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  1. Is the silver trim set still available please?
  2. Is the parrot handsfree kit - the fully plug in version - of does it require the cutting of the loom to make work? Do you know what the model numbers of the kit is? Cheers
  3. I have a E3/E9 and possibly suitable for E12 LSD diff for sale. The LSD unit was originally out of a 2800, but has now been adapted (redone PCD ) for the 3.0S/3.0Si style diff. It has the 3:64 ratio. The LSD was checked out by a mechanic friend of mine when he did the changeover a number of years ago - but I have never run the diff in a car. Looking for offers around the $1000 mark - as LSD units for these cars are pretty rare now PM me or contact me on 0272010807 Diff is in Wellington
  4. I have a E39 Touring that I brought for some parts for my 540iT - that now needs to be moved on... Its a Japanese spec 528i, with cloth interior, and towbar (but no towing wiring) The interior is probably in okay condition - but would need a heap of cleaning - as the car had a leaky sunroof and was stored outside with the windows closed - so a bit mouldy. The engine is a non runner - it will start and fire, but wont rev and higher than idle - transmission seems to work It has a good set of Bridgestone Potenzas (very little use) - with a couple of usable spare tyres as well If you are Wellington based - or happy to travel - then I'm happy for people to come grab bits off the car - or take the whole car. I'm not interested in removing and shipping parts - if you want something - you will need to come and remove it yourself. If you want the wheels and tyres - they will need to be swapped with old E39 rims and tyres - so that the shell remains a roller I'm looking to get rid of the car i the next couple of weeks - as its a PITA where its sitting on the driveway. PM or TXT me on 0272010807 if you want to come around and grab bits
  5. The unit that I have the looks similar is....
  6. Im assuming this is one of the electric aerials that go in the rear guard - if so I may have one, as I have a few electric aerials that have been pulled from wrecks over time - but you would need to have a look to see if its the one you are looking for.......
  7. Hi Team The buyer of the E12 has taken the stuff they want - so there are some bits and pieces left over. I'm not going to sort through and list individual items for everything that's there - but of the stuff I can identify... E12 - Face lift tail lights Front Screen Rear Screens Rear Shock assembly E28 - Interior bits -mainly centre consoles Heater assembly E34- Set of new spark plugs for M30 3.5 engine Head light assembly Set of 15 x 7 cross spoke wheels (5) Other- M30 Heads x 2 E3/E12 diff heads For the E12/E28 there is more bits and pieces but you will need to sift through the pile to see what is there. This stuff is pickup only - what still remains after next weekend is being dumped PM me or TXT me on 0272010807 if you want to come and have a look Cheers Darryl
  8. As part of the garage clear out - this engine needs to go. It was brought in a early build LHD E23 735i - which was a factory manual car. Engine has done around 120K kms - but has been sitting for over 10 years. Original E23 front cover/dissy has been removed and replaced with a "normal" dizzy front cover - as this was originally going into a E3 project I was starting to do when the M535i came along. Has the oil cooler oil filter housing - and the oil cooler may still be around here somewhere Still has the original flywheel fitted. If somebody wants to give me $200 for it, and collect it - I'd be happy with that. (the flywheel is probably worth that alone) Probably pay to be quick as if there is no interest - its heading to the scrap man in a couple of weeks. cheers Darryl
  9. I wouldnt dismiss the E39 540i - there isnt much difference in fuel economy between the 528i and the 540i (around town in the touring is currently showing 21mpg) - and its significantly better than the E34 535i sedans (manual and auto(around 17mpg around town) , and 540i sedan (auto) (around 15mpg around town) that we have owned prior to the E39s. On a trip we were seeing around 32mpg at a constant 100kmh in both the 528i and the 540i - whereas none of the E34s got over 26mpg - the worst being the 535i manual Only thing you need to be wary of in the E39 540i - is the timing chain tensioner issues, which you dont have in the E34 engines.
  10. I've got all the makings for a . Motorsport body Kit for an E12. Front Spoiler (blue - has been repaired and not painted since, lower mount has been replaced by an aluminum plate - no mounting plates) M1 Three Spoke Steering wheel - as fitted to M535i Motorsport Rear Bootlid ducktail spoiler - one broken mounting bolt, and a couple of marks in the spoiler I'm looking for $500 for this setup . I'd prefer for the kit to be collected as its going to be really bulky to ship. PM me if you are interested
  11. I've got all the makings for a full Motorsport Kit for an E12. Front Spoiler (Gold - used some evidence of past repairs - no mounting plates) M1 Three Spoke Steering wheel - as fitted to M535i M535i "race" LSD diff unit Green bootlid fitted with the Motorsport Rubber Bob tail spoiler 4 x 14x7 BBS Mahle Motorsport option wheels I'm looking for $2000 for this setup - the diff is probably worth most of the asking price on its own I'd prefer for the kit to be collected as its going to be really bulky to ship. PM me if you are interested
  12. As part of me clearing out my fleet - due to my illness - we have now decided to sell our 540i. I've updated the ad - as we will now hang on to the Touring - and I've lowered the price on the Motorsport - as I really need the car gone. I've included the chassis number - so you can confirm vehicle spec yourself. 2002 540iSE (is how its registered - but has the full Motorsport specification) - Silver - black leather Chassis: WBADN62080GF13460 175K NZ New - spec'ed with TV, electric rear blind, fold down rear seats and ski bag. I've got a factory first aid kit (unfitted) for the car. We have only owned the car a short time - and this was going to be a "keeper" due to the great spec and performance. Spent $1000s - getting rid of engine oil leaks, sorting out the broken and missing parts (like the outer underbody trays), getting a second key The bad: Power Steering oil leak - looks to be the reservoir - but could be hoses leeching - havent had time to investigate Usual dings and dents for a car this age - but presents well Usual pixels in main dash issues CD Stacker not functional Intermittent PDC failure - but self clears I'd like $4000 for this car -but open to offers as I need to sell the car. The car is in Wellington PM message or call me on 0272010807 if you are interested in buying the car Cheers Darryl
  13. Sorry - not so flash photos - but my overnight stay in hospital got delayed - so didnt get the opportunity to get the car out, and the sun was too low once I got home. I'll try and get some better shots later in the week
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