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  1. I'm currently still looking at suspension options for my E30 and have started looking into cheap adjustables. From Europe one can get very cheap adjustable suspension, I was just wondering what the legality was of power quality suspension set ups in cars. Does the suspension have to be made by a reputable company to be certable, like wheels, or can you just Chuck anything in there and hope it stays?
  2. Simca

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Picture of mine:
  3. Considering getting Konis for my e30, along with some H&R Races, however, just wondering if I need a cert for the konis seeing as they are adjustable. If anyone has any info it'd be much appreciated.
  4. Simca

    e30 320i FL rad in PFL?

    Hey guys. My radiator is broken and I'm trying to source a replacement but apparently the pfl 320i rad is pretty uncommon and hard to find. If I want to swap to a facelift radiator what will I need? Or alternatively could I fit a 325i pfl radiator with the stock hoses and setup or will it require a different set up? Cheers
  5. Hey guys Just bought this e30. I haven't driven it yet but my dad has and he reckons there's a chance the timing could be off. He sent me this picture: And this video of the car running: He says when pulling in 4th at low rpms it makes a ticking noise. Here's an audio recording, it occurs at 1:17, 2:17, 2:21, 2:35, 2:42, 3:18, and 3:22: Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Simca

    WTB - pfl e30 bumper and valance

    Yeah it's prefacelift. When I get back home I'll see how straight I can try and get it borrowing some of my mate's panel beating stuff but if I can find a good solid valance I might as well.
  7. Just bought an e30 but the night before I was gonna view the guy accidentally hit a lamp post while driving... Decided I'd go for it anyway since I'd been looking for so long. Anyway will need a new bumper and a new valence and maybe some other stuff depending on how bad it really is. I can't take anything apart yet because I won't pic the car up from my parents' place for another 2 weeks but it looks like all I'll need is the valance and a new bumper (and maybe that plastic bit behind there). The centre grille is still there and seems to be mostly fine.
  8. Simca

    e30 Manual Wagon

    m20b25 swapped 320i, seems alright: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1519509414.htm?rsqid=56df7921f3284c1eb6c0a558ebaa6a43
  9. Simca

    WTB Manual e30 320i/325i coupe.

    Bump, would proably also take an auto, as long as 6 cyl... Anyone have a look for difference between 6 and 4 cyl?
  10. Simca

    barn find hunter

    I love watching it. I'm surprised more people don't talk about it or that it isn't more popular to be honest. Great video and audio quality with a good host and an interesting topic. Much better than the car shows you see on TV nowadays with all the fake drama.
  11. Simca

    WTB Manual e30 320i/325i coupe.

    Would the box be able to handle the power of the m52b28tu though?
  12. Simca

    WTB Manual e30 320i/325i coupe.

    So if they're all the same that makes the 318 the best to use as a base for a swap, due to cheaper prices, right? It means I wouldn't have to hold out for a cheap auto 320/325 coupe, just for a cheap, decent auto fl 318 coupe. Does anyone know if the 318 manual box will mate with m20s or m52s?
  13. Simca

    WTB Manual e30 320i/325i coupe.

    I mean I would be keen on an m52b28tu swap, it's been very documented all over the web so it wouldn't be an exact mystery on how to do it. When you say you redid the brakes do you mean you installed larger brakes or just went through and fixed everything? I was under the impression that 320s and 325s did have larger/better brakes than the 4 cyl models. That means as a base, unless you upgrade brakes, the 320s and 325s are better anyway for engine swaps right?
  14. Simca


  15. Simca


    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1442364023.htm I'm sorry but 20k for a 4 door auto 318 e30? Maybe he's added an extra 0 on accident because I wouldn't even see that car selling for half or even a quarter.