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  1. Brendog

    130i mystery metallic scraping sound

    Ok thanks good to know. Local shop I went to didn't have a spare bay at the time and just went for a drive. At first they thought I was hearing things but on the way back they heard it, they took a quick look but couldn't see anything. It hasn't gotten worse in months, sometimes quite loud if you're listening for it other times can't hear it so I keep forgetting to go back, but will do. Cheers
  2. Brendog

    130i mystery metallic scraping sound

    Thanks, you might well be right but I hope not .
  3. Brendog

    130i mystery metallic scraping sound

    Thanks have had a quick look but couldn't see anything. Hoping its not the pinion bearing but have a bad feeling it might be. Was also advised it could be wheel bearing or prop bearing.
  4. Wondering if anyone has a idea what causing this sound? I've taken it to a couple of people and they weren't sure. Best I can describe it is a intermittent higher pitched scraping sound. Can hear it in the 30-60km range. Constant whether coasting in N or heavy on/off throttle or turning. Sounds a bit like a stone in the disc but don't think its that. Can hear from about 10s, 38sec, quite loud at 57sec, 2:14 and 2:50. Cheers
  5. Brendog

    AT Dexron VI oil recommendations for GA6L-45R

    Yes definitely metal GM box, had a look underneath. Vin: WBAUD52060JM27139
  6. Brendog

    AT Dexron VI oil recommendations for GA6L-45R

    I already have the BMW filter kit 24152357284: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=UD52-EUR-04-2007-E87N-BMW-130i&diagId=88_0105 Was planning on doing it myself so I known exactly what oil/parts have been used and do a double drain/fill plus a DIY mission but don't know about the wiring loom socket so might be a good idea to get you on the case! See how I go. Cheers
  7. Hi I'm sure this has been asked before but looking for Dexron VI transmission oil recommendation for a GM GA6L-45R transmission in a 07 E87 LCI 130i. Prefer to buy locally NZ online but finding it hard to find a good one at a reasonable price. Red Line is way too expensive at $40 a litre x8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/oil-additives/auction-1484976613.htm?rsqid=c890c7df000e415db90c8838183b3d20 Considering PEAK ATF DEXRON VI which is quite reasonable or Elf Elfmatic MV LV which is quite expensive but much cheaper than Red Line. Any recommendations and places to buy? Is Peak any good? Want to put the best I can afford in. Cheers
  8. Brendog

    New Member intro

    Thanks for the tips. Planning on doing this for the headlights or buying a restoration kit:
  9. After owing Audi and VW for a long time I'm back to BMW. Absolutely loving my 2007 130i m sport. She's all standard (rather keep it that way unless theres a must do recommendation?). Looking for maintenance tips as I'm planning on changing diff, transmission, engine oil myself. Will only add best/recommended oils so currently researching what to get. Also need to restore the headlights. Cheers