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  1. Roose

    WTB: E21 Coupe

    Yeah, might make a trip down to take a look at it. But Wanganui's a bit far so hopefully something closer to home pops up.
  2. Roose

    WTB: E21 Coupe

    Ive been away for the last 2 months and am still interested if anyone has an e21 they would like to sell. Cheers
  3. Roose

    WTB: E21 Coupe

    What is it missing?
  4. Roose

    WTB: E21 Coupe

    Thanks for the reply. I am located in Auckland. I am looking for one in any condition. Am starting to look into importing one from Aussie. They are very hard to find.
  5. Roose

    WTB: E21 Coupe

    Looking to buy an e21 coupe for around $5000. Flexible with engine size and transmission. Preferably under 200,000 Kilometers. Cheers.