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  1. Species 8472

    Z3 2L automatic transmission failed

    A garage has built in a used auto transmission for me, because I couldn't find a conversion set and I need my car to drive. But when he tested it, the same light came on. When he reads the EGS it comes with the following error: 5 pressure actuator 235 No description and earlier als EGS fault. Do these EGS fail, or can they fail due to a short circuit in the transmission box? I mean, the transmission specialist to whom I brought the box the first time said it was full of swarf and metal parts. I am normally not so suspicious, but I am wondering if I should open the old gearbox if it is truly full of metal parts. Any experience with failed EGS?
  2. Species 8472

    Z3 2L automatic transmission failed

    Hi, Just from one to the other minute the dasboard light of my gearbox flicked on. I had to drive in limp mode 30km further to home. At home I was able to log in with Inpa, and Inpa told me that there was a problem with the pressure regulator solenoid valve. Normally I fix stuff myself, but at the moment I just don't have the time for it. So I brought the Z to a transmission specialist, and he had a look at it. He opened up the pan and found metal dust and swarf inside. The metal parts had shorted out the solenoid valve, hence the message on Inpa. He told me that that a overhaul would cost at least $4000 plus GST. I had to think that over... The next day my son spoke to our neighbour (BMW fanatic) who was at a local garage that morning asking for a quote for an auto to manual conversion for his E36. The garage said to him that it would cost probably around $3000. That brought me also on the same idea, why not a conversion? The garage said that the conversion of the Z cost probably a bit more. So the latest week I am browsing the net about conversions to manual. The garage who wants to do it for me rather have me sorting out the parts than him. He says that is cheaper to do. I am doubting between an E46 six speed box or an E36 5 speed. If I converse to 6 speed I can keep my LSD 4.44 and have normal rpm. Later I can go to 3.46 and have a nice cruise rpm. If I choose for a normal 5 speed, I have to change my diff to a 3.46 anyway. Any recommendations here? My garage gave me two addresses for parts. He pointed me to HellBM and SDEuropean. HellBM mailed back that they only do inhouse conversions and don't sell conversion sets. I haven't heard form SDEuropean yet (weekend) I saw some traders on tardme selling conversion sets. One trader is offering a set for $1250, which looks reasonable to me. But when I asked for a E46 six speed it is $3k for the gearbox only. What kind of prices are these 6 speed boxes. What can I expect? Are there other (reliable) sources where I can get my parts, prefered conversion sets? Any thoughts about this?
  3. Hi I am placing this for my son. He tried to create an account, but he did't get the confirmation email. Looking for either a manual coupe or auto/manual (preferably manual but not too picky for this) wagon. Anything considered. Price around 5-6k
  4. Species 8472

    New Member with Z3

    Hello guys, I'm peter, since 5 years owner of a Z3 2L automatic. When I bought it I rather wanted to have a manual, but I fell for the low K\s (32.000) and it was only for sale 2 k's away. And I like the color, Siena rot. I did some moderated mods, I changed my shocks for the Bilstein B12 kit with Eibach springs and changed all of my bushes for red strongflex bushes. The fitters on my work welded a ireland kit in for me. My rear wheels had about 3.20 degrees camber on them, and I was wearing out tires faster than I could afford them. After the mod, the aligner guy was able to bring it back to 1.9 degrees. I also put angel eyes in in the headlights (and gave misses Species 8472 an heart attack with the lights in the oven). And I detangonized my front blinkers and placed 2 color leds in them. The whites are now my daylight driving lights. I am a Dutchy, and came in 2008 in New Zealand for a better life. Yes I have clogs, no I don't wear them. Yes weed is legal in NL, you are alowed to have 5 plants (sorry, off topic) 2 weeks ago my autotranny crapped out. Only 85k on the counter. I'm an moderate driver, but I had a speed contest between an other car two years ago on the Napier-Taupo road. But I didn't pull it over the red line. Maybe it ruined it, who knows...I hope I can use the expertise for this problem on the forum, but I shall open a separate topic for it.