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  1. sobanoodle


    This forum is just full of old-fashioned "purists " Too big/heavy/ugly/AMG/[insert more here]
  2. Did a full and proper conversion myself, including ECE HDD cloning. Do not think 2019 Premium maps are out yet, have a link for 2018 though.
  3. Yep those workshops will charge you through the roof for things like that. Lack of information and then some disinformation lead people to believe that this sort of stuff cannot be diy'd, requires expensive equipment etc etc. Have you converted your navigation to NZ yet?
  4. You need to do some coding. HU_(cic/nbt/entry) RADIO_COUNTRY => ECE FM_DEEMPHASIS => 50us AF_FUNKTION => af_ein
  5. I use TM "Book a courier" heaps, both to send or arrange a pick up to be sent to me, trim a few cms and kgs here and there and only once was asked to buy an additional ticket but that package was dropped off directly at Fastway's depot. Not as ballsy as the above suggestions though...
  6. Yep. Had pretty much that happen to me nearly a year ago.
  7. Would've helped you easily if you were up in Auckland, have Carly installed.
  8. Carly coding app should take care of that fairly easily? See you if can find someone local with a dongle and app installed and ask them to do some coding for you.
  9. Yep. Loaded fsc and activated 8TH before. FSC will cost you a couple of hundreds depending on where it comes from. Need to add 8TH to FA and VO-code a couple of modules.
  10. A lot of those Chinese bits are now reappearing all over TM and Facebook. Like M3/M5 style bumpers and grilles.
  11. Yes I wish I went genuine. That's precisely why I ordered Bosch instead of OEM. Same same but different.
  12. I cheaped out and bought a set of Bosch blades. Wish I went OEM again as they're just so much better and you definitely get more than just a season out of them. unlikely...
  13. Thinking of selling the plates too?
  14. Number plate is rather terrible too.. I reckon standard issue ones will suit it more
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