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  1. JayE36

    E36 323i M52B Engine Ticking Noise [Solved]

    Also read something about lifter tick and possibly an oil pressure problem any information would be helpful. I have no check engine lights or messages on the OBC besides check coolat but that has a faulty sensor
  2. Hi does anyone have any ideas to why I am hearing a ticking noise from the engine bay? It started recently about a week ago but then would stop after a few seconds of starting I figured it was a belt or something but today it stays ticking even when the car heats up and when I rev also. I have been reading things from it being a purge valve or vanos and all types of things does anyone have any ideas. I was just about to go down to supercheapauto to get a 17mm socket but then this happened and I am not sure whether I should drive it or not. Specs 96 323i Coupe M52b Thanks Solved it performed an engine flush and changed whatever the previous oil was from previous owner with HPR5 5w 40 Penrite tick was gone straight away.
  3. JayE36

    E36 323i M52B Oil Question

    damnit! worst time for it go on sale I just spent the last of my money on holiday accomodation im so annoyed haha damn thanks for the link though man
  4. JayE36

    E36 323i M52B Oil Question

    Cheers for your help guys I think ill go with the HPR5 if I can manage to get it on sale it seems to be best oil so far
  5. JayE36

    E36 323i M52B Oil Question

    I just wanted to see the opinions of everybody on here because im assuming the majority of users on here have more experience with bmws in general and may have found something better than recommended OEM oils through their own experience.
  6. JayE36

    E36 323i M52B Oil Question

    Hey guys 323i 1996 m52b I am wanting to change out the oil on my e36 but not overly sure what oil I should use I have seen people mentioning Mobil 1 5w30 and also saw HPR5 Penrite as a suggestion on this site. I would like to know if anyone has a recommendation of which oil and or what oil they use on their e36 I am not sure when the oil was changed last I bought the car on 130k now its at 165k and changing the oil hasn't crossed my mind since it runs perfectly fine to me but im assuming the state of the oil is absolutely terrible. Any help will be much appreciated cheers.