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  1. Mongie

    Noob - idrive conversion

    I've installed one but the reception is terrible. Not sure if its because the car is a jap import or not. It had digital tv already so just a straight swap!
  2. Mongie

    135i iDrive iPhone Connect

    Did you have any luck with this? I'm in the same position.......
  3. Mongie

    E92 Bluetooth Options

    I've just bought a combox and getting eurosurgeons to install it. I should get blutooth phone and music streaming and cover art displayed on the screen. I also bought a DVB-T2 tv module and hopefully replace the japanese tv module with a bit more coding with video in motion.
  4. Mongie

    New Member Auckland

    Here are 2 of them........
  5. Mongie

    New Member Auckland

    I've had a 1980 320i 4 cylinder, a 1982 323i coupe, 2 x 325i coupes both 1985 and a 2007 335i. I seem to like the 3 series obviously....... I was tempted to get a 2009 converible but was worried about leaks etc and the high cost of repairs if anything went wrong with the roof....
  6. Hey there, just bought this baby, my 6th BMW I've owned to date.......