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  1. New Member from Ruatoki.

    Yeah. I think removing the swirl flaps will be my first project. I thought I was a bit of a backyard mechanic until I heard "Swirl flaps". Then I was right back at the learning stage. Doesnt look too hard to do though. Its got solid power aye. More than I would have imagined. And fuel consumption is good. Definitely hard to find resources and parts. But yeah. No buyers remorse here.
  2. New Member from Ruatoki.

    Hey fam. Noob to BMWs. Been driving cars 22 years.... driving this makes me feel like a learner 2008 530D Only plan I have is make it last forever. Keep it going and in top condition. Hopefully there are plenty of tips around to help do so. Read the rules. Pics still from my phone. But yeah. Still a solid shot.