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  1. Yeah you are right, will look into it thanks!
  2. Installed a M Tech II steering wheel in my E34, couldn't be more happy with the look and feel over the stock one.
  3. I originally was looking at buying this Fiji green last year, but ended up buying my E34.
  4. Selling my manual gearbox from my early E34 525i (M20), Still in the car at the moment but should be out soon. Have listed on Trademe already but if anyone wants it the Price is $700 for members here. Thanks
  5. Have you seen this one?
  6. This post I believe.
  7. On Trade Me too
  8. I wouldn't have a clue, maybe could get them cut and welded again properly.
  9. Yeah I guess thats true
  10. Oh sorry completely forgot about that, no I don't which is unfortunate. Guess they are worth very little then.
  11. I don't know much about these, just that a previous owner started installing them but never finished and the car had been sitting for a few years. They are welded to what I think are 51mm struts, as is where is. No idea what they are worth so give me an offer, price for now $500, also considering swaps for stock setup. Also have more photos if needed, left side still on the car. Thanks
  12. Nice car! Love the m-sport body in white. Have one myself in the same colour, although it has seen better days.
  13. Anyone got one? If not I guess I will have to convert to M50.
  14. As per title am after cylinder head, camshafts and valve train for an M20B25 for an E34. Thanks