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  1. kortz83

    E34 Is unlocking itself

    Hey there, I go to work lock my car up and i come back about 8 hours later and the doors are unlocked but if you open the doors the alarm will go of it's happened 3 days in a row now, I'm just wondering if anyone would have any idea of what this could be? It's a 1989 525i Thanks
  2. hey there, Any tips on how to remove the E34 front kidney grills? I want to take it out to sand them back and repaint them but i cant seem to get the corners unclipped under the front indicators. the clips holding it on won't budge. Thanks in advance!
  3. kortz83

    E34 Sedan rear front subframe bushings

    Thanks for the information i think i have managed to find some in australia. i took it to a bmw specialist before he said the subframe bushings weren't even that bad but the warrent of fitness people said they need replacing. probably just best to get them replaced anyway i think thanks for your help
  4. Hey there, Does anyone know where i am able get some rear subframe front bushings for an 1989 E34? i have called around a few places but they can't seem to find them. Thanks
  5. kortz83

    New Member

    Oh yeah thats right, the white does look good just needs a cut and polish. That e30 turned out to be one of the worst deals of my life that car had major issues one after another. hows the seats looking? did you end up restoring them?
  6. kortz83

    New Member

    Yeah i'm actually starting to like the white i was hesitant at first but its growing on me. i want to give my one a good cut and polish and a good detailing inside when i have the time.
  7. kortz83

    New Member

    Yeah defiantly interested once the car is looking good sure it would love the travel, Not much round in the naki really for the euro scene ive noticed.
  8. kortz83

    New Member

    Thanks. will definitely be interested in meets/events once i give it some work needs a good detailing got it from a guy on a farm so its filthy at the moment.
  9. kortz83

    New Member

    Thanks i was hesitant on the white but its growing on me just need to give it a good detailing. ive had an 87 E32 735il, 89 E30 318i, had 3 e36s two 320i's and a 325i and an 2000 e39 320i
  10. kortz83

    New Member

    Hey just signed up ive owned 7 bmws in the past but have only just found this site, heres my e34 525i cheers