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    Wrapped interior wood

    tidy look!
  2. balancerider

    My 6-er is getting a big brother/sister

    Looks like it's from Singapore? so maybe multiply that by 5 to get the price in SGD
  3. balancerider

    My 6-er is getting a big brother/sister

    Are you BP's best customer with that fleet?
  4. balancerider

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    The other cars around that particular house included a C63 AMG sedan and a nice early 90's Merc 250TE estate as well. Good taste in cars
  5. balancerider

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Nice green 525ix E34 touring!
  6. New-ish member here, onto my third BMW wagon, this one is a significant step up in performance from my previous E46 318i and E91 320i - loving the 6 cylinder, diesel a bit rough sounding at low speeds but goes like the proverbial when you put your foot down in sport.
  7. balancerider

    New-ish member in the 'Tron

    Same to you Pete!
  8. balancerider

    New-ish member in the 'Tron

    It's nice and clean, courtesy of a service from Winger BMW so thought I'd add another pic
  9. balancerider

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    OOOH New G20 3 series!
  10. balancerider

    E91 Air Conditioning Issue

    Hi Sven - I had a similar issue after unplugging my aircon unit to remove a Dension system. I took it to @HELLBM who cleared a bunch of codes (I think caused by unplugging things with the battery connected) and it then ran fine.
  11. I like this - probably as much as an F10 M5 and more than a 535D. Seems reasonably priced given the performance and km. I wouldn't get the deco-set stripes or the fussy front lip if I were ordering new though. I wonder where it's come from - RHD but kph speedo and diesel is an unusual combo - Singapore perhaps? https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1945379589
  12. balancerider

    I'm back...

    Diesel 3 series in your price range will be fairly high km E91 320d - not inherently a problem as the N47 is pretty strong but there are reports of timing chains shitting the bed which is an engine out ($$$) replacement job. You should be able to find a nice pre-facelift 325i touring (2006-2008) which has the N52 engine, price is similar to a 525i probably but the 3 series are a bit more involving to drive
  13. balancerider

    moon mileage...

    OK not trademe - but 340000km in < 5 years is good going even with a heavy dose of motorway / autobahn. doesn't look to have had a tough life but >40k seems expensive given I got a 1 year old 335d with 10000 miles for just over 50 landed. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201902014494028?radius=1500&amp;make=BMW&amp;model=ALPINA D3 BI-TURBO&amp;postcode=n15en&amp;onesearchad=Used&amp;onesearchad=Nearly New&amp;onesearchad=New&amp;advertising-location=at_cars&amp;sort=price-asc&amp;page=2&amp;modal=photos
  14. balancerider

    moon mileage...

    The advantage of the Sytner one is that if you wanted to, you could keep it under BMW Warranty forever. Surprises me there isn't an NZ equivalent given there seem to be a lot of people with aftermarket warranties.
  15. balancerider

    BMW E38 M7... kind of

    I do like it. But 58k US will also buy a 2018 M3
  16. balancerider

    moon mileage...

    As an ex- Alpina UK employee owned car, you'd hope it had been serviced appropriately (no guarantees i guess). It must be ok to be sold as an approved used car through a main dealer though.
  17. balancerider

    E87 130i - How is it as a daily?

    M135/M140i with adaptive suspension?
  18. balancerider

    Another Alpina (D5 F10 this time)

    Probably not that many KM for an N57 (see below)
  19. balancerider

    B58 Engine - Performance Potential

    I think this is the case with most performance cars these days. Extremely competent, easy to drive and powerful with so much electronic safety equipment that the 'fun/character' factor feels as though it has been engineered out of them. Certainly I'm no driving god but my 335d requires nothing more than nailing the throttle and holding the steering wheel in sport mode.
  20. balancerider

    Recommend Wellington Service

    Service indicator reset is the same as E9x models in the F series - it's the electronic service record I want to keep.
  21. balancerider

    Another Alpina (D5 F10 this time)

    Probably faster than an M5 if on the autobahn. F10 generation D5 has a top speed of 324kph, M5 will be bouncing off the limiter well before then
  22. balancerider

    Recommend Wellington Service

    Just an impression - but the newer vehicles have electronic service history via an idrive menu which as I understand is only updatable by authorised BMW dealers or independents if they pay a fee to use the BMW software (I haven't checked but doubt this would be any of the wellington indys). With a 3 year old car I think that's probably worth preserving.
  23. balancerider

    Recommend Wellington Service

    This is a good question. Seems to be limited info on whether the change from Jeff Gray to Winger has changed the service at the main dealer (taking mine there for brake fluid / WOF later in the month though). However it seems a little odd that there's no one else doing newer <10 yr old BMW's. Have heard good things from @Olaf and others about Auto 38 and it's conveniently located to me, however seems perhaps better for the >10 year old models.
  24. balancerider

    WTB: 2007+ (LCI)E87 130i manual / E82 125i

    Only the three most expensive are LCI model.
  25. balancerider

    BMW M5 Alpina B10 V8 1999

    @Young Thrash Driver @Olaf was referring to the E60 generation which has the N62 (actually Alpina H1) in it - the E39 pictured above does have the M62TU.