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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of a 318i to m54b30 + manual conversion and I'm having an issue with starting. When the ignition is switched to on, I'm hearing an electrical sounding hum from the intake side of the motor. To eliminate some possible causes, I've got an ECU with the immobilizer delete so the ews system is not relevant, the ECU is also tuned to manual so it's not the car looking for an auto box. To double check, I've put the original 330i ECU in the car, with the corresponding ews box and chip and was still getting the same issue, the battery is in good condition, the starter motor has been replaced. All the dash lights come on, fuel pump primes, all the normal sounds are made however the hum is persistent, and the car doesn't even crank. The hum continues for about 10 seconds after the ignition has been switched off. Any ideas would be very welcome. Cheers.
  2. Hi there, in the middle of a 318i to 330i wagon swap with the m54b30 motor. I've retained the 318i rack but the lines are different. I need both lines for the lf-30 pump and to the cooler side. I believe this pump is lf-30 (pictures below)
  3. Ah yeah I thought as much. Thank you for checking. I'm about to start taking the 318 to bits but I think I've got everything covered. I have both cars here it'll just be time consuming moving it all over. Just wanted to make sure there was no other way to wire up the drive by wire but it looks like the whole loom is coming out! Cheers again
  4. Hey Allan thanks for your reply. The engine is a m43tub19 I believe. The in line 4 sohc 1.9L
  5. Ah yep. All the running gear is being changed, ECU, engine, am putting the 5 spd manual ZF in as well. So it sounds like the entire loom that the throttle pedal is connected to needs to be moved over?
  6. Hello all, I'm sorry if this has been solved or discussed somewhere but I could not find anything. I'm doing the 3.0L swap from a 330i into my 318i wagon (both E46) and am up to the point of removing the drive by wire throttle assembly from the 330. I am wondering what the process involves? Do I have to take the whole harness the wire from the throttle pedal attaches to, or can I tease them out somehow? Any help would be hugely appreciated! Many thanks. Some pics of the madness if anyone's interested :) (the car with the halos is the wagon getting the new motor)
  7. Hey man, it's coming with a cluster as well so that will be all sorted cheers
  8. Hey man cheers for the tips! I'm getting a whole donor car with all that stuff in it, so all the running gear will go out of one and into mine. However the harness I'm getting is for an auto but I think there's a wiring trick to that. Cheers.
  9. Oosh that's mean bro yeah I'm swapping the m43 with the auto out for a m54 3.0L zf 5 speed so should be a mint wagon after that parts are all coming in another car so hopefully goes all good!
  10. Sweet bro I'm engine and tranny swapping the car to an m54 engine and zf five speed too if you are keen for pics
  11. Yeah man my supplier is replacing with the right one for the wagon. Should I close this somehow?
  12. Yes I believe it was. I am sorting it with the seller now, we think it may be a packaging problem. Thanks all for your help
  13. Oh I see that makes sense. Thanks a lot for your response, I'll get in contact with my seller and discuss this with him. Thanks again!
  14. Was listed as a sedan/statiowagon m sport front bumper. I have a 2001 e46 wagon
  15. Oh yep I know the place. Cheers for that mate
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