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  1. I'm moving overseas for 12 months and have arranged the car to be stored inside with smart battery tender. Will pump tires up (to ~50psi). Thought I might leave some desiccant sachets inside the car to try to minimise condensation. Planning for oil change immediately before I leave. Car is going to be started / run intermittently while I'm away. Any other tips? Also - seems to be conflicting advice as to whether the car should be stored with full or empty tank of diesel? (condensation in tank vs fuel going 'off' / algal contamination)
  2. Oh well, at least if BMW NZ stop offering them our lax import rules will allow me to import something from the UK.
  3. I think we can assume that one of these sources is wrong. I can actually imagine per capita better sales of wagons here c.f. Australia (which is basically like a mini US) i.e. SUV's everywhere.
  4. I do get the impression that VAG have gone diesel on the Audi S4/5/6 to use up their stock of 3.0 V6 diesel engines after the knee-jerk decision by Porsche not to make diesel engined cars any more.
  5. Would say the 330i is a nice choice, NZ new ones of that era frequently had (dreadful) halogen headlights as standard so something to watch out for. Lowest km option in a car of that age potentially not the best choice either, I'd prefer one with average miles and a lower price especially if suspension / cooling system parts have been replaced. There is a nice NZ new 330i touring available which may be in budget? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2181980558.htm?rsqid=b40340443c3a45859e2227dc526009fc-002
  6. About time! This looks good, slightly unsure about the rear side window look but otherwise nice. i see the 330i/d and 340i come with optional LSD. The non slip rubber in the boot floor is a good idea too. Wonder if a 340d will appear or whether diesel is too far gone for that
  7. still >$30k cheaper than an E30 M3 FWIW
  8. As a follow up to this - managed to obtain a towbar and electronics module off an NZ new F30 being wrecked (thanks SD European) - fits perfectly, has the chain mounting and is essentially invisible with the swan neck removed. Approx cost $1400 including installation but I believe a better solution than the non detachable non OEM versions being sold locally
  9. Are you sure that's not an E23 touring?
  10. More like 'What did Jon at Auto38 do to your BMW today?' (great service and communication btw) -> new (to me) OEM towbar installed!
  11. that's 'unique'. what on earth is going on with the infotainment / gearlever though?
  12. that's very nice! not sure about the M3 badging personally but otherwise I like it a lot.
  13. air suspension on this is just horrible. not enough of these around to wreck one like this. also - so much attention to detail in other parts and then you look at the number plate mounting...
  14. Welcome - and add some pics of your car when you get a chance. This issue has been heavily discussed previously I believe you'll need to get the car coded - Eurosurgeon are said to be good if you are in Auckland.
  15. spot on. my question is more why a polish origin car should have mph/kph at all, assuming this e30 wagon was never brought into the US and is LHD
  16. Super cool to see one of these in Canada, sadly BMW wagons are on the way out again in NA - they're not bringing the G21 3 series in and the E61 was the last 5 series. slightly unusual to have a dual mph/kph cluster in a LHD euro, imagine that's not original?
  17. Second SD European as a recommendation - I picked up a tow bar for my F31 from there as well
  18. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2162609370.htm
  19. Nope - just spotted while browsing
  20. This may be of interest https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2162542048.htm?rsqid=f725c5286f0248d7b526c22803421e5c-004
  21. @Jacko - E91 330i's are not easy to find, as they're NZ new or UK import only.
  22. All the NZ new 330xd's came with adaptive headlights and pro nav. I think there were a few pre-production non xdrives with halogens / otherwise low spec. The sports seats and M sport wheel are definitely nicer. I think the black NZ new F31 330xd in Chch is a better bet
  23. I would say the price is fair given the spec is so poor on that one (halogen headlights on an 80k NZD car wtf) This for me is the best VFM F31 atm. Great spec and NZ new https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2157020647.htm?rsqid=ec9605f13abd481eac91d1f1603c7b01-002
  24. 330d/335d are probably overkill for your needs if you have an M3 - though N57 is a nice motor. In gear performance from the 320d is absolutely fine for DD use. B47 (in LCI F3x) possibly slightly less trouble from a timing chain perspective than the N47 in the pre-LCI. I didn't think the 320i/328i were anything special when I test drove them.
  25. A Daytona Violet E34 M5 (?plate - KALAYA) in Whitby today. Sounded nice!
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