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  1. modz

    "Reclinable" seats in a coupe

    @M3AN thanks very much yep I did mean 2 door.... I’ll run Evo 4 seats then, save the hassle. Pity because most of them are stuffed and the Evo 5 onward seats are generally tidy. Cheers!
  2. modz

    "Reclinable" seats in a coupe

    Equally non-specific for a 2 door https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/vehicle-interior/seats-and-seat-anchorages
  3. WoF requires the passenger seat (at minimum) to be reclineable. However what does Reclineable actually mean? VTNZ were vague at best. Is it 1) Has flip forward ability via lever OR 2) Has ability to recline via dial mechanism? I get that fixed back's are excluded, I'm not interested in them. But late model Recaro's e.g. Evo 5 seats don't have the flip forward/recline mechanism, only the winder Thoughts appreciated
  4. modz

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Awesome work, great attention to detail
  5. WTB E30 Passenger Coupe door (TIDY) Pref Facelift but will work with whatever. No rusty / dented doors please. No glass or interior pieces needed. Pref in Auckland but let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. After an M54B30 and ZF 5 speed (E36 E46) Thanks
  7. modz

    e46 330 front calipers

    There's a guy on FB who's wrecked an E46 330D if that helps you?
  8. Awesome thanks Brent, I wondered if that would be easier. I'll wire that up today
  9. I've trawled the internet without much luck - can anyone clearly explain how to wire in the e46 reverse lights after a manual swap? I've sourced a Bosch connector, soldered on 1m of wire on both tails, attached to the reverse switch on the gearbox, threaded up into the cabin. Then following some guidance online from an E36 (I have E46) I believe my next steps are to located the plug that used to be in the shifter, find the Blue/Yellow and White/Green wires and attach them to the new tails leading back to the reverse switch on the gearbox. I realise silly to assume E36 and E46 are the same, so thought I'd check here first. Thanks
  10. Thanks yeah I've dealt with Chris in rallying days, indeed a good sort. At the end of the day my brother's car was a $2k special, so got to be better than what's in it now for his budget.
  11. Anyone had experience with the Powered shocks offered by Suspension Tech? Little bro needs some shocks and these popped up on trademe. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/suspension/listing-1692244873.htm On one hand I'm highly aware of buying quality suspension and braking components. On the other it's not a race car and more than likely produced in the same factory as other higher dollar shocks.
  12. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    Thanks M3AN, makes sense. Will get that out the way and pursue the other items
  13. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    Side question, I have removed the Steering wheel controls from the steering wheel. Could this cause any related issues?
  14. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    Ok so I pulled the battery off for 20 mins, and then pulled and tested each fuse while the battery was off. No blown fuses and everything in the correct location. Stereo does now have power, Instrument cluster has illumination, high beams and spotlights work So the problems I'm left with (I suspect not all related) No indicators/hazards/high beam don't show on dash Airbag & seatbelt light illuminated Central lock doesn't work Passenger mirror doesn't fold down I'll scanned it and clear codes before I do anything further, the battery has been in / out and flat in the last 6 months so no telling what is a red herring.