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  1. modz

    Quick Questions!

    Tip for replacing them if you don't have the 'special pliers' is to just grab some of these 'End Cut pliers' from the local hardware shop. Just be gentle enough to not cut the clamp....
  2. modz

    Front end respray prices

    I have had one quote at a fairly high end shop for $1,600 inc GST. For context, that was including removal (bumper), repairing of 2 minor bonnet dents and usual stone chipping, respray and refit (bumper)
  3. Has anyone had a Front end respray recently? Bonnet, bumper, guards + blend if so what price and by whom? in Auckland pref Thanks
  4. Sorted thanks @HELLBM and @BM WORLD ended up skipping the clutch switch and running power straight to Pin 8 as suggested. Next challenge is reverse lights...
  5. Yeah that sounds like PIN 8 Brent I'm going to go through all the fuses tonight to check I haven't popped the DME fuse or something dumb like that. Currently has no exhaust (headers only) so starting should be nice and neighbour friendly
  6. I've just finished swapping my 330ci to manual. All gone reasonably well. Having followed various threads and guides online, I've used a 4 pin clutch switch Pin 1 connected to power on brake switch Pin 2 connected at pin 23 on the DME Pin 3 connected to earth on brake switch Pin 4 connected to pin 8 on the EWS module However even with pushing the clutch in there is no start / no crank. All interior lights etc work, including dash. Gear icon is on the dash - which I'd expect pre-coding. Any tips / tricks to check? Thanks in advance
  7. Original car 2001 N54B20 318i auto touring M54b30 will be ex 330i 2001 also, but will run ZF 5 speed. Upgraded mechanicals - brakes, subframe, PS, driveshaft, diff etc I've just converted an E46 330ci to ZF 5 speed so am more familiar with them now I have watched your video's on youtube converting the Ti also
  8. Before I commit to the project, is there anything I should be aware of from a wiring perspective for an E46 318i N42B20 to M54B30 conversion? I'm aware that I'll need ECU and DME so will line all that up from the M54 donor. TIA
  9. modz

    E46 rear bench

    Coupe or sedan?
  10. WTB per title, after the plastic frame that holds the shift boot in a manual E46 bmw. Doesn't appear to be sold anywhere as a separate part (?) Thanks
  11. Thanks, yeah box is out; I'm keen to do this correctly and get it checked / correct before it goes near going back in the car.. It's now at the Gearbox Factory for a proper inspection.
  12. Thanks AllanW the box is not in the car but the shifter sits way over below 5th in its neutral position and wants to stay there while bench testing. It is the correct 5speed box model for the car, had it come from the factory in manual and using all new OEM parts for the rest of the conversion, so it’s being done properly. On the plus side, the shift gates are much improved since doing the detents. Taking it in today to get looked at; want the conversion all done by end of Jan all going to plan. I’ll update this post with info to help others out should they have the same issue.
  13. The two detent pins (5th and reverse) impact how easily the shift occurs into the gate and in turn position of the shifter. http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=385063 http://www.bimmerworld.com/Driveline-Shifter/Transmissions-Accessories/ZF-Transmission-Detent-Repair-Kit.html
  14. So I spent all afternoon replacing the 5th and reverse detent springs, replaced one at a time to ensure part and direction match for the replacements. However the shifter still leans to the right - highly frustrating. Any tips, tricks or thoughts? Would the box being super dry of fluid make any difference? TIA