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  1. I wouldnt dismiss the E39 540i - there isnt much difference in fuel economy between the 528i and the 540i (around town in the touring is currently showing 21mpg) - and its significantly better than the E34 535i sedans (manual and auto(around 17mpg around town) , and 540i sedan (auto) (around 15mpg around town) that we have owned prior to the E39s. On a trip we were seeing around 32mpg at a constant 100kmh in both the 528i and the 540i - whereas none of the E34s got over 26mpg - the worst being the 535i manual Only thing you need to be wary of in the E39 540i - is the timing chain tensioner issues, which you dont have in the E34 engines.
  2. I've got all the makings for a . Motorsport body Kit for an E12. Front Spoiler (blue - has been repaired and not painted since, lower mount has been replaced by an aluminum plate - no mounting plates) M1 Three Spoke Steering wheel - as fitted to M535i Motorsport Rear Bootlid ducktail spoiler - one broken mounting bolt, and a couple of marks in the spoiler I'm looking for $500 for this setup . I'd prefer for the kit to be collected as its going to be really bulky to ship. PM me if you are interested
  3. I've got all the makings for a full Motorsport Kit for an E12. Front Spoiler (Gold - used some evidence of past repairs - no mounting plates) M1 Three Spoke Steering wheel - as fitted to M535i M535i "race" LSD diff unit Green bootlid fitted with the Motorsport Rubber Bob tail spoiler 4 x 14x7 BBS Mahle Motorsport option wheels I'm looking for $2000 for this setup - the diff is probably worth most of the asking price on its own I'd prefer for the kit to be collected as its going to be really bulky to ship. PM me if you are interested
  4. As part of me clearing out my fleet - due to my illness - we have now decided to sell our 540s. I've included the chassis numbers - so you can confirm vehicle specs yourself. Car 1 1999 540iT - Biarritz Blue - black leather - this is our current daily driver. Chassis: WBADR62070BX98005 - to check the spec 220K - engine rebuilt by Page European at 185K, due to cam chain tensioner abrupt failure (on the page I brought the car!). Has Dr Vanos built spockets fitted to stop the oil drain out NZ New good spec car, with factory 2 piece alloys and MS suspension The bad: There is rust in leading edge of bonnet, bottom of drivers door (due to poor past repair), and glass hatch surround. I have replacement panels for all of these. Usual dings and dents for a car this age - some paint delamination on mirrors (and bonnet), and I was also going to repaint the roof. Usual pixels in main dash issues Wont lock using key (remote only) - suspect due to the dodgy repair as mentioned above. Power steering hose leeching causing minor oil leak The good: There is a Biarritz Blue parts 528i Touring that can go with the car I've added factory first aid kit and fire extinguisher mounts BMW factory towbar, and wiring kit. Newish Varta Battery fitted (corrrect size) Recent Work on the car includes: New front hubs and rotors New Self leveling Suspension Switches (SLS) New TFTP piston O-Ring in the SLS pump -actually cured the intermittent SLS failure warning light New DEPO Headlight covers Special tools for touring - rear subframe bush puller and tail gate strut remover included in price along with some new spares I'd like around $4500 for the car but can be a little flexible on price. Car 2 2002 540iSE (is how its registered - but has the full Motorsport specification) - Silver - black leather Chassis: WBADN62080GF13460 175K NZ New - spec'ed with TV, electric rear blind, fold down rear seats and ski bag. I've got a factory first aid kit (unfitted) for the car. We have only owned the car a short time - and this was going to be a "keeper" due to the great spec and performance. Spent $1000s - getting rid of engine oil leaks, sorting out the broken and missing parts (like the outer underbody trays), getting a second key The bad: Power Steering oil leak - looks to be the reservoir - but could be hoses leeching - havent had time to investigate Usual dings and dents for a car this age - but presents well Usual pixels in main dash issues CD Stacker not functional Intermittent PDC failure - but self clears I'd like $5500 for this car -but again flexible on price. The cars are in Wellington PM message or call me on 0272010807 if you are interested in buying these Cheers Darryl
  5. Sorry - not so flash photos - but my overnight stay in hospital got delayed - so didnt get the opportunity to get the car out, and the sun was too low once I got home. I'll try and get some better shots later in the week
  6. Hi Kathryn 0272010807 darryl.monk@xtra.co.nz Cheers Darryl
  7. Heres some interior pikkies - I'll do some exterior ones once the weather clears. The car has the "big toolkit" and its only missing the pick for adjusting the tappets. The steering wheel is a factory option one that came from a highly spec'ed 3.0Si that we owned - original wheel is included in the spares Only trim inside the cabin that was retrimmed was the seats - carpets are original. I replaced the original english spec Panasonic cassette player with an early Alpine unit - the original is in the spares, along with a period OEM spec Blaupunkt . The car did very little miles in the UK - the original owner brought this solely as an investment whilst on his OE - so the underside has had no exposure to the typical salted roads The rust in the car was around the chrome trims and the usual E3 rust traps - leading edge of the bonnet was probably the worst. The car's WoF expires this month - but will be WoFed when sold, and the car is located in Wellington
  8. Once the weather improves down here - I'll get it out of the garage and get some more pikkies. Its WOFed and Rego'd - so yep its a current runner.
  9. 1972 BMW 3.0S - manual. I'd thought I'd see if there is any interest in the car here before firing onto other car sales sites. The car hasnt been restored, but had any rust cut out and a bare metal respray back in 2006 by the Surgery in Tawa. The seats were reupholstered in materials closely matching the original textures and colours at the same time. Car is a good runner - I suspect that the engine had some work prior to us purchasing the car - in January we took it on a camping road trip - Wellington to Coromandel via the East Coast - only issue was perished rubber exhaust hangers that needed to be replaced on route. Huge amount of spares available with the car including panel cuts from a rust free 2500 we wrecked. Car is currently on 15 inch E34 rims - but there are a number of 14 inch wheel options within the spares including... virtually unused set of steel wheels, hubcaps and trims, two sets of the correct option alloy wheels and hubcaps, and a genuine set of 1970s Minilite alloys. Included in the sale is set of BMW Workshop manuals for the E3, Part 2 of the parts manual for the E3, original brochures from the Earl's Court Motor Show that the original owner got prior to purchasing the car, and a pair of Midlock carb balancers for setting up the carbies. This isnt a car I had intended to sell, but but health has taken a major turn for the worse - and I need to empty my garage I was hoping to get around $12K for the car, but am open to offers
  10. Yes, Ulli's car is on the road. The registration process for old cars in Germany is a nightmare, and it looked like it was going to be March before the car could get its Historic plates, and therefore could be driven within the City limits, however the authorities decided that the car met the criteria - and its now on the road
  11. We were in Germany in June, and Ulli who runs the www.e12.de site, decided to have an informal get together at Jesewang Airport just outside Munich. Ulli and one of the other club members drove around 600kms from outside of Dusseldorf in the orange 525, they picked up the red 530i Motorsport about 15km away from the airport. It belongs to the owner of the Black E28 M5. The Hartge came over from Austria for the day. We ended up with 6 cars in total, but only 4 cars could make the photoshoot. The gold 528 had another function to attend, and the 530i had a fuel pump failure (we me diving under to try and fix :-)), and ended up on the end of a towrope behind a ADAC service vehicle. The 530i was a really rare car, the first E12 Motorsport car, only 800 were built to this spec. The M5 also had a story, this is the actual car used for the E34 M5 brochures and advertising. The Hartge was the genuine item - based on a E28 528i The blue 525 was an awesome original example - with nice period accessories
  12. Probably around $1000. Its a 2500 - so the "base" model of the E3 - and an auto - so least desirable in my opinion. For rust...check the doors - the E3 and E12 generally rot the bottoms of the doors Check around the A pillar especially at the bottom - remove the inner guard liners if possible. Check above the headlights - as mud traps on the headlight boxes Check the front valance under the bumper - they can get quite rusty here. Check boot floor in the corners by the tail lights - they leak around the seals and the water pools Check the bonnet for rust...front edges...and rear around the vents...the frame is usually worse than the skin Check along the body mouldings - can rust where the steel moulding clips are situated Check the fuel tank for leaks, the water sits on the top lip of the tank...where it bolts through the boot floor, and rots here...around the welds for the two halves of the tank. Check the boot floor around the rear diff mount for cracks - the flat section between the rear strut towers Check the floor around the handbrake....the lever works the floor...this can be cracked You probably wantto have a look around for a 3.0, and get the brakes off it, vented vs solid disk on the 2500
  13. Hi I''m reassembling my 3.0Si, and I'm trying to track down a couple of parts. A centre console for a '73 or later E3..prefer 3.0S or Si, and prefer a manual one. The specific bits I'm after is the woodgrain filler panel that forms the console floor, and the chipboard "rear wall" for the console and the support wires for this rear wall. The E3 was fitted with aftermarket air con, which meant that the original console had been cut down, and the floor filler was missing as a radio panel had been made to fill the space between the gearlever and the vents. A FI fuel pump for a E3 or E12, I dont actually need the pump itself, I'm after the fuel swirl pot that sits below the pump (the swirl pot also has the bracket for mounting the pump) Looks like an axle had come adrift at some stage and smashed both the swirl pot, and the brake bias control valve. For either parts happy to buy complete assemblies to get the parts I need.
  14. I'm looking for a crack free dash top for my SA assembled E12 M535i - they use an E28 dash assembly. The colour I'm after is dark grey. Also would be keen to locate a tidy good working KM instrument cluster as well.
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