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  1. Try Star Insurance (vero) .. If the online rater knocks out the quote.. contact Rob Giboney (his email is on Our-People section) see if he will rate it on the total sum Insured.. or if you bought it recently they will insure the value on your purchase price. Rob loves any build and was willing to Insure an E30 V8 for cheap as chips a while back.. or contact a broker!
  2. It just gave a deeper sound without adjusting burple on the tune. It was a 135i so maybe different exhaust system.
  3. Epic! i've also got an E30 Cabriolet project on the go.
  4. Currently in Durban, spotted the nicest E30 mtech 325i Baur. Twas too quick to take a snap! Some sick bmws here.
  5. Apologise! for an E30.
  6. After a set of E30 PFL Tail Lights. Ideally no cracks or chipped edges. Thank you.
  7. Bought a pair of taillights thinking FL tail lights would fit my 1990 Cabrio... found out the hard way that cabrios did not update to FL until after september 1990. now selling unused still packaged. Didn't come with bulbs. $170 ONO Pickup North Shore, Auckland.
  8. I saw an article a while back about fixing the rattle by adjusting the front facing turbos actuator rod by giving it a few turns to tighten and for the turbo facing back add a washer or two at the end of the actuator arm to tighten it all without taking the turbos out?
  9. Finished my first ever paint job on my front bumper - pretty chuffed with the result 😎
  10. BUMP! Having the same issue ... but #21 #22 #24 #27 & #28 Any ideas??
  11. Update on the clutch... Thank you to all that helped!! I ended up removing the Transmission and found that the release bearing was not in place... Not sure how but it popped out while installing originally but resolved now. Took the car for its first little drive.. upon reversing her back into the garage she died.. 4-5 times.. to the point where I couldn't start the car again because the battery died. I'm assuming its the new clutch biting more along with the power steering needing more from the engine causing it to die... any thoughts? Another thing I found is that the shifter (all new bushings etc) only lightly clicks into gear.. would this mean i'm in need of new Detent springs/have them the wrong way round? Another thing I have found is that the gears grind quite easily.. Not sure if I'm just used to a hydraulic clutch or my transmission is about to crap itself. Appreciate any feedback - shes my first E30 so not sure what to be looking for.
  12. Thanks guys, There is only one clutch kit on the website for the G260 on the website and everything else was an exact replacement, I remember comparing the old with new and the throw out bearing was the same length. Im also using the same old push out rod on the slave and putting it on the same position it came out. I will email FCP to see what they say about the length of the throwout bearing.
  13. Hi team, I have recently embarked on a project E30 M20B25 recondition running a gertreg 260 with a new Sachs clutch kit off FCP Euro. The issue I’m having is that clutch pedal feels spongy and won’t won’t disengage the clutch- despite bleeding multiple times, replacing both the Master & slave cylinders. I feel as though the slave cylinder rod is fully pushed forward already and doesn’t even have enough reach to push it further. any ideas?
  14. Wasn't this a British guys old car? Jay?
  15. Thanks for all the recommendations! I ended up buying them from Fcpeuro along with a bunch of other things I needed, however, they did not have the washers for the M16 bolt. Thinking - would a rubber washer from supercheap/repco work better/the same as a crush washer? otherwise will fork out the $3 per washer from BMW NZ :(
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