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  1. TLH

    Clarkson Sacked

    I used to be pay for Motortrend, but last month they ended support for New Zealand which sucks. Only way to use It now is with a VPN.
  2. TLH

    840Cia E31 Gear Selector - Bowen Cable

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-e31-Bowden-Cable-Gear-Shift-25161421433/132544522075?hash=item1edc44e75b:g:ljsAAOSwoIlar-Fn&vxp=mtr This has a different part number to what you said, maybe US or LHD cars have a different cable. Thought I would share it anyway.
  3. TLH

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Go on, do it! I would love to see someone return it to it's former glory.
  4. TLH

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Are you sure? I still see the offer to accept or decline.
  5. TLH

    Quick rant thread.

    I have used Youshop quite a few times but recently they refused to ship a package as they classed it as dangerous, after getting the MSDS paperwork to prove it wasn't they still refused (spent 4 weeks trying) so sent it to MyUS, just over 1 week later it's here.
  6. TLH

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Yeah saw that just before, interesting that it's offered up for that much less than the bids. 😕
  7. Wow that's really good, I paid about $850 for my set last year. Highly recommend them, excellent performance in the wet.
  8. TLH

    Does anyone remember this???

    https://transact.nzta.govt.nz/transactions/CheckExpiry/entry Very useful
  9. TLH

    Does anyone remember this???

    Think I found the plate, seems Rego is still on hold until next year. Plate BPW174
  10. TLH

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Sold for $15,650. Seems like a fair price for the condition it was it and the rarity.
  11. TLH

    NZ new 5spd E30 touring

    I think it sold late last year for $11500 ish quite quickly, very clean example indeed
  12. Much better! Cheers @Buklemaschu
  13. TLH

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Yeah, would be a complete waste to sell it for parts. Given the rarity of it im sure fully restored would fetch a high price, especially if overseas buyers are interested.
  14. TLH

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    It's back, I really hope someone restores this and doesn't part it out. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1589164500.htm
  15. TLH

    FS 1990 BMW 535i M Sport

    Also to note, not all NZ new HD12's came with m-sport extras. As mentioned before being HD12 only means that it's a RHD 535i manual in euro spec, anything else that was added is found on the build sheet. But with that said, most NZ new ones are very well spec'ed.