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  1. Thnaks Jon for the reply I thought they only do ECU tune. Ill ask them about it Thanks!
  2. Hi fellow Bimmers I have 2012 F06 640i M (no kafas, no HUD) and am trying to retrofit myself land departure warning and front collision warning by adding kafas2 and genuine switches. I think I can do it myself with further study but kind of wanting to borrow BMW professional hands as I still do not get it the installation diagram. I can get most of the parts that fits the car and do required coding. Can anyone recommend BMW electrician / tuning / retrofit company in Auckland can make my dream come true please? also just wondering if normal local garages deal with euro cars able to do this wiring and installing or not. please advise Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks a lot Jon for your reply I will pop in and find out the price Thanks
  4. Good morning I am looking for brembo calipers front and rear that fits my 640i f06 wondering if I need to ship it from ebay or is there any local dealer on the shore or near city centre? any suggestions will help Thanks in advance
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