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  1. modz

    E30 Coupe Package $8,500

    Pics added, note engine is now partially reassembled.
  2. modz

    E30 Coupe Package $8,500

    For perspective it took me 3 years of fairly active searching to find a non sunroof facelift coupe. I was happy to pay for the right car. And if you read the ad, you’ll see there is a stack of highly sought after parts which total in excess of $5k. All of a sudden my asking price doesn’t look so bad huh...
  3. modz

    E30 Coupe Package $8,500

    Agree, not at this stage. I just don't have time or desire to deal with the part out and have a rare opportunity to buy a Lancia Integrale H I've been chasing for ages
  4. modz

    E30 Coupe Package $8,500

    Good question, no they come with the car. Car is still running the m40b18 and auto - very original.
  5. modz

    E30 Coupe Package $8,500

    A new project has come up so I'm looking to sell my E30 and over $5k of parts is up for sale. WILL NOT SPLIT 1989 318i facelift auto Coupe. Delphin Grey. Wof just expired, reg on hold. No Sunroof! Running, driving car. Even has cold air con! Does have minor rust in the boot and passenger floor pan to get WOF. Comes with panels to fix this. With: Genuine OEM Mtech2 bodykit E36 M3 ZF 5speed gearbox M54 3.0L engine E34 oil pan, pickup (suit m54) and dipstick Mint uncracked dash E36 328i 5 stud front hubs, brakes and suspension Spare: Boot inner panels Wheel well and battery tray (to fix minor rust) Quarter windows Passenger door Heaps of misc trim pieces
  6. I have an MTech2 kit, but for a sedan and I have a coupe.... Looking to see if anyone has the parts to suit a coupe for sale or wanting to swap for sedan / touring pieces. Coupe sides: Front quarter, door, rear quarter (3 piece) Sedan sides: Front quarter, front door, rear door, rear quarter (4 piece) PM me if you do Thanks
  7. modz

    e30 318i Coupe

    If you can get it for cheaper do it. But as others said it will cost to bring up to scratch. def not as heavy feeling and an e36 or even more so the e46 in my opinion. and yes the brakes suck esp if not driven in a while.
  8. modz

    e30 318i Coupe

    I bought my facelift 318i coupe for $4k if that gives you a benchmark 6months ago. As others have said rust is the killer. Lift the boot carpet and check down in the battery tray area on the right, spare wheel well and around boot edges. In your case with a sunroof check wet carpets, lower A pillars by the vents and the sunroof itself. They almost all rust. Parts themselves...panels are getting harder to find good ones, but the rest of the mechanicals are easy. The 318i will have the m10 which can do with a valve lifter adjustment and good oil if it’s tappy; otherwise start thinking about an m42 swap (great bang for buck). Most importantly: it’s a 30+ year old car, but it can be amazing with good parts used (not cheap alibaba stuff). PS: the speedo will likely be broken or have broken at some point. Don’t worry too much about it. Carjam will likely say it is incorrect...
  9. If it helps I ran a RHD engineering 'heavy duty' flywheel ($275USD) and M30 clutch in my 330ci build. A little chattery, and I always felt the clutch was excessively priced through Sterling B &C in Onehunga but they were local and I could always take it back. Am now looking at other options (240mm) for my new build - using the same RHD flywheel.
  10. Very interesting, thanks @zero I'll take a look. The block off plate itself isn't hard, the bracketry for the P/S pump and pulley on the M54 that hangs off it is. May just need to make it in a couple of pieces.
  11. I've been researching how to block off and move the oil filter housing on my M54B30. It's location smack bang front and centre of the engine has always bugged me; and now I'm wanting to run ITB's in a clean engine bay, it bugs me even more. Seems there are two fairly pricey options: https://www.achillesmotorsports.com/Billet-Oil-Filter-Housing-BMW-M50-M52-S52-M54-S54-p/11-am-ofrh.htm https://store.vacmotorsports.com/vac-billet-oil-filter-housing-racing-bmw-m50m52m54s50s52s54-p1417.aspx I do have CNC access, so could potentially make one; but wondered if anyone else had gone down this path before. Thanks in advance
  12. modz

    E46 manual pedal box

    You can buy the clutch pedal separately, look on RealOEM for the part numbers. It just bolts on to the side of your existing brake pedal. Check out 50skid on youtube for info on how to do it. Re the hardline, contact Raymond @ motorsport rentals. He sells a stainless line that's direct from pedal to gearbox. Way easier.
  13. modz

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    @Olaf - great thread and detail I think the sport wheel you picked up from the book of faces was from me. Glad it went to a good home. I too have an e30 coupe, in delphin. Build thread to appear shortly Did you convert your struts to 51mm?
  14. modz

    Clutch recommendations

    @Gaz realise this is way late in the piece but speedfactor in tauranga or stirling brake & clutch in Auckland are pretty good to deal with
  15. I've wrapped a fair bit - interior/exterior but always individual panels. Something that eludes me (and seems to have little info online) is how to wrap from the roof to the C pillar. Particularly on coupes where there is no roof rail (E30's for example) to do a clean break. Generally I do the rear quarter and roof as separate panels, with an overlap then trim the excess on the join - but it never looks like a single piece. Current thinking is to use the 3m Knifeless tape https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/graphics-signage-us/knifeless-tapes/ Anyone used other methods?