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  1. JD01JD

    Just bought an e34 540i

    Alright, calm down everyone. I have literally one photo of the car, here it is... I never really take photos of my cars, just not my thing. Its not a major heap but as with most red cars of this age it needs a respray, and is covered in a quite few dents and scrapes. I should really refit the chrome trim, its in the boot...
  2. JD01JD

    Set of Style 66s / Anything 17" for an e34

    Pm Sent. Still have my heart set on style 66s for some strange reason. I'll keep them in mind though.
  3. JD01JD

    Just bought an e34 540i

    Nah but something like 225/60r15 - big fat tyres. I wouldn't mind them so much if you could get a really good tyre in that size for a decent price. I got a trade price for a set of 4 in the original size and it was around $220 each for Bridgestone Turanzas, slightly less for supercats. You can get a 17" Potenza for that price, a tyre that is streets ahead of a Turanza. Its currently got Supercats all round - not the best in the dry, gets interesting in the wet...
  4. JD01JD

    Just bought an e34 540i

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone and advice. I absolutely love throwing stars but yeah with a fresh set of Potenzas the wheels / tyres would probably be worth more than the car haha. How much would you guys pay for a bare set of style 66s?
  5. JD01JD

    Just bought an e34 540i

    I'll post some pictures once its a bit tidier - cosmetic condition isn't the best on this car... Those style 42s look nice but I'm after a set of 17s, style 66s are quite common and I like them - although every set I've seen people are asking a bit too much for them. If anyone has a set of OEM wheels that would suit an e34 I'd be open to suggestions. I really need something to replace the OEM style 5s, the only tyres you can get for them now are supercats and a few other budgets tyres. I did think about a manual conversion, stopped when I saw the price / lack of availability of the 6 speed...
  6. Hi, Looking for a set of style 66s, either a 17x8 set or staggered. Edit: open to suggestions, anything OEM 17" and fits / looks good on an e34 Thanks.
  7. As the title says I just bought myself a 1993 e34 540i auto sedan. Currently throwing lots of money at it (not just at the petrol station either), I'm currently on my second FCP Euro order... Its my first BMW and I think I've been converted. Now to find some wheels... anyone got a set of style 66?