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  1. Thanks yeah I've dealt with Chris in rallying days, indeed a good sort. At the end of the day my brother's car was a $2k special, so got to be better than what's in it now for his budget.
  2. Anyone had experience with the Powered shocks offered by Suspension Tech? Little bro needs some shocks and these popped up on trademe. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/suspension/listing-1692244873.htm On one hand I'm highly aware of buying quality suspension and braking components. On the other it's not a race car and more than likely produced in the same factory as other higher dollar shocks.
  3. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    Thanks M3AN, makes sense. Will get that out the way and pursue the other items
  4. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    Side question, I have removed the Steering wheel controls from the steering wheel. Could this cause any related issues?
  5. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    Ok so I pulled the battery off for 20 mins, and then pulled and tested each fuse while the battery was off. No blown fuses and everything in the correct location. Stereo does now have power, Instrument cluster has illumination, high beams and spotlights work So the problems I'm left with (I suspect not all related) No indicators/hazards/high beam don't show on dash Airbag & seatbelt light illuminated Central lock doesn't work Passenger mirror doesn't fold down I'll scanned it and clear codes before I do anything further, the battery has been in / out and flat in the last 6 months so no telling what is a red herring.
  6. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    Champion, thanks for the advise. That Z3 diagnostics page you linked makes for good reading.
  7. modz

    E46 K Bus Issue?

    I've finally got my E46 330ci back on the road and now have the final electrical gremlins to resolve before I'm happy with it. I replaced: Steering wheel / airbag, seats (retaining the original tensioners and wiring), BMW business stereo has been removed and not yet replaced. All Pillar trims are removed for recovering. Issues: Airbag and seatbelt light on the dash Indicators and hazards work on outside but not on dash Stereo doesn't appear to have any power Passenger wing mirror stuck up Central lock doesn't work (not sure it did before tbh) I haven't yet checked the dash cluster for backlight when lights are on, or high beam etc; but the above + a quick google indicate a K BUS issue to me. Approach: I'm planning to unplug the battery, remove, check & replace all fuses, re attach battery before going further with the K-BUS. Is it worth getting my own Port Scanner to assist with codes? I've been looking at Bluetooth > iOS ones. Any other tips/tricks/suggestions appreciated
  8. A few people have asked so attached is a 2 tab spreadsheet of all the conversion parts I used / could remember while converting my 330ci. Also a TIPS tab. Notably the last tip, which is that it will cost more than you think, especially if you're a fussy bugger like me. This isn't gospel, it is a GUIDE. Hopefully it helps someone else out. BMWorld, HellBM, MotorSport Rentals, P&S Automotive and FCPEuro are great sources of help and parts E46 Manual Conversion List.xlsx
  9. modz

    Quick Questions!

    Tip for replacing them if you don't have the 'special pliers' is to just grab some of these 'End Cut pliers' from the local hardware shop. Just be gentle enough to not cut the clamp....
  10. modz

    Front end respray prices

    I have had one quote at a fairly high end shop for $1,600 inc GST. For context, that was including removal (bumper), repairing of 2 minor bonnet dents and usual stone chipping, respray and refit (bumper)
  11. Has anyone had a Front end respray recently? Bonnet, bumper, guards + blend if so what price and by whom? in Auckland pref Thanks
  12. Sorted thanks @HELLBM and @BM WORLD ended up skipping the clutch switch and running power straight to Pin 8 as suggested. Next challenge is reverse lights...
  13. Yeah that sounds like PIN 8 Brent I'm going to go through all the fuses tonight to check I haven't popped the DME fuse or something dumb like that. Currently has no exhaust (headers only) so starting should be nice and neighbour friendly
  14. I've just finished swapping my 330ci to manual. All gone reasonably well. Having followed various threads and guides online, I've used a 4 pin clutch switch Pin 1 connected to power on brake switch Pin 2 connected at pin 23 on the DME Pin 3 connected to earth on brake switch Pin 4 connected to pin 8 on the EWS module However even with pushing the clutch in there is no start / no crank. All interior lights etc work, including dash. Gear icon is on the dash - which I'd expect pre-coding. Any tips / tricks to check? Thanks in advance