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  1. Got my 530d back finally

    Well, the last time it went in initially for a service, but the day before it was due in the dynamic steering system died. That part alone was over $2000. The mass airflow sensor had also packed up, and the gearbox needed servicing as well. Prior to that the alternator needed work, and the aircon pump bearing died too. It also needed a new battery. I have also had to have bushes replaced in the rear suspension too. I have never in my life had so much go wrong so quickly after buying a car! I think I just lucked out, the car has only 154 k on it, so hardly a high mileage for its year. The main thing is, I have it back now and all seems good with it, so far!
  2. Hi all, I have managed to get my E60 530d back. Has taken a while to get the money sorted, but all good now. It had better behave itself for quite sometime now, considering all the money I have spent on in in the last 6 months. Coombes Johnston looked after the car for me, and as a company to deal with, I cannot fault them. Just a pity my car has been such a *#$@! Luckily I had my Merc E500 and E55 to fall back on, though the petrol fuel bill was getting up there for a while! Especially in the E55. That was part of the reason I went diesel......to reduce my fuel costs for work travelling. Anyway......fingers crossed the BMW behaves itself now. It has cost me more than half it’s purchase price in repairs in 6 months! Graeme
  3. It gets worse......

    After finding out that my aircon pump has knackered clutches and a shagged bearing, I have now been told that my alternator needs to be replaced, my glow plugs are not working, and my pcv valve is buggered. Alternator is around $1300, the glow plugs are $600, the aircon pump, if they can repair it is $300/400, or a new one $3000 ex Germany! No idea about the pcv valve yet! I do like my 530d, but I have never had a car that has cost me so much, so quickly! I needed a new battery in the first week I got the car ($600) and then a warrant three weeks later cost me around $1500 (2 tyres and a suspension bush!). Graeme
  4. A/C knocking noise

    My E60 diesel has started knocking badly and it sounds to me like the sound you would get from a big end bearing knock ( a noise I am familiar with after running a big end in my MG ZT190 recently!) It is actually coming from the aircon unit/pump. I have had the aircon belt taken off, and the car is going in to be fixed soon. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and can tell me what my worst case scenario will be? I assume at the worst it will be a new aircon pump, as I don't know if those units are or can be repaired. Costings wise, is this likely to be an expensive repair? Cheers, Graeme
  5. Colour Matched paint?

    That's good to know. I lost my panel that covers the tow bar section of my 530d. Have got a replacement, but it needs to be colour matched. Is currently black plastic! Am down in Wellington again next week, so will call in on them on the way down! Unless I can locate a similar place here in Hamilton. Graeme
  6. Very impressed

    As bought. Has Coomes Johnston BMW number plate frames now. Was sold by them New in Hamilton.
  7. Very impressed

    I am in Wellington till probably Wednesday next week.......... Look for a 530d with the rego BYA530! Graeme
  8. Very impressed

    Here's the pic! Graeme
  9. Very impressed

    Took my recently acquired 2004 530d for a trip from Hamilton to Wellington today. Travelled 505.8 kms, and used not quite half a tank of diesel. Had cruise on as much as possible. Open road speed was set at 100 km/ph. The trip computer ended up sitting on 6.4 ltrs per 100 kms. Was a very comfortable trip too, and the 'comfort spec' seats certainly proved their worth. I particularly like the extendable thigh support squab. I am very happy with my car. Graeme
  10. E60 cup holder repaired

    Hi all, In my recently purchased 530d, the centre cup holder worked once, and on pushing it back in, there was a crunching sound, and the unit would not go all the way in. Looking online (Dr Google and YouTube) it appeared that the E60 cup holder could not be repaired. Well, after purchasing a second hand unit, I decided to try and see if I could repair the original. YouTube shows repairs on the E90 cup holder model. The E60 has little plastic welds that needed to be released, trimmed or suchlike, so as to release the cover. I ended up using my 'jewellers screwdriver' set and an ordinary, very small bladed screwdriver. In my case the spring had come free as the small plastic rod? that holds the spring, had broken off. Shades of what happens to the 3 series ones. I used the same principle to fix my one as shown for the 3 series/E90, a small cable tie was used to lock the spring tab in place. Hey presto, it works again! I will try and get some pictures up to show what I did. Could have saved myself $105.00 had I known this repair was possible. At least I have a spare unit if the original should ever fail terminally! I need to work out how to put a video on YouTube showing what I did, stating that the E60 cup holder CAN be repaired, rather than coughing out close to $200 for a new one, or $105 for a secondhand one like I did! Graeme
  11. Bought my first BMW

    Good looking car you have there, hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it. Graeme
  12. The 330d is dead, long live the 530d.

    Hiya, have done some searching and have noticed that the car is indeed listed on Mannheim. Appears to have been listed yesterday. 2002 BMW 330d. I can give you full details of car damage if you want. Cheers, Graeme
  13. 530d to replace the 330d

    I found the number plate quite amusing as well. I should try charging BMW for advertising! 'B(u)Y A 530', or get a blank black plate frame with the word 'Travelling' on it....Travelling BY A 530!!! Graeme
  14. Hi all. Collected the 2004 530d last night. This is to replace the 2002 330d that met with an untimely demise a couple of weeks ago. First impressions. Is a much larger car than the 330d, but more suited to my physical size, especially the drivers seat. I found it felt quite big, driving it for the first time, from Raglan to my home in Hamilton. I have been out and about in it today and found that I got used to it very quickly. Is a more comfortable ride, suspension wise, than the 330d. Though I think the 330d would possibly out handle it, though I could be wrong. This car has been well looked after, I am the third owner, the first was had it for 11 years! Here are some photos of it, as it was advertised on Trade Me, I have yet to take my own. I have been able to get a set of number plate frames for it too, thank you to Combes Johnston Hamilton. I hope this car serves me well, and for a long long time! Graeme
  15. The 330d is dead, long live the 530d.

    Pass! AMI are my insurance company and I am in Hamilton, so not sure where they send their damaged vehicles too. Turners?