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  1. m20b25 swapped 320i, seems alright:
  2. Bump, would proably also take an auto, as long as 6 cyl... Anyone have a look for difference between 6 and 4 cyl?
  3. I love watching it. I'm surprised more people don't talk about it or that it isn't more popular to be honest. Great video and audio quality with a good host and an interesting topic. Much better than the car shows you see on TV nowadays with all the fake drama.
  4. Would the box be able to handle the power of the m52b28tu though?
  5. So if they're all the same that makes the 318 the best to use as a base for a swap, due to cheaper prices, right? It means I wouldn't have to hold out for a cheap auto 320/325 coupe, just for a cheap, decent auto fl 318 coupe. Does anyone know if the 318 manual box will mate with m20s or m52s?
  6. I mean I would be keen on an m52b28tu swap, it's been very documented all over the web so it wouldn't be an exact mystery on how to do it. When you say you redid the brakes do you mean you installed larger brakes or just went through and fixed everything? I was under the impression that 320s and 325s did have larger/better brakes than the 4 cyl models. That means as a base, unless you upgrade brakes, the 320s and 325s are better anyway for engine swaps right?
  8. I'm sorry but 20k for a 4 door auto 318 e30? Maybe he's added an extra 0 on accident because I wouldn't even see that car selling for half or even a quarter.
  9. Bump
  10. lol is that on oldschool? That's me bro.
  11. Don't have a bimmer yet. Still pining an e30 2 door 6 cyl hard but the trifecta of good, cheap, and close is hard to match... Anyway here's my Simca 1501. One of 25 station wagon models sold in New Zealand, and one of, I think, only 2 left. I dailyd it for a long time after my Corolla got stolen. It had bad fuel economy, it drove like a boat, the steering was bad, and much more, but I liked it. Good vibes. I guess most of you won't care about this but feel kind of bad for just posting only in the wanted section and want to participate a bit more in the forum.
  12. Yeah that actually makes a lot of sense? Are you talking about the 4 door on trademe? It looks nice but I'm specifically looking for a 2 door.
  13. wait what do you mean by "plf gor"?
  14. Wow that was a mint car. I mean I am looking for something as mint as I can find, but with grandpa spec I meant more unmolested and original rather than completely mint. I wouldn't mind something a bit rough around the edges as long as it wasn't too bad. I mean I am still trying to find a 6 cyl manual coupe for 6k-7k, and somewhere you have to make sacrifices, even if to me a car for that money already seems expensive.
  15. Yeah it seems to be like that. Ah well, time is on my side, for now. Scanning Facebook, here, and other webforums, for anything, but it's hard to find someone willing to sell.