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  1. Dsdv

    WTB - E46 Aux input for factory stereo

    You could get a non-OEM cord to plug in the back for like $10 shipped off Ebay. I'm sure you already know to check that your radio is compatible. I recently bought a cord off Ebay for my 03 Head Unit, but it just will not work. Some sources say they might not work with "Tape" HUs (really?) so you may want to look into that as well if applicable
  2. Dsdv

    newbie intro

    Welcome to the forum! Not sure what you want exactly, but try this: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=731460 It's a helpful guide that was linked somewhere by another E60 owner on this forum. I found the pdf file at the bottom of the first post very informative when looking at an E61.
  3. Dsdv

    Refurb suggestions

    Welcome to the forum Here's a helpful link:
  4. Dsdv

    E46 Stereo

    My Pioneer unit was $135 shipped, so a pretty good price. Admittedly it does not have BT; after I had decided to buy an aftermarket stereo, the Pioneer brand and variable colour were my must haves. The cost of items in the link above (granted 6/7 years ago) totalled 50 USD and 140 pounds. Today you can buy a good Pioneer BT Unit for less than $200 NZD. I couldn't seem to find any packages compatible for the OEM stereo for retrofit Iphone compatability for less than $200 (the cheaper ones required aux/usb input). In future I'll buy an amplifier for the speakers; then I'll reconsider re-installing the OE unit and a module for aux/usb/BT. For now, I'll consider incoming phone-calls while driving an unnecessary interruption of my favorite past-time
  5. Dsdv

    E46 Stereo

    Well, I was surprised to learn that buying an aftermarket headunit was a lot cheaper than installing an Ipod interface. So I purchased a Pioneer DEH-X2950UI HU and shallow mounting Pioneer speakers. Does anyone know if I would need a round or square pin wiring harness?
  6. Dsdv

    E46 Stereo

    In regards to speakers, I'm thinking either this package https://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/product/car-audio-packages/149/prime-6-component-coax-package/1147517/detail or this one https://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/product/car-audio-packages/149/type-s-6-5-comp-coax-package/1198166/detail seem like good, relatively cheap options. I like that the alpine set are a shallow design, but on the other hand I'm sure someone at Abtec or some such could make quick work of the RF set too.
  7. Dsdv

    E46 Stereo

    @zero I like the idea of having it secured to the actual door, although that's definitely well out of scope for me! I'm curious what sound deadening material you used?
  8. Dsdv

    E46 Stereo

    Cheers for the responses. Various forums have listed 5.25, 6, and 6.5 as possible replacements. I think I'll have to try pull them out and measure them myself at this point. Does anyone know where I could buy an OE CD business Head Unit?
  9. Dsdv

    BMW 530i 2001

    +1. +1. Very nice!
  10. I might be a bit of an a**hole about people providing competent customer service, but if I was you, I would not be letting the issue sit. I'd be finding out what I need to do to have Mr Mechanic pay for all of Glenn's work and any future work needed (repairing wheels etc). Not to mention they didn't provide you with the products you requested and they probably charged for. As people have already said, human error is acceptable. This cowboy gave you a sorry? Not good enough imo. Nowhere near good enough.
  11. Hey guys, Old audio posts shows there are some knowledgeable people here... this is good for me as I haven't really got the faintest. Situation: My NZ new e46 sedan has the factory stereo - 2 speakers rear tray, 2 front door, 2 tweeters - tape head unit & stacker in boot. Issue: The head unit and left rear speaker are the only things that work. What I want: New speakers I/Phone connectivity Must retain steering wheel controls I would prefer to keep the head unit or swap it for a factory CD one and get that Dice unit thing in place of the stacker. I know from other posts that this might be a restraint on quality of sound. I'd consider a reasonably priced aftermarket unit if it would make a night/day difference? I plan to shop around for the components myself, and probably have it all installed professionally. I'm pretty sure I need 6.5 inch speakers for both front and rear and then two 1 inch tweeters. Unfortunately I'm having trouble making head or tail of forum postings and you-tube videos, so I still don't know whether I should be looking for coaxial, component, or 2/3 way setups? I'm not looking to go all out or spend alot, I just want a good solid stereo with I/phone connectivity. Suggestions welcome, thanks
  12. any update @SmithyInWelly? I'm also browsing for installers...
  13. Dsdv

    Importing E34

    I believe you can't import cars manufactured before 2005 (from Japan anyway). This page might help: http://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/importing-a-vehicle/
  14. Dsdv

    Bought my first BMW

    Thanks guys. Just picked her up from Page Euro: ITEMS NOTED 1- RADIATOR LEAKING 2- OIL LEVEL SENSOR FAULT 3- L/FRONT WINDOW REGULATOR FAULTY 4- A/C COMPRESSOR NOISY 5- R/FRONT LIFTING PAD RUBBER MISSING 6- SLIGHT OIL WEEPAGE FROM VANOS OIL FEED HOSE So the only pressing thing is it needs a new radiator within the next three months. He quoted that for parts and labour at $750.00 which seems fair to me. Overall he was surprised with the condition and said it was obvious money was spent to keep her in good shape. I'm pretty happy with that.
  15. Dsdv

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    I had assumed you could take an eligible vehicle to an approved dealer and buy MBI from them. I was wrong; Autosure said the car has to be purchased from said dealer.