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  1. Hi all. Thanks for the advice. I was trying to convince myself I can get away with it but will try to book one asap. I have no issue with the money (I understand what it can provide), unfortunately the seller is hesitant to leave his car anywhere but home for an extended time. Which makes it hard for the respected specialist mechanics like Botany MWorks / BMWorkshop to do there job to the full. (Gut feel is that the person is just a little over-protective of his car and nothing untoward). Nonetheless, I now feel a PPI is a must. Thank you all again
  2. Hi people. Im new to this forum but have been reading alot from it. Just hoping to pick your brains. Im looking for a 135i. The one i like is a 2008, 100km. Price is reasonable and it drives fine, no rattles/noises that stood out. 2 warnings : Battery is low, and date hasnt been set. Havn't noticed anything else wrong but it was only a 10min drive. The seller (private) also has a transferable mechanical warranty (autosure essential) for a year. After which i will purchase an additional warranty. The issue is the PPI. I havnt been able to book one in that suits (timeframe, location). While i know ideally a PPI from a specialist would be great, would it be safe to risk it since i have the MW? Look forward to some help..
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