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  1. jasera94

    N54 Turbo Solenoids

  2. jasera94

    N54 Turbo Solenoids

    Selling 2 New Turbo Solenoids/Regulators. Cause of Boost leaks & Abnormal noises $99 ONO + Shipping or pickup in North Shore, Auckland No longer have the vehicle.
  3. jasera94

    E30 325i Turbo 378hp Finally Tuned

    Also been seeing this around Instagram with many international people asking for the owner.
  4. jasera94

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Just in time for the Christmas break! all arrived today
  5. No pops or bangs without MHD stage 2 - (Which you would need new spark plugs and coil packs for.. in most cases.) without that they did not sound much different to stock. No Engine light for 500 or 700kms I believe? They also caused a tad more turbo rattle.
  6. I bought a pair off Aliexpress which were mandrel bent for like $300-350 shipped. installed myself on jack stands and went well without issues.
  7. jasera94

    WTB M20 Clutch alignment tool

    Hi team, I am in need of an M20b25 clutch alignment tool to purchase... or borrow. Currently doing a big order on FCP Euro but they don't have it available and i'm not really wanting to use ECS or Ebay just for the one item. Based on North Shore, Auckland. Any help appreciated! Cheers!
  8. jasera94

    WTB: E30 Cabriolet Bits

    My E30 is running the exact same setup as you! my main concern is that it wont pass a wof with that stretch.. had any issues?
  9. jasera94

    WTB: E30 Cabriolet Bits

    Thanks Jon! Really appreciate it good things to know!
  10. jasera94

    M20B25 Refresh

    Hi Team, Im in need of some help from you experienced M20 peeps. I've recently bought my first E30. It has an M20B25 engine with roughly 240,000Kms on the clock and want to send it somewhere to give it a bit of a refresh. The engine is practically out of the car so id just be sending the head and block. My budget is $2-$2.5k. My question is what extent of work can done with such a budget on an M20 and who/where do you recommend to send it to in the north Shore/Auckland area? Any input & experience appreciated!
  11. Hi Team, I have bought a E30 Carbrio as a project about 3 weeks ago. The previous owner cut the front tow hooks to fit a bumper in the past and from my understanding this difficult to wof. I have got a quote for $595 + GST to weld on some new ones. My question is what would be a more cost effective way to get around this to pass wof? Would appreciate any input. Cheers.
  12. jasera94

    WTB: E30 Cabriolet Bits

    Hi Team, Looking for the following if you can supply or point in the right direction: Shifter arm (Getrag 260) Rear Lowering springs - Currently running extremely low springs and very stretched tires wanting to go a little higher so i am able to fit wider tires for easier wof. Full Stock exhaust system (325i) - ideally to trade for my Remus exhaust setup... too loud for me. Thanks!
  13. jasera94

    E30 Turbo

    Hi Team, Does anyone know the history of this car? What are your thoughts on it? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1748389476.htm?rsqid=5f71a6607bef4c19b6ecd0686aaf9c0f
  14. Sorry yes I agree didn't see the dealer part at first.
  15. I Bought my 135i and had the exact same Issue. Always happened when opening it up just slightly that it went to limp mode. also had no lights up because it would re-set when turned off. I changed plugs and Coils and ran sweet as. Auto sure wont cover those but FSP Euro does a pretty good deal on an ignition kit. Maybe see if the seller will go halves?