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  1. What did you mainly use it for? have been looking into doing the interior of my house with one..
  2. Clean as wagon, always parked up top of Forrest hill. Anyone on here?
  3. I can relate! I feel you're pain! last week my injectors were leaking, put in new O-rings and all together again.. pretty simple.. and now it runs like sh!t without having changed much at all. Still cant figure out the issue!
  4. @gjm I failed wof on my Vert for a seat belt too, got quoted $800 for a genuine one. got in touch with seatbelt specialists in Wairau for $195 for a whole assembly, fits and works fine... but will probably fail again seeing that clause.
  5. Search youtube, some guy had a trick with adding bog to the surrounding area which allowed him to sand down the overspray and keep the rest in tact.. something along those lines.
  6. Try Star Insurance (vero) .. If the online rater knocks out the quote.. contact Rob Giboney (his email is on Our-People section) see if he will rate it on the total sum Insured.. or if you bought it recently they will insure the value on your purchase price. Rob loves any build and was willing to Insure an E30 V8 for cheap as chips a while back.. or contact a broker!
  7. It just gave a deeper sound without adjusting burple on the tune. It was a 135i so maybe different exhaust system.
  8. Epic! i've also got an E30 Cabriolet project on the go.
  9. Currently in Durban, spotted the nicest E30 mtech 325i Baur. Twas too quick to take a snap! Some sick bmws here.
  10. After a set of E30 PFL Tail Lights. Ideally no cracks or chipped edges. Thank you.
  11. Bought a pair of taillights thinking FL tail lights would fit my 1990 Cabrio... found out the hard way that cabrios did not update to FL until after september 1990. now selling unused still packaged. Didn't come with bulbs. $170 ONO Pickup North Shore, Auckland.
  12. I saw an article a while back about fixing the rattle by adjusting the front facing turbos actuator rod by giving it a few turns to tighten and for the turbo facing back add a washer or two at the end of the actuator arm to tighten it all without taking the turbos out?
  13. Finished my first ever paint job on my front bumper - pretty chuffed with the result 😎
  14. BUMP! Having the same issue ... but #21 #22 #24 #27 & #28 Any ideas??
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