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  1. Hey guys im after the parts stated in the title. Cheers
  2. After a clio Renault 2001 brake booster with plastic wings. Cheers
  3. 30Tyt

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    That Is such a great reply! So with the knowledge i have so far I will need, manual 320i front half of driveshaft (can I also make a driveshaft but trimming mine down? Have an engineering mate that can do it and is qualified) shaved m20 flywheel and matching starter, 320i gear linkages, m20 clutch and throwout bearing. If so, then I believe we are on the right track. Need to figure out a brake booster solution though, can't find any clio renault boosters around.
  4. 30Tyt

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    The flywheel and clutch combo im am using is from an m20. I have been told that the g240 from a m40 will work with the m50 but the g240 from a 320i will not work with an m50
  5. 30Tyt

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    I am using a getrag 240 off an m40, is there any difference? If so, how can i check?
  6. 30Tyt

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    Hey man check the reply under yours!
  7. 30Tyt

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    Is that a definite? If so, then I think we've found our answer
  8. 30Tyt

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    Hey man. Yup going into an e30. I have been told the e30 320i front half of the driveshaft will work but Im not too sure as alot of other people have different opinions
  9. 30Tyt

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    Hey guys, sorry if i have posted in the wrong thread. I am needing a bit of help with my m50 swap. I am unsure which driveshaft to use as I will be using the getrag 240 and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info around that. I am wanting to know which driveshaft to use, which car it is out of, auto or manual etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers