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  1. KaineT

    Newbie in Wellington

    I love it too. House or car... house or car... Hahahaha! It's wicked. Looking forward to a meet up. Courtenay Place cruise laps? Haha
  2. KaineT

    Newbie in Wellington

    I actually think I do!! Lol. Let's go for a drive then!
  3. KaineT

    Newbie in Wellington

    Whoa! That's a sweet memory you've got there. Yeah, I loved that 6, ship-length though it may have been!!
  4. KaineT

    Newbie in Wellington

    Oh... I'm trying to be humble but I smile every time I drive it!
  5. KaineT

    Newbie in Wellington

    Hey, thanks! It's definitely fun. And, looking forward to meeting others from here too.
  6. KaineT

    Newbie in Wellington

    Thanks man! Yeah, it's amazing to drive for sure... waited a long time to get one and now I've got it I love it! Cant wait to see some of the older models people have restored or modified. #drool
  7. KaineT

    Newbie in Wellington

    Thanks and yeah, really keen to meet some others and some great cars!
  8. Hey! Thought that instead of just waving and smiling at other BMW drivers I'd come here and meet some! Some wicked older models in here!😍 Pics are a mix of purchase day and now, since re-plated haha.