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  1. Stevo44

    Chip key

    Hi Stevo44 from Christchurch . A while ago I locked myself out of my X5 (Yip no spare key ) So to obtain a spare im wondering if a got a chipped key from a dismantler wunder if it could be programmed to my car (even tho its from another X5 . Anyone tried this
  2. Stevo44

    Owens Manual

    Hi hay can ya tell me about why my rear view mirror would come up with NO CARD lol i hear all sorts of things but as you have a X5 maybe you can solve this cheers
  3. Stevo44

    Owens Manual

    Hi Stevo44 from Christchurch here . I've brought a X5 2004 yippy . But it has no Oweners manual with it . So I've had it suggested that I download 1 from the internet. But now I've fund this forum I'm hoping to find a original NZ 1 so any 1 known if it's possible and its got the carcoal hood lining which ive been told is the Mspec is that ture ?