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  1. Hey Team Long time since last post, got heaps done since the lock down, also with other small little projects going on too. But finally got the custom radiator bracket made, all plump in. I had to customize the AFM sensor to have a little bung to feed air to the ICV i tried to do a ICV delete but it ran like rubbish. Also put a DME with a custom tune for a m62b44 non vanos that i had spare into the car which works perfectly with the m60b44 motor currently in there. So car is running good now and drives as it should, the intention was to enter it into at least one drift day, but since hearing there have been a few rule changes which requires drives to wear/have more safty gear which i agree with, but is just going to cost way too much to justify one drift session, so that wont be happening now. But i found a lovely Estoril blue e46 msport sedan with a blown auto, my intentions was to change the auto out and flick it off but its just too good of a car to get rid of. So change of plans im stripping all the running gear from the wagon and putting it all into the sedan now. But will be making a few changes like using a 320z zf 5 speed box with a v8 bellhousing, so gone with the adpater plate also the detents needed changing in the diesel box. I will be getting a full face clutch plate made as the puck is just a tad rough for driving, and to fix some small oil leaks in the braided lines from the dry sump. Bonus too that the sedan is a 2002 where the wagon is a 1999 so finally get the yearly wofs. Fun times ahead.
  2. Hey Team been a while since last post, so while in lockdown i got quite a bit done. Managed to change most of the gasket on the motor that leaked oil, intake and few other little things. Motor is back in the car now, i managed to get the wiring sorted to get the car running. flywheel and clutch all in but yet to test. Front half of driveshaft made and perfect fitment. Electric fan from e46 works a treat and cools the engine enough. Got the Pedal box in with new rubber fed line from reservoir and new braided clutch hard line to slave cyclinder. Currently have a rebuilt e92 m3 diff at Kayne Barrie's getting the flanges changed over to suit the x5 drive shafts. So not much left to do once i get the diff back, will most likely need the rear half of the drive shaft shorten as well, move the whole car to my engineers shop. Get custom gearbox x member, length gear selector rod then ill be able to drive it. Braided clutch line x5 diff on the left and 330i lock diff on the right front drive shaft taken out and just the outer cv case left in. custom steel flywheel reusing the auto ring gear e46 M3 centre modified to accept a nissan 250mm puck plate Nissan pressure plate 3000lbs clamping force All most done team.
  3. Hey Team hope you all had a nice Anzac day of remembrance. So keeping busy in lockdown and trying to make the most of this free time. I had a pre 98 e39 pedal box that i thought the pedals would work as the part numbers match but for some reason it wouldnt work with the x5 Brake bracket. So with some left over bits from a e87 pedal box i manage to make something that will hopefully work. Cutting the x5 brake pedal down with a cardbourd template. Just a rough test fit to check if the clutch pedal clears the foot rest and luckly it does as the e87 pedal hangs to the left as you can see. Brought another Solid Mount Shifter from BM speed shop ( trying to support local businesses) for an e46 and mounting point work, Just need to lengthen the e39 selector rod. Pulled the motor out and stripped it to change all the gaskets and timing chain guides but looks like they were already done as they looked brand new. these are the bits of the old timing Guide after removing the upper oil pan. Gave the block and all mating surfaces a good clean too, took the outer c.v joint off the shaft to be reused and repainted the valve cover. and saw this too that the block had a b44 stamp on it. BMW must have just reused the 4.4 blocks and bored them out a few mm. Also thought id give this a try, placed a whole electric e46 fan and shroud inside the x5 one. Plugs are the same so hopfully can get it to work. So now just waiting for all the gaskets to come from FCP euro.
  4. I had that same issue too, thats why i brought another radiator slightly shorter in height so i could lower it to fit the OTR over the top but will still need to get the new radiator custom mounted some how.
  5. you should @WYZEUP there's a few going for cheap on trade me, buying new they are expensive!
  6. Hey Nathan yeah it actually fits quite well and looks pretty cool. As for the super charger there isnt much info on it, all i could find was it made by ihi and capable of making 2.1L. Mines from a e55 AMG m113k if you want to look for more info. But in saying that i know i change my mind often and have decided im going to put the supercharger onto the x5 manual swap build. Due to the height and space in the engine bay plus i think the e46 wagon has more than enough power to keep it fun as N/A. @leonf send me a private message I'm more than happy to T up a time after lock down for you to pop around to see the projects, would love to also have a ride in your beast too.
  7. Hey Team Been awhile so during the lock down have had abit more time and done a little more to the v8 e46 wagon. after alot of thinking and ive gone away from the airbox idea as there was just no room to plumb and intake to the left. So this is where i got the idea for a OTR intake usually found off holden LS's Also scored a nissan silvia radiator with a twin fan setup, which should fit quite nicely once i can get bits welded after lockdown is over.
  8. Hey Team Its been a while but finally getting onto this X5 manual swap with all this time on my hands. So Im slowly starting to dismantle the motor in order to change all the gaskets, seals and timing guides. Ill order them once the lock down is over. But manged to get the manual box up into place to see how i was going to attack the gearbox mount and driveshaft. But managed to almost solve the driveshaft issue. Reusing the rear half off the x5 then i found an old e34 525i front half that u joint splines matched but the input part was too small and just short maybe 15-20mm in length. So im going get input part off the driveshaft that came with the box with the extra 20mm and get it welded onto the 525i shaft to match the 420g box and Guibo, that will solve that problem. top shaft off a e39 540i middle x5 bottom e34 525i
  9. oh Nice be good to see some updates on your build too.
  10. Hey Nathan No that one was parted out straight away, i took the running gear and sold on the rolling body due to the amount of rust. This is my original build from the very start along with the 540i wagon. Hows your wagon coming along?
  11. So the end of a chapter with my 1st e34 as she has been officially sold tonight. Sad to see it go but glad someone else can appreciate her. Advertised for 1day on trade me and shes been snatch up. Maybe the new buyer is a member of the group too? Sorry for all the photo's its more for memories for me
  12. Hey Team hope you all had a good weekend. So got into the front end of the e34 sedan, i was only going to swap the adjusties out but at a closer inspection the thrust arms were split so deicded to just change the whole front bushings out. It was abit tricky trying to figure out how to split the ball joints off the bracket piece that held everthing together as there was heaps of movement when i was going to town on it with a hammer. Once all off just eye balled the new steering links to roughly the same length as old one and bolted it all back together. Taking it in for a wheel alignment and WOF tomorrow then if all good to go onto trade me its going. But the best part of the weekend was picking up these Got the 2 x custom flywheel and clutch packages back. Now hopfully will start getting in the x5 4.6is manual swap! Bit of info on the set up. M62 auto ring gear machined steel flywheel to accept nissan pressure plate (still need to weight it) 3000lb nissan pressure plate Custom 5 puk disc with m3 centre spline Custom release bearing carrier to accept nissan release bearing. So the reason behind this was to make an affordable upgrade able to source from NZ. Friction surface is bigger by 10mm at 250mm compared to bmw 240mm clutches used in the m3/m5 and the release bearing is only $40 to replace which gets pressed into the carrier. Greg at MP Auto said with his tourqe calculator he roughly worked out that this setup could handle 800nm which is more than enough for me. So cant wait to starting fitting this up to the X5. Thanks Richard
  13. @Gaz I know the feeling sometimes you just dont know where to start so you procrastinate, but just allocate yourself a day or even a couple hours over the weekend and chip away at little things. Next thing you know that big job wont seem so big I love wrenching though, I pretty much do it every weekend.
  14. Hey Team so finally got onto the e34 sedan and changing the bushings and other componets. Once i had the car lifted I had a good look around. The rear bushings were definietly in need of replacing but the fronts are still pretty tight with next to no play so decided to leave the front and attack the rear. You tube is a great thing. watched this Aussie guy demostrate how to do a backyard bushing replacement with out a press and worked a treat. place a tube aproxment size of bushing, place it on top and use the weight of the car plus a blow tourch to drop the busing out. Reuse the weight of the car to reinstall bushing. Also changed the dog bones and swap bar links, as you can see the old dog bones were wasted. Next step I will be refitting the Monroe shocks and H&R springs then putting her on the market with fresh WOF and REGO Time to let her go to fund the other projects.
  15. I haven't yet but it will be going into my e46 wagon with the other m60b44 swap. just trying to clear some cars to get more funding for the custom intake plenums for it.
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