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  1. Project twin e34's

    They did clean up well Kevin and apologizes Chris, joker was user name.
  2. Project twin e34's

    So after some time to think, I've decided to do a build thread about my new daily projects or how i came about it. So I went on the hunt for a E34 sedan as i love the shape. Managed to score the 540i sedan off joKer here on bimmersport. Wasn't in the prettiest of shape but fixable. So on the hunt for parts to fix up the sedan and I see this comment on a trade me ad. Seller saying wheels were off a e34 540i touring and he was looking at selling that one day. I hit him up and he's keen to sell. Nice I'm thinking to myself i have a complete car to strip parts from! So long story short I pick up the touring and it is is such mint condition apart from sitting for 3 years. it would be an utter shame to wreck this beast. So this is where i am now with a daily E34 540i sedan and rare E34 540i touring that i plan to #1 convert to manual #2 do a m60b44 swap So currently both cars are running. Sedan just a general clean, got bonnet painted and fitted new from bumper. The touring had a bit off work to get it going mainly a new fuel pump, drain old fuel, new oil, dry out the carpet and a good scrub. Here are some picture of before and after of how both vehicles looked. after pictures enjoy team.
  3. Hi Jase would you sell everything minus the motor? Thanks
  4. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Hi Peter i did think about starting a thread but didn’t think it was going to be worth one to be honest, it’s mainly things that I’m sure every m60 owner has covered and fixed over the years. Again I don’t plan on doing too much more to the vehicle. But thanks for the interest.
  5. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    So managed to spend the day trying to find out if anything was wrong the E34 540i touring. As stated had been sitting around for roughly 3 years. Syphoned the left over 20lts of petrol out. Drained the old oil and replaced with new. Undid and took out the coils and spark plugs found little pools of oil down by plugs so due for a rocker cover gasket change ( at a later date) Put a few drops of oil into the cylinders, hooked up new EXPENSIVE battery. and cranked her over a few times. Put 98 in and started her up with no success. My mate Conrad gave the fuel lines a squeeze and no pressure. Volt tested the plugs to pump to make sure it was getting power. As we knew the pump is a goner, Still wanted to get the car started to see if she ran smoothly so gave a couple of sprays of engine starter into the intake pipe and Bang she goes. Started up like a dream so small things to fix. New pump, Check over oil pump bolts, new oil filter, fix both passenger windows, dry car out, Then we are away laughing.
  6. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    So as the seller had put it "in the right place at the right time". So over the Easter weekend working out the deal. Picked up this barn yarn find for next to nothing. Amazed at the condition, was going to use as parts for my sedan e34 but now am going to keep this and fix her up. Owner had it parked up for 3years, NZ new 540i touring has had moisture inside so trying to dry it out. surface mold. 170,000ks on the clock from carjam as i haven't started it yet. But yeah very happy with the find.
  7. E34 parts

    Thanks Jared have changed post
  8. E34 parts

    Hi team so recently purchased myself a e34 540i she’s a bit rough and needs a bit of tlc. Looking for a few things interior and exterior. Bonnet, good gas struts for both bonnet and boot, all door cards, ash tray, glove box, left rear passager door latch cable, all 4 door hinges where it keeps the door from swinging right open, front shocks so far that’s it. Thanks richard
  9. My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Another present today, a lot of searching for 2 weeks calling all wreckers with only one company having a full set. Finally have them in my hands. Style 95's
  10. My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Michael from what i have read they are on par with BC, D2 etc Good entry level for adjustable suspension. Again you can buy better ones but all depends what your wanting from them. I'm not planning on racing the car so didn't want to spend thousands on them. Also Evan has looked after me well with the helps of getting other bits for the V12 and hasn't hesitated to help, so trust his word that his products that he stocks/sells are of good quality.
  11. My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Hey Team Excited to receive another piece to my puzzle today courtesy of Evan from Speedfactor
  12. M3 rolling body

    I do have a good condition shell and a m3 rear end. But M3 badge tho
  13. M3 rolling body

    Hey Nathan the ad say's he's stripped the motor out for another project, but just thinking this could be a better platform for the V12 John it looks like the normal body shape they came out with? I'll ask for more pictures.
  14. M3 rolling body

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/wrecked-cars/auction-1548495936.htm Hey Team Has any one see this ad yet? thoughts? Does any one have a rough idea of what a rolling body would roughly go for? Thanks Richard
  15. style 95 wheels

    lol that's why I chose my words carefully to not say stretch.