fit the centres. And hey Nathan here are the finished rocker covers, again a few imperfections but i wasn't too fazed. Hopefully will get more done to the motor tomorrow. Thanks Richard
  9. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Nathan The rocker cover came up well, but i wasn't to fussed on the imperfections to be honest, i just scrapped the old paint and water blasted the rest off and gave it a good old lick of rattle can paint. so happy with the finish but it does have heaps of gouges in it. Just had the paint lying around so figured why not. will put pictures up soon
  10. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Team long time no post sorry for lack of updates as life gets away on me, but still have been doing things just not worth posting up. Hopefully this will be enough to tick you guys over, again nothing major. Thanks Francois yeah i also can't wait to fit that charger to the awesome touring. so managed to put the hoist together wasn't too hard to be honest. Took the covers off and have repainted them in a hammer finish greyish colour. was intending to use the heads for the m60b44 swap but realize the motor is a m60b30 so won't be using that motor now. used the brake duct scoops from the parts car and did some cut and fitting to get them on the sedans front bumper and managed to score these puppies for a rainy day Will be hoping to bring more updates as i start taking apart the sedan car and dropping the motor and box out. Thanks
  11. e46v12

    E34 parts

    Hey Carl what do you have? and sorry for sounding dumb but are you located in N.Z or England? Thanks
  12. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Ian Same as you. 3.15 could have left it with the 3.45 but still want it to be reasonable on petrol at a 100kph.
  13. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Team sorry for the lack of update, have a had a few 1st bday parties to attend past few weekends and have managed to tee up an affordable work shed to move into,went half with a good friend. So busy moving all the toys into the workshop. Also managed to pick up a spare parts car which came with a spare motor and box too. Some of you may have seen the Hamann PG2 for sale with the hole in one barrel, yes i couldn't help myself. So though to myself how am i going to fix this on the cheap. Brought some 3 piece Jdm wheels so have also started stripping them to hopefully get the Hamann centers bolted in and have a lower offset. Also got a finished lsd diff refurbed from the man himself Kayne Barrie. Can't wait to stick this sucker in the car. So thats where everything is at the moment, will start attacking the motor in the next few weekends.
  14. e46v12

    Help me name these wheels plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im guessing no one owns any in NZ? be nice to see them in person. KYU?
  15. e46v12

    Help me name these wheels plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are a god kyu! as a sacrifice you can have my first born. thankyou so much.