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  1. jasera94

    *clutch help needed*

    Thanks guys, There is only one clutch kit on the website for the G260 on the website and everything else was an exact replacement, I remember comparing the old with new and the throw out bearing was the same length. Im also using the same old push out rod on the slave and putting it on the same position it came out. I will email FCP to see what they say about the length of the throwout bearing.
  2. jasera94

    *clutch help needed*

    Hi team, I have recently embarked on a project E30 M20B25 recondition running a gertreg 260 with a new Sachs clutch kit off FCP Euro. The issue I’m having is that clutch pedal feels spongy and won’t won’t disengage the clutch- despite bleeding multiple times, replacing both the Master & slave cylinders. I feel as though the slave cylinder rod is fully pushed forward already and doesn’t even have enough reach to push it further. any ideas?
  3. jasera94

    Could be a Bargin 135i $1 Reserve

    Wasn't this a British guys old car? Jay?
  4. jasera94

    WTB Banjo Bolts

    Thanks for all the recommendations! I ended up buying them from Fcpeuro along with a bunch of other things I needed, however, they did not have the washers for the M16 bolt. Thinking - would a rubber washer from supercheap/repco work better/the same as a crush washer? otherwise will fork out the $3 per washer from BMW NZ :(
  5. jasera94

    WTB Banjo Bolts

    Hi Team, I am on the hunt for power steering Banjo Bolts for an E30 M16x28 and M14X1,5X26 with washers. Appreciate any help to source these locally. Thanks
  6. jasera94

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Clean Grey E46 M3 with perfect wheel fitment 👌 Headed up beach road on the shore this morning.
  7. jasera94

    E30 Kamei Side Skirts

    Hi Team, Anyone interested in a set of Kamei side skirts (similar to picture) / Interested in swapping for something like the Skirt picture?
  8. jasera94

    N54 Turbo Solenoids

  9. jasera94

    N54 Turbo Solenoids

    Selling 2 New Turbo Solenoids/Regulators. Cause of Boost leaks & Abnormal noises $99 ONO + Shipping or pickup in North Shore, Auckland No longer have the vehicle.
  10. jasera94

    E30 325i Turbo 378hp Finally Tuned

    Also been seeing this around Instagram with many international people asking for the owner.
  11. jasera94

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Just in time for the Christmas break! all arrived today
  12. No pops or bangs without MHD stage 2 - (Which you would need new spark plugs and coil packs for.. in most cases.) without that they did not sound much different to stock. No Engine light for 500 or 700kms I believe? They also caused a tad more turbo rattle.
  13. I bought a pair off Aliexpress which were mandrel bent for like $300-350 shipped. installed myself on jack stands and went well without issues.
  14. jasera94

    WTB M20 Clutch alignment tool

    Hi team, I am in need of an M20b25 clutch alignment tool to purchase... or borrow. Currently doing a big order on FCP Euro but they don't have it available and i'm not really wanting to use ECS or Ebay just for the one item. Based on North Shore, Auckland. Any help appreciated! Cheers!
  15. jasera94

    WTB: E30 Cabriolet Bits

    My E30 is running the exact same setup as you! my main concern is that it wont pass a wof with that stretch.. had any issues?