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  1. Sweet thanks heaps will do a bit more research over the weekend
  2. Trying to buy some bbs rs rims for the bmw anyone put theses rims on a E21 320a before? What offset did you have/ did you have to roll the guards? Was going to go for a 15" probably 8" wide. Any help much appreciated
  3. im looking for a set of 16" BBS rs or replicas to fit a E21 320a bmw im sure the pcd is 4x100 but i could be wrong, not wanting to pay a fortune but not finding much else so i'll take any condition ...... or any suggestions to what rims would look good on the old girl would be much appreciated
  4. Hi all Have just purchased/ been gifted my first BMW its a 1981 E21 320a automatic, it was my grandparents for years until it put oil into the water and blew a radiator hose, took my grandad 3 years to find a motor he thought was a "reasonable" price and sat in a shed ever since, I'm wanting to do an engine swap of some sort but have little knowledge about BMW's so hopefully I'll find what I need on here
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