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  1. Does anyone remember this???

    https://transact.nzta.govt.nz/transactions/CheckExpiry/entry Very useful
  2. Does anyone remember this???

    Think I found the plate, seems Rego is still on hold until next year. Plate BPW174
  3. E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Sold for $15,650. Seems like a fair price for the condition it was it and the rarity.
  4. NZ new 5spd E30 touring

    I think it sold late last year for $11500 ish quite quickly, very clean example indeed
  5. Much better! Cheers @Buklemaschu
  6. E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Yeah, would be a complete waste to sell it for parts. Given the rarity of it im sure fully restored would fetch a high price, especially if overseas buyers are interested.
  7. E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    It's back, I really hope someone restores this and doesn't part it out. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1589164500.htm
  8. FS 1990 BMW 535i M Sport

    Also to note, not all NZ new HD12's came with m-sport extras. As mentioned before being HD12 only means that it's a RHD 535i manual in euro spec, anything else that was added is found on the build sheet. But with that said, most NZ new ones are very well spec'ed.
  9. FS 1990 BMW 535i M Sport

    Yeah pretty hard to find nice ones, this One on trade me is pretty nice but appears to have had the sports seats swapped out for standard ones
  10. E36 touring tail lights

    Not sure if it is the same for E36, but I know with the E34 Touring (which has different tails from sedan) there was never any clears. I'm sure you could find some aftermarket ones however.
  11. RC 009/010 STAGGERED

    Would look even better with the RC010's!, would be very keen if I wasn't already working on some EB006's.
  12. RC 009/010 STAGGERED

    Well they sort of fit...
  13. M3 rolling body

    I would say it's a very valid point to be made, sure it may not apply to this particular car but is still a big problem. ACHILLES HEEL: BMW E46 M3 SUBFRAME
  14. E34 Manual 535i

    He has added more photos now, definitely a bit rough around the edges but for the money still a good buy.
  15. E34 Manual 535i

    Sports seats for $500+, wow I got a very good deal on mine then. Paid less than $300, one of the best things I have purchased for my car.