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  1. Jona

    E30 Rough Idle?

    Yeah they're all good. Cheers mate.
  2. Jona

    E30 Rough Idle?

    Maf seems to be working correctly, auto electricians checked it. How would I test it myself? Cheers
  3. Jona

    E30 Rough Idle?

    Hey all, My 1991 E30 320i has had a bit of a rough idle recently and I have no clue what the problem is. Where there were some vacuum leaks I've been through and changed the perished hoses, the spark plugs seem to be all good. It drives very well and I have no problems there, there isn't any hesitation. Would anybody have any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Jona

    E30 Timing Belt - Auckland

    Okay, I'll get in contact with them, cheers for the info!
  5. Jona

    E30 Timing Belt - Auckland

    Sweet, actually out west but don't mind dropping it somewhere. Do you happen to know an approximate price id be looking to pay? Thanks! Edit: Unfortunately it's an auto, will just have to get it swapped at some stage
  6. Hi guys, Just about to buy a 1991 E30 320i and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a reliable, good priced place to get a timing belt and water pump change done in Auckland. Thanks!
  7. Jona

    Are smoked tail lights/indicators legal?

    really punny mate, haha cheers. Sweet thanks bro, saves me some time
  8. Hey there, Just joined up here so not too sure whether this is in the right place but I was just wondering whether smoked tail lights/indicators are legal? An example of a pair can be seen HERE. I've seen quite a few E30's for sale on Trade Me in the past which have these installed, I find they look quite nice opposed to the stock however I would've thought they wouldn't be allowed. If they are illegal, how about ones with clear along the top & red on the bottom instead of the tint with the red bottom? Can't seem to find much online in regards to this. I've attached a couple of photos of ones I've seen with them installed. Thanks in advance!