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  1. Awesome thanks Brent and Nathan. that link is a good one Brent i'll be saving that one for future references.
  2. Morning Team It's been a while since the last post, here's a small update for you guys. So spent yesterday (Sunday) on a mad 14 hour drive up to Auckland and back to pick up another piece to the puzzle. Thanks to Brent from BM World Ltd for coming out on his Sunday to sell me a rear end setup from one of his M3 wreaks. Finally good to put a face to a name Brent Here's what I picked up. I was quite surprised of how much bigger the diff and brakes are. Definitely won't be breaking them any time soon. will look at replacing all rubbers and get it all powder coated again before installing. So just a question I'm hoping someone could answer. Are these parts interchangeable between the m3 and non m3? I didn't get the upper/lower arms or shocks from the m3 so am hoping my ones will be usable? If any one could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks Richard
  3. Hey Elijah i could be keen on the m70 oil filter.
  4. Thanks Brent i'll keep that in mind. How ever i could use one of them m3 whole rear ends when your ready to part with one
  5. Hey Allen I have read people still use it, but not sure if its a common practice used by many. Most just go by factory torque settings i assume. Nathan mine was slightly more expensive but had a few more things done. Costed $600 but had 3 x stubborn bolts snap at the back of the block which had to be drilled out ( this cost the most because of set up time) Blocked cleaned and flywheel lighten and resurfaced. The machinist said the block was in mint condition no warpage at all, no need to be resurface. Just a light hand sand and that was it which i was very pleased to hear.
  6. Hey Nathan nothings been done to the block just an acid dip to give it a clean and checked for warpage, other than that pretty much standard. Is that what you were meaning Nathan?
  7. Thanks Dave Unfortunately it's a waiting game at the moment for me. The supplier i'm going through to get the new conrod bearings is have a bit of trouble with the suppliers in German. I don't know if your dealt with engineers before but they tend to take a very long time with one off projects as my heads are still at the same stage when i dropped them off 3 months ago. Other than that the motor would have been back together if i had those bits back. But you know how the saying goes "good things take time"
  8. Afternoon Team So managed to get a bit more done yesterday. With the help of my awesome mechanic mate Master G. He brought his tool box with him too. Unfortunately didn't get as far as i wanted as one of the piston bearings was really worn which i must have overlooked when checking them. So the decision to do it once do it right was applied. Managed to get the crank and main caps back on with the right torque settings. Put the new piston rings on the pistons and now just got to order a complete set of new piston bearings tomorrow. Managed to find the info online on torques settings. Didn't realized how many pages it was! as you can see pretty much printed a book. So if any one is looking for torque settings for any BMW motor I could let you know. Also was pretty handy how the directions and pictures to install the rings were dummy proof. Wrapped the block up in glad wrap to keep the dust out. The crank spun so smoothly even Master G was surprised on how well it was freely spinning by hand after bolts were torqued up. Really looking forward to bolting the dry sump on to see how compact it is.
  9. Haha yes i have flicked through that rebuild a few times EURO always trying to see what other people have done and any tips or advice they may have. I'm hoping to be putting the short block together next weekend so will have an update for you guys
  10. Hey Brent Is the whole rear end up for sale? Thanks
  11. Yes i agree with you there crunchy very humble father and son duo. Yes Nathan we did discuss about shaving a bit off the heads themselves to bump the compression to 11:1 Nelson said it would all depend on how much room on heads he had to play with as we don't want to take too much off for valve clearance. We would have to start looking at custom pistons but that"s digging into deep for more pockets.
  12. Hey Michael The guys at Hartley engines and motorsport. Nelson is the CNC guru, he's putting a lot of time and effort into making some off the self intakes for this motor as he wanting to start selling them on a big scale, check out their F.B page if you want to see one made up. Bloody bootyful piece of work.
  13. Hey Team Managed to get block back from the engineers today so will start putting the engine back together as soon i have time during the weekends when i find some time. While at the engineers he was telling me about his own little project that he's currently working on with all his 100 other jobs. A Toyota V12 which he is making some awesome CNC ITB for it! So my project will be done when he gets to it hopefully not too long Here's a few pics of the two v12 blocks next to each other, I'm quite surprised how well designed the bmw v12 is, so compact and smaller but yet bigger in displacement than the toyota v12. and a couple pics of the heads, Figuring out whether we can do a regind for the cams or to make them from scratch.
  14. I can't wait there either 0-60msport! especially an angry sounding v12 Hey EuroV8 i hadn't thought of that but now you mention it. As i will be getting the shop that is taking care of the electrical side to mount the engine in, I'll get him to save the design in some sort of form and put it on here for any1 else that would like to do the same swap.
  15. Haha aw shucks thanks EURO V8 i don't even know there was such a poll thing going on. Making me blush But thanks to everyone that is liking and following this build. Glad to share it with you guys! O one more thing do i win or get a prize for any of this polling stuff?