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    Have an issue with the interior rear window trim coming loose, couple of the clips have broken and was wondering if anyone had a solution to help repair this situation?
  2. 2008 BMW 323i wagon ex UK

    How does one find out all these specs on a particular BMW?
  3. 2008 BMW 323i wagon ex UK

    Spoke to dealer who said car was from Hong Kong? He was unsure why the E46 rims were on the car.
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1516539642.htm?rsqid=52d7be81720d409592c9c1aace79cf78 Wondering if anyone has had dealings with Beemers ex UK? I have heard underbody rust can be an issue?
  5. The engine check light come on the other day and after a scan this morning it shows up a 'fault' with the Fuel vapor charcoal canister - never heard of them until now Would anyone know where I can locate one, found pre loved ones on ebay but would like to find locally if possible.
  6. 2005 BMW E90 325I

    Looking to 'swap' my 2005 BMW E90 325i for 03 or 04 E46 330i sedan - preferably with leather trim and sunroof in good condition. The 325i is Jap import am 1st NZ owner, 97kms, leather, heated seats, alloys, air con blows cold etc etc Can PM me here or text/ph 027 2755671
  7. Newbie from Wellywood

    Thanks for the welcome....actually would like to find a 330i sedan 03 or 04 ...so if anyone know of one available please let me know...would like to swap the 325 for a 330i
  8. Hi there...thought it was about time I joined here with my 2005 E90 325i...looking forward to find out more about bimmers and the people who enjoy them