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  1. e46v12

    E39 rear adjustables - New

    Hi Francois do you know if these would fit a e34 wagon? Thanks
  2. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Ian that sucks to hear about the clutch setup. Hopefully you have a better set up that can handle your 600hp. The car runs fine on the M60b40 Dme, I put it down to the gearbox and flywheel being a lot lighter which may have put the balance out a bit, so the motor rocks just a little more now making it seem the motor is lumpy. Which is probably creating the excess chatter noise. Nathan definitely keen to come to check out your project too. The more the merrier i say, lets tee up a day and time.
  3. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Ian would definitely been keen for a meet up. I haven't booked a time yet but Gavin has told me to touch base after the 10th of Jan. Question Ian with flywheel and clutch setup do you have much flywheel/gearbox chatter? Also how was your m60b44 motor like when you 1st had it running? mine is idling lumpy which im hoping a tune will fix. Thanks
  4. e46v12

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hi Everyone sorry for the lack of post have been busy with my other project to get it up and running to be my new daily driver so i could get this car dismantled. So nothing has happened yet but the future plans for now are to completely strip the car of the running gear. Check the rear subframe and weld the reinforcement plates and install some of the M3 running gear. The v12 motor is still at the Engineers, fingers crossed he will start work on it in the new year. So cant wait till get this one started again.
  5. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Team So finally have the 540i sedan all done wof and rego'ed. All new shift linkage bushing kit, changed the exhaust to v bands for easy of removal, radiator fan switch for the electric fan and swap the wheels to the powder coated white style 135. Through a long process of elimination found out that the issue with fifth gear popping out was one missing dowel pin between the gearbox and adapter plate. Also got some adjustables for it, handles really well now. Now all that is left is to book in a tune with Gavin at Hi Velocity. This will be my new daily driver and i can now get back to my other e46 project another project to cross off the list.
  6. e46v12

    WTB zf 310z box

    Hi Geordie Thanks for the offer, already have a box sorted thank you and was after a manual box
  7. e46v12

    WTB zf 310z box

    Or any one wreaking a e34 525i manual? thanks
  8. e46v12

    WTB zf 310z box

    Hey team Any one got a good zf 5 speed 310z box for sale? Just the box nothing else. Perfer from North island please Thanks Richard
  9. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    here is a vid, again all filmed on private roads
  10. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Evening Team So the day has come finally and we have got the M60b44 with 5 speed swap up and running. Long time coming but was worth it. shifts really smoothly, sounds great alot quicker that the auto box. Took her for a few test runs, gave all the helpers a go at drive her too. So just small things to sort out now. tidy up electric fan wiring, get a bracket for the clutch fluid reservoir, Gear knob, put bonnet back on and get a final tune. One question for you guys if you can help out in any way. 5th gear keeps popping out, it won't even stay in position at all. any ideas of what could be the problem? Thanks Richard
  11. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Another update Team This was a couple of weekends work, Can almost see the finish line. So motor is now mounted, had a couple little hiccups as you do. Had to remove the gearbox to get the motor in, had a few rear axle bolts give us grief so smashed them off and had to be replaced. New belts put on and asc+t throttle plate removed, new sway bar stabilizer arms and rebuilt Diff from Kayne Barrie with 3.15 LSD So tried the factory 525i diff but was slightly too long, will need to get it shorten by 27mm. Left to do. Reattach the rest of the front end. Secure electric fan onto Radiator Sort wiring out, reverse lights, car to read in neutral and jump starter motor relay. Refit exhaust And thats about it. Can't wait!
  12. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    So just another small update, doesn't look much but spent a few hours on my back putting it in. Now i can officially say it has three pedals Best part was i didn't have to take the steering colum off which i read online that i was going to have to do. master cylinder and clutch lines all put in and ready to go.
  13. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Glenn Wasn't sure what you meant so i googled It No i didn't dial it in. However the holes that i did make didn't effect the position of the adapter plates itself when bolted to the box or motor. So hopefully the company that made it dialed in.
  14. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Team another small update so have spent the last week just modifying the adapter plate to fit. I had to grind out the holes that bolt to the motor, grind a bit of the box to allow the bolts and starter motor to fit. But know she fits perfectly. few pictures of the flywheel clutch and adapter plate. almost there. Thanks Richard
  15. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Team another small update so spent the weekend pulling apart the m60 motor of it's heads and timing system. Giving them a good scrub Assembling onto the m62 block as you will see i rtv silicone everything as i don't want any oil drips coming out. new oil filter. new knock sensors So went to try and put the PMC adapter plate on the box but realized its made for left hand drive for the starter motor. so angled grind the right side to match the left hopefully its fit. Thanks Richard