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  1. Newbie from Welly saying hello - will post pics soon.

    As promised... a few pics (apologies to attach, will open a Flickr soon) Spent last couple of days doing the full detail, headlight refurb.. just exterior stuff for now as I have some work to do inside (roof lining) so figured I'd leave that cleaning till last. Until now I've never used a clay bar, and it was totally worth the purchase and patience.
  2. Tan e36 headliner

    Sagging headliner...? Try Absolute Upholstery Wgtn, if you remove the tray yourself and brush out the old glue and clean it as best as possible, bring it as is, you can save some costs on the relining work. They quoted me $250+gst for my 318Ti compact.
  3. Euro Plates

    Weird, I don't understand how these are technically not legal.. it's black letters on a reflective plate after all, I figured the legal requirement would simply be 'needs to be clearly visible', is it somewhat FONT related? because that's the only thing that looks 'non NZ standard', as for the choice in pictures on either side I imagine this doesn't have any legal barriers, given that you can have a car make emblems on one side and a flag on the other etc.
  4. E46 A & C Pillar repair

    Side note, I purchased a pack of trim removal tools (6x assorted, red coloured and made of plastic) from Repco prior to pulling the second pillar off but still snapped a couple of tabs! My guess is it's just a natural thing for plastic in old cars to do, or perhaps how I used the tools. The tools itself I know will come in handy for many other tasks, esp ones that involve removing something without damaging the cosmetics of seen surfaces, dash, paint etc
  5. Euro Plates

    Q. the plate on your E36 M3.. was this ordered from https://www.customeuropeanplates.com ? If so is this legal?
  6. Tightening Torques Reference Document

    I've wondered about this... I own 2 torque wrenches, however a DIY'r such as myself would use such tools much less than a pro mechanic would commercially. I've had both my wrenches for about a year now and have done minimal tasks such as oil changes and spark plugs etc... the certs and manuals supplied with my wrenches specify to have them calibrated once a year, but something tells me this may be overboard for my type of use? (I always reset my wrenches to the lowest torque setting after use and store them in the case supplied)
  7. Can Head Units from overseas be installed in NZ cars?

    Awesome to know and yes the old mix tape era! I'll have to google 'IIRC 15uS vs 25 uS' as that's beyond my knowledge. I'll see how I go for local, I simply opened my own can of surprises by searching elsewhere and now I'm curious...and I'm also a fussy pussy cat that refuses to eat dried biscuits when I know theres something better in the fridge.
  8. E46 A & C Pillar repair

    Oh, and for what it's worth.. if you're going to remove the A pillar trim just be mindful of the plastic tabs, they can be brittle and snap off which is what happened to a couple on each of mine. I'm hoping to epoxy glue them back on, and then attach the metal retainers over them prior to reinstall so that I don't re-snap during the process. It may depend on how much fabric has come loose for you but I found it much easier to do this work on a bench rather than in-car (esp with spray glue).. It also allows better time to cure (24hr) being laid flat on a bench rather than installed in car, avoid it being exposed to heat etc during the curing phase.
  9. Can Head Units from overseas be installed in NZ cars?

    Are you guys both talking about the OEM factory head set itself, or a separate radio module in which all head units connect to? eg. 'Any head unit -> radio plug -> some kind of module -> cars antenna' cheers!
  10. E46 A & C Pillar repair

    per qube's comment, I just did the A pillar trims on mine the other day. Using the same adhesive (ADOS), but there are a few different types all ranging under $20. https://www.bunnings.co.nz/search/products?q=ADOS spray adhesive&redirectFrom=Any There is a High Strength can, which to me seems overboard for fabric, then there's the 'Multi Purpose' one which allows you to reposition within a few minutes which is very useful for porous materials that can bubble if you lay it down wrong. The water based one, I believe is the one you'll want to avoid.
  11. Can Head Units from overseas be installed in NZ cars?

    Great tip regarding the increments, cheers. I believe my Ti is a Jap import, but using the vin checker was made in Munich... are we saying here that during the build, German cars destined for Japan get made with specific bands? Prior to pulling out the old head unit the other day the frequency settings was moving in increments of 0.05 and would pick up the common low and high limit. It was a single DIN pioneer CD player only, hence the need to replace - guess this means I have a Jap import with a good enough band on it?
  12. Anyone have any prior experience with this one? I'm currently comparing brands, models and prices from most common suppliers here together with the likes of Amazon, Ebay (US). It seems some head units can be purchased for a LOT cheaper on Amazon etc, BUT it appears model #'s and cosmetic design can have the slightest variances too, yet the SPECS on the head unit itself appear the same. It also looks as though NZ suppliers is either behind a year or missing out on certain models?? Just wondering if this is due to the manufacture process where they design a head unit for a specific region, and that the unit itself will only work for radio station frequencies in the region it was designed for etc. (much like the whole DVD region thing) OR, am I good to ignore this thought and move forward on purchasing? I need to ask because arranging overseas returns is such a fun process if I get this wrong Cheers.
  13. Newbie from Welly saying hello - will post pics soon.

    Sounds good!
  14. Newbie from Welly saying hello - will post pics soon.

    Thanks for all the info and the warm welcome Peter, as much as I'd want to do a driver training day... dream///machine needs to undergo the usual health checks before any long trips, at this stage anyway
  15. Newbie from Welly saying hello - will post pics soon.

    Thanks Olaf! Went to the link and clicked 'follow' assuming that's how I subscribe to it.. I mainly work nights so here's hoping I can make it too some of them. Thanks, and yes pics will come soon... just need that day off to drive somewhere and park it up for a tasty shoot. Looking forward to the meets and the range of bimmers that come with.