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  1. Hey team So managed to get some more work done over the weekend. Got the front timing covers on, valve covers finally cleaned and painted, dropped my flywheel and clutch set up along with a mates to MP auto hopefully Greg and his team can make a custom setup to handle the supercharger and my mates drifting abuse. Also toyed around with the idea of flipping the supercharger upside down. Austin mentioned that the AMG guys have trouble with heat soak due to intercooler sitting in the valley pan area. It actually could work, now top mount intercooler, cut off AMG intakes and fab up a custom intake plenums to connect straight from the intercooler outlets which would solve the adapter plate issue which wasn't going to be cheap to machine up and the R&D to figure dimensions was going to be hard too.
  2. Hey Team so finally got some time to get on to this wagons dry sump motor. Gave the short block and heads a good final clean and quite chuffed on how it turned out. Also managed to get the heads torqued down with new gasket and head bolts thanks to @francoisv hope to have the rest of it done by next weekend.
  3. Hey Team Small update for the M3 Long story short car was damaged from transport company during shipping awhile back, took abit to get them to admit it was their fault and to cover for some of the damage. So there was two option, throw money at the crack and possibly recrack again or fork out more to get the car taken back to factory. I decided to take back to factory as id hate to have money spent on a repair to have it crack again. Picked up car today from panel beaters but during inspection i noticed a big crack in the windscreen, as was like FML just got repair done now i have another issue, the shop said it was there when i dropped it off. So couldnt really do much but happy to have her back and looking nice with fresh paint job. Also had a friend go over to the U.S for a holiday whilst there i got this goodie sent to her hotel that she was staying at, Garagistic solid mount shifter for the m3. also did a while ago, removing as much carbon build up from the heads and pistons of the m60/m62 motor that will be going into the wagon. Thanks
  4. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hey Team So spent the weekend just been at Austins place where Brents old car was. Dismantle what i wanted from the car and managed to jack up a deal with Austins cousin thats also has a few e34's he's restoring, so onsold the body to him and paid the difference to Austin for the set of exhaust manifolds. Austin doing some final mock up with the headers, they were very snug against the driverside of the gearbox, we had to shave a bit off the side of the box to leave 2-3mm gap. Other than that awesome looking set of headers.
  5. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    @twisted its a good car Sam, was a good base to work on when i brought it, I wouldn't be against the idea of selling all depends on price. but few little things to get done before i would consider it. change box, alternator, all steering,bushings replaced and fit Mpars it.
  6. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    @treone haha i was seriously contemplating this, did a bit of online research and some guy in Russia has custom made a trafer case to fit a 420g box to keep it AWD, i thought about as it and wouldnt be too hard to make RWD but feel the X5 are big and heavy with the AWD helps it out a lot. @qube I sure have, i really need to just focus on one project though, this is getting a bit crazy, I dont have enough space. @BM WORLD Yes your correct i would need a bigger spline clutch disc, would look at getting the 240mm m5 ones that come out behind the s62 or aftermarket one from speedfactor. if you got more picture yeah send them my way Also another small update, so spent today during my breaks sorting the window issue and it was just the window had popped off the bolt that holds it in so wasn't getting pushed up. Thats all fixed now and i took it for a good spin and can't find anything wrong with the gearbox, which i was told would go into limp mode on downshifts. So yeah pretty much have a mint running X5 4.4 that ill be getting a wof tomorrow. It has a better head unit in it with reverse camera, so ill just pass this one on to the parents and just need to strip the one car AND look what Austin just sent me a picture of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy
  7. e46v12

    Project twin e34's

    Hi Team Long time no post, finally get to do a very very small update on the e34 twins. Just been busy with the other builds but here's the plans for these two in the near future. So in the months that have past since May, I had the opportunity to buy this X5 4.6is i purely brought this for the motor as the dream of a s62 motor was bit out of reach for me, this was the next best thing. Also score this deal with Brents old 530i with b44 manual swap. Due till rust in the bottom sills and just a tad rough on the out side, I am taking all the running gear and already have sold on the rolling body. The 530i is currently at Austin @Stirling Street Machines and Fabrication getting a set of custom headers made. Pictures to come when done. Also perfect timing as i have some how broken the zf box currently in the sedan so the one from Brent's old one will be going in. Also swapped my set of style 66 plus abit of cash for a genuine set of style 37 Mpars which will be going on the sedan. Also scored these for the wagon some style 5's, a bit of polishing will bring them up nicely. So the main things happening soon are to do with the Wagon. So i plan to take the 4.6 motor out of the X5 with all engine loom and dme, bolt up a 420g box that i have, utilize Brent's single mass flywheel from the red 530i. Bolt the new headers up which hopefully will be a straight bolt in and get retuned if need be by Gavin. Cant wait to get this thing going as the 4.6 is such a different beast to the 4.4, just seems so much more grunter. Oh so dad also said he really like the x5 4.6 and it is in such good nick, it be a waste to part it so have managed to score a very low km x5 4.4 with broken trans that i will swap the motor over into the 4.6 x5 body. big swaps happening ahead, cant wait Thanks team.
  8. @Michael. i know i know, i thought about doing individual post of each car but dont wanna have too many pages/post so thought id keep the e34's together and e46's together. But yes each project is at its own different stage. I guess i do it to keep me motivated, with one project, if im held up with some thing ill tend to stall and not be motivated to get it finished. where this way im constantly having something to do. Which also makes me utilize my free time better as im always say i dont have enough time to finish stuff . But hopefully will be getting the M60b44 supercharged motor together in N/A form up and running in the next few weeks I have all the gaskets and bits ready to go. As i will need more time to sort the adapter plate for the charger out so at least i can drive the wagon around and make sure the manual swap works and drive train etc. As for Internals exactly what @zero has said these motors can handle a bit of boost before you need to start strengthening the motor.
  9. Small update So managed to score this little oven for next to nothing, using it to bake the exhaust manifolds to cure the paint. Also finally got the chance to actually place the supercharger ontop of the motor thats siting in the wagon. She's tight but bonnet closes, may have to modify the cabin filter housing but other than that its gonna be goodie. one lot cured
  10. Hi @Michael. i fully agree, the factory muffler was pretty much a straight pipe as you said, i was actually trying to get that v8 rumble sound and just slightly louder than factory. So with the x pipe it was a trial and era type of thing as i didn't know what to expect. I may get Austin to make a H pipe and ill see what the difference is. Thanks for the Tip @zero no real noticeable power increase, if there was id say it was tiny.
  11. Hey Team So finally got the car back Also took the new ride up to get an x pipe put in and man its a great tow vehicle! We spent about 3 hours doing this at Austins place, lucky the rain held back. Sounds alittle bit louder and raspier but not crazy loud. Also took the new manifolds off and managed to get them painted in some heat protective paint with ceramic. Once motor is ready ill put it all together and give it a heat cycle to cure the paint up.
  12. Haha hey Ian so was that a video of the car running im assuming? ill definitely do a video once the motor is put back together. Its currently just the bare block with heads lightly bolted on for mocking/fitting of the exhaust. I'm also converting this motor to a m60b44 so once thats ready ill get a video.
  13. Definitely keen for a catch up @leonf i think ive seen you beast around too, and yup it sure is @Michael. im picking up the car this Saturday so cant wait
  14. Hey Team Exhaust all welded up and ready for pick up.
  15. Yeah its coming along very nicely, cant wait to hear it and see how much of a gain in power over factory. Slip joints are there due to the tight fitment between heads and the chassis, which Austin tried to remove with it tacked up but said it was just too hard to remove in one piece. So am going with the slip joint to be able to be removed in pieces.
  16. e46v12

    x5 e53 4.6is

    Cool thanks Brent will have a look at the barrel, is there any thing specific i would need to look at with the scan?
  17. e46v12

    x5 e53 4.6is

    Hey team New proud x5 owner here that needs a little help in diagnosing this issue. So calling out all the e53 x5 owners, so when i go to lock the car up maybe 2 secs, sometimes 2 mins after all the windows and sunroof just open fully up. Has any one had this issue before? or any suggestions to what maybe the cause? Appreciate any help Thanks Richard
  18. Hey Team just a few more pictures of the exhaust getting made.
  19. So just got these pictures sent to me by Austin @ Stirling Street Machines and Fabrication who's making the custom manifolds for me. Cant wait! so due to the tight space on the drivers side, Austin has suggested that the best way to attack this problem is to have 2 exhaust pipes going thru on either side of the steering shaft. Which wont be welded but instead made to slip fit with retaining springs for ease of removal. Enjoy.
  20. Hey Nathan Thanks i will keep that in mind and let you know if i do, Yup the electric pump can run with out a thermostat as it runs on the temp sensor which activates the pump to pulse or fully be on dependent on what temp you set it at. You should make some ITBs with those flanges Thanks Ian id still be keen to see yours in person and take a ride in it too.
  21. Hey Team Small update while cars still getting manifolds made im ticking away with the supercharger bits. Finally got the charger where i want it to sit on the block The rear water coolant pipe is fowling under the charger, so the coolant pipe is at the engineers getting flattened out a bit. The water pump itself getting welded up as well, thermostat hole is getting plated up. Propeller blade ive taken off and the small hole on the right will be blocked off too. Have found a factory M5X alloy water pump pulley that i have had a spacer made and the ribs machined down to accept the back side of the belt. Also purchased the factory injectors and fuel rail for the AMG supercharger. Decided to go with the electric water pump too. And lastly got some stencils done for both motor and charger intakes. Have a mate going to draw up some CAD images of it and then will get a shop to machine the adapter plate up. Slowly getting there.
  22. Aw thanks Olaf. So question has any one used one of these before? electric water pump. Base on the supercharger on the mock engine im thinking of installing the water pump by the lower radiator hose area and converting the factory water pump to a tension pulley for the supercharger This would make things so much easier to set up for the belt side of things.
  23. Thanks guys very excited to hear this thing running, Havent tried it in the car yet Nathan so not sure on bonnet clearance ,would love to get the M insignia engraved into it but actually dont mind the amg either
  24. Another update team working hard to try and get this thing on the road. Last two weeks worth. Got all the bits back from driveshaft shop and engineers. shaft bolts up now. shifter all centered or close to it. oil feed AN fitting welded on. return plugged up. This where i drilled 30mm inwards to match factory mounting holes for x member. diff sits quite low now due to being a bigger diff, so i brought these. Gone from 18" to 19" hope it will raise the car alittle to stop smashing of the diff. Heres one for you nathan, not full bolted up tight but gives you an idea of the block to fire wall distance, roughly around 100mm from firewall to back of short block. also changed the rear main seal while i was at it. So heres the fun part, had a spare block and heads which i just roughly threw together to mock this baby up. the Bmw intake studs is where it was sitting on. So took them out and its almost like its meant to be also had to cut these bits off to get it sitting better, not needed for my build. sits alot lower and forward. Pulley almost bang on too. Just need to find where is is going to sit and make an adapter plate. Two back intake holes almost match the front two start miss in line with each other. These are the driver side headers that unfortunately wont work with my heads, so am sending the car off to get some custom ones made. but see how restrictive number 4 and 3 are. Ugly!!!!! Once back from getting manifolds made ill be putting the motor back together in N/A form and running with that till i get the supercharger set up made and done on the spare block.
  25. Thanks Brent ill keep that in mind. For now ill just leave the 328i in
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