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  1. @pauly I answered your question on trademe also; if you want one just come through a PM on here, happy to help out / advice if needed.
  2. Other people have with these but I haven’t taken my car through with one just yet so I can’t say yes for certain. Don’t see why not tho as they use all OEM parts. My certifier was more concerned about the exhaust being wrapped properly for heat shielding from the steering universal than the joint itself.
  3. Cheers @qube I'd be getting a warranty with what ever I get, but appreciate your point. I've also looked at 235i's but they just look a bit plain. Maybe the M2 will drop in price again in the next 6 months and become a contender
  4. Looking at my next toy options. Currently 996 C4s, E92 M3 and now find myself looking at 435i Motorsport. Seem to fly under the radar vs M4 but huge potential. Anyone have one / had experience?
  5. Per title, WTB E30 steering universals. Paying $20 a piece plus shipping. Happy to buy in bulk if you have multiple. Cheers
  6. Billet aluminium rack spacers $25 Barina steering joint $160 (you supply E30 joint) Joints are supplied with E30 upper fitted, installation instructions. Turn around time 2 days from receipt of your universal joint Can also supply Purple Tag racks per my other listings.
  7. Bump. I have 3 in stock all ready to go. Can also supply Billet aluminium rack spacers ($25) to fit E30 Barina steering joint $160 (you supply E30 joint)
  8. Bump @Sammo these are stock in 330i / 330ci and a handful of other variants.
  9. Not sure if you’ve fixed this but pm me and I’ll tell you how to sort it
  10. Yep they’ve been installed in all my e46’s and e30’s, make a big difference esp on turn in and on the track
  11. modz

    Recaros for E30

    Look out for Mitsi GSR (evo 4 shape) recaro's. You can see what they look like in my build thread. Pickup reasonably cheap, nicer pattern on them than most, newer than fishnets and because they're in sedan's the flip forward mechanisms almost always work flawlessly because they're not needed. I have a spare rear seat if you need additional material also. HIGHLY recommend using the recaro to e30 adaptors rather than sliders and floor mounts from Scarles or similar as you don't have to cert or trans tunnel mount the seatbelt.
  12. I've got a few of these for sale. Degreased, checked and ready to go. $250 each Pick up Howick Auckland or $20 shipped to non-RD's anywhere in NZ. pm if interested
  13. modz

    WTB e30 gear boot

    If you have an auto shifter, cut the main guts of it out and you're left with a frame to then attach the ebay style boots onto.
  14. I also started / finished wiring up the engine in preparation for its first start up. A good mate had supplied a patch harness, so with that in hand, a spare accel pedal and the ECU I began to wire it all in. Once done I trimmed the E39 530i loom back to remove the rear O2's (coded out on DME) and the auto trans components of the loom. I'll tidy the loom further and tuck in behind the M3 wiring hardness covers (sitting on the windscreen) once the engine is running. Also put more assembly lube on the cam lobes in preparation and (SHOCK) oil in the sump. Winning.
  15. Sooooo a long time ago (ahem, 8 months or so) I cut all the rust out of the car. This meant a rather large hole where the battery tray / well once was in the boot. As with all other areas of the car, someone had already had a go (see pic 1) which involved patching using some street signage! F****n awesome work there. So my fix would always be far better and more structural than how it was. After much procrastination I decided to tackle the hole over the weekend. Much measuring, trimming and cleaning of both the car's panels and the donor panel, before splitting the donor panel so I could actually weld the sections into the car nice and tightly starting on the inside. As with the other rust fixes on the car, before welding the panels were wire wheeled on the edges inside and out for good penetration, weld through primer used to ensure rust doesn't come back and after welds have been ground back, seam sealer and underbody will be re-applied to mirror the factory finish. Over 8 hours of prep meant under 2 hours of welding. Job is coming out much nicer than expected. I'll post some pics of the finished product next week.
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