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  1. Very good point. The Valeo kit is the same / similar weight as the DMF - which to me negates the point of going SMF. Since my initial post I've been reading more about the Sachs/FX SMF which is closer to 7 kg
  2. Yep specifically single mass as it will be a track day car most of the time. Thanks all for the insights so far. FCP sell Valeo so looks like that's the go. Hopefully customs don't sting me too much!
  3. Anyone had experience buying from local or international suppliers for single mass flywheels? specifically looking at one for my e46 m54 most packs seem to be $1200 with clutch opinions and experience with vendors or kits appreciated TIA
  4. Cheers Graham, that's just up the road from me so I'll drop in and have a chat
  5. I’ve used GT Refinishers in the past for custom work (metal work & paint) but wondered if anyone else came recommended? Must be able to metalwork, not just attach new panels... TIA
  6. For those interested a brand new cowl unit is $70-90 usd from either FCPeuro or ECS.
  7. Worth a shot. Probably more likely under Classic Cover, which has similar stipulations tho.
  8. Well done on the project and the detail, following this with interest. Once my E46 coupe may end up getting a V8....there are so many nay-sayers online in regards to it not fitting purely due to the sump, which does seem a cop out
  9. I insure my project E46 coupe through AA classic cover. $84 per year as long as it's in a garage or similar. All you have to say is that it is in storage, that it is being restored and that once back on the road you'll be driving less that 5,000km per year.
  10. Anyone have one they want to sell? I realise they can be had brand new for $1-200, but thought I'd ask on here first.
  11. Thanks, really after full leather Sport type's as I have half/half at the mo
  12. After a set of E46 coupe seats, MSport (not standard CI) in black leather From memory these were all electric If you have some in other colours I may be interested, will consider fronts only. Thanks
  13. Per title I need a Right front guard/fender for a prefacelift E46 coupe Really want Cosmos (black met) so I don't have to respray thanks in advance
  14. Thanks team, I'll start with the barrel fix and go from there
  15. I have an E46 coupe with the old square shape key. Unfortunately someone has decided to break into the car and bust the door barrel also. I have access to a parts car (E46 coupe also) with diamond key and all locks and ignition intact. Would it be an option to swap all the locks and ignition across? Only thought was the transponder, but if I use the ignition and key from the same car I figure it should work? Thanks