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  1. Dazzm135i

    Another Newbie - from Porirua

    Nice! I’ve got an M135i N55 and love it. Enjoy.
  2. Dazzm135i

    Car Folie | Window Tinting

    Super old ressurect my bad! Are Car Folie still doing deals for members? If so I’m down for two cars please
  3. Hi folks Quick shout out to Auckland City BMW. I recently bought a 2013 M135i (brilliant little car) but with adaptive suspension etc wanted a warranty. Rang Autosure and they said it is classified as an M model so attracts a premium. Spoke to Auckland city BMW and for 3 years it was $4,500!!! So wasn’t going to happen until... their Business Manager called me up the next day saying they (rightly so) got the model reclassified as non M and priced halved for a 4 year and offered me a 10% discount... you beauty! They also reduce the excess ifnserviced by them. Anyone else encounter M-perf models being treated as full fat M? Hope this helps if someone is looking for a warranty. P.S. have had Autosure warranties before and they’ve been very good.
  4. Dazzm135i

    Newbie from Auckland

  5. Dazzm135i

    Newbie from Auckland

    Hey folks, great to join! Just purchased a 2013 M135i and loving it, check her out below. My favorite is in manual mode in second on a trailing throttle YUSSSS! Look forward to learning and sharing. Cheers!