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  1. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    Rough cold start

    That’s not good! I took the car out today and because I didn’t let it warm up properly, I ended up with an engine warning light. This sounds expensive. I’ll have to take it in next week! Thanks
  2. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    Rough cold start

    Hi all. Over the last few weeks my E92 320i 2008 has a very rough cold start. Mot starts first time as always but is running very rough until up to temperature. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  3. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    Stone Chips

    Hey, currently on an easter road trip around the south island, gathered a few stone chips along the way (mainly along the Kaikoura highway). Any recommendations, in Wellington?
  4. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    My new 2008 BMW 320i M-Sport Coupe

    Just painted the once, the different light makes the look black at times.
  5. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    E92 Band Expander Install

    Thanks for the heads up. I've sent an email to Euro Surgeon, awaiting the reply. Hopefully, it can be done over the phone/internet as I'm in Wellington
  6. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    My new 2008 BMW 320i M-Sport Coupe

    Recently purchased my first BMW since moving to New Zealand. 2008 320i M-Sport Coupe. Full M-Sport Black Leather interior w/ Aluminium trim Dark metallic Grey painted M-Sport wheels w/ Bridgestone Potenza 225/40R18 in the front & 255/35R18 on the rear. If anyone knows where to go in Wellington to have the I-Drive updated to NZ maps etc please give me a shout.
  7. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    E92 Band Expander Install

    I just purchased a Band Expander for my 2008 I-Drive System. Can anyone explain how I install it? I'm a total newb when it comes to wiring/electrical etc I assume the 2 plugs will be straightforward, but what do I do with the red wire? Many thanks Gregg
  8. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    New Wellington member, absolute noob

    How is The Toy Shop Wellington? I assumed they would be a great point of contact.
  9. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    New member from Wellington

    Who is Tom Delahunty? Do you have any images of the wagon? Thanks
  10. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    New member from Wellington

    Many thanks for all of the information. I'm hoping to be behind the wheel before the end of January. Are there any particular options I should be looking out for, or any common problems? I have actually used Demon Tweeks a number of times when I lived over in the UK. I owned a Ford Fiesta XR2i for about 4 years, and spent 10's of thousands of pounds on the car I Loved that thing. Thanks again
  11. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    New member from Wellington

    Hi everyone, My name is Gregg and I'm currently in the market for a BMW 335i Station Wagon. I have around 20k, is this reasonable to get a mint example? I have a couple of question, where is the best place to look for aftermarket items in NZ? Any things I should be looking out for when purchasing a 335i Wagon? During my search, I have been looking for the manual, but I seem to be hitting a brick wall. I have been researching and found that changing to a single turbo, with a remap id the best way to gain additional power? Thanks Gregg