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  1. Not in E39 that I'm aware of, and I've looked under plenty. Worth checking your 330i M to see if it does. Super easy, jack up the front and look at the underside of the steering column.
  2. Nice progress! While I remember have someone remove and press in a new gearbox seal. It’s a PiTA job.
  3. Seems most places here are out of stock / long back order. So before I order from overseas, does anyone have a spare pair of hubcentric 10mm wheel spacers? Need them for a cert. bolt pattern: 5 x 120 centrebore: 72.6mm
  4. I use e36 outers and e30 inners. E36 outers cheapest from partmaster @Olaf if you need any parts or help let me know mate
  5. Also finished the lower rear quarter so I could finally fit the rear bumper and battery in the boot. For the mess that it was it has come up really well. Glad I replaced the whole section. Post welding the section was sprayed with zinc etch primer and filled before having textured finish sprayed on to match factory.
  6. Been keeping busy on the last remaining tasks before wof and cert in the coming weeks. I’m refurbishing the m3 wheels this week and fitting the 16” pusher fan. In the meantime here’s some pics. Pretty happy with how it’s turned out
  7. That rear panel doesn't look bad mate. A patch would suffice I'd say vs replacing the whole panel. Unless there's other damage?
  8. Sorry mate I don’t but if you’re in a pinch they’re $18 from repco click and collect and I can send you my repco vip number for discount
  9. P/N 7852 974 697 Most purple tags ate 7852 974 679 so on the blue one the end 2 digits are reversed. @BM WORLD cheers I'll count the turns.
  10. I’ve received a blue tag rack in amongst the last shipment of purple tag racks I bought. Anyone know anything about what they are? A bit of googling was not conclusive. Hoping it might be an m3 rack... Cheers
  11. Spoiler alert. IT RUNS! Very happy and glad I made the choice to take it to P&S' workshop as there were a myriad of electrical gremlins resolved (including replacing the E39 engine loom). While there it also received Wheel alignment - now within E30 spec for cert General check over Exhaust fitment Shifter re-fit (I hadn't had time to finish properly). But again, big shout out to Peter and the team at P&S in East Tamaki. Hoping it comes home this week so I can finish the panel work, replace tyres and get on with the cert.
  12. modz

    WTB e30 gear boot

    What’d you use in the end?
  13. Nice! Chuck a seat cover over it and it will match the rest
  14. Once again time has got the better of me. Long story short, I spent a few weeks diagnosing why the car wouldn't start. Got frustrated with not getting far, put most of the car (rapidly) back together so it could go on a tow truck to visit the kind folk at P&S Automotive. In the meantime I've found a certifier close to home who will do a cert when it's ready. And remembered where I put the exhaust and rear bumper....
  15. @pauly I answered your question on trademe also; if you want one just come through a PM on here, happy to help out / advice if needed.
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