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  1. DrphTa

    New weekend toy

    Haha yeah something like that. It still pulls the front with 1/2 throttle in wet mode. It is restricted at the moment, powerband and 9k rev limit I sold the CBR just under a year ago. Surprisingly though, the S1000rr is just as comfortable Few more pics
  2. DrphTa

    New weekend toy

    Rarely use my M3 these days, but have got into these things - Still a BMW 2014 S1000RR 569km Heated Grips Yoshi pipe Still being run in
  3. DrphTa

    e46 M3.. v10 Lurking

    This will be street legal, and not sure about the trumpets but I shall ask! Alex had/has a LS1 turbo e36 and a sr20 e30 too i believe, he builds some silly cars haha
  4. DrphTa

    Wrecking 325 e36 coupe

    Do you have the front seatbelt covers on the pillar with the mounts for both sides?
  5. DrphTa

    e46 M3.. v10 Lurking

    Not mine, but this is happening in Brisbane atm by a fellow called Alex... Enjoy
  6. Thanks mate, the old tug trick worked on the tail light! No success on the others though
  7. Hey guys, Long time no post.. Looks like I have an electrical gremlin in my car, at first I thought it was my headlight switch... What happens is, turn the switch on for the lights. Outside headlights come on, left tailight comes on but the the number plate lights and right tailight don't come on. The interior cluster lights and all instrument lights (aircon too) do not light up either. When this initially started the lights actually wouldnt turn off with the switch. I had to constantly switch it On/Off 3 or 4 times to make them turn off I have run a multi meter across the ones which aren't working, and no suprise there is no power.. Have power for the lights at the fuse box though, have switched fuses... Dodgey relay you guys think? something else? Cheers Ethan
  8. DrphTa

    HB Josh (hybrid)

    Happy Birthday
  9. DrphTa

    Bimmersport 2012 Photo Competition

    Few snaps from across the ditch, we all love BMW's right?
  10. DrphTa


    Why do you guys want so much grunt on a laptop, you use them as your main computer obviously? The new Asus Ultrabooks are nice
  11. DrphTa

    BMW E36 M3R (OZ)

    It's a shame it has never been used
  12. DrphTa

    e30 project

    Its depressing because the owner found them in a shed like that and paid $50 for the set :S
  13. DrphTa

    Toyota powered, forced inducted S50

    Good effort Greg, no harm in trying