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  1. Folding mirrors (if equipped) DRL Warning messages in I-drive Potentially some other bits and pieces. Easily done with carly or bimmercode.
  2. CCC maps stopped updating a few years back. Google and you'll find a DVD image of Au/NZ maps floating around, free of charge. Or go to the place mentioned above and pay $$$$$ for the same thing.
  3. How much do you usually charge for a full set of Brembo calipers?
  4. If only it had an M paket.
  5. Seen them selling on AU pages anywhere between $750-1500(extremely low mileage set with rotors). Plus a $100ish for postage (without rotors).
  6. I absolutely hated my runflats, swapped to normal Dunlops and could not be happier. Have a BMW pump kit sitting in the boot, so far has only been used to pump up all sorts of balls
  7. You sure can, ASD module but most likely you'll have to go into the expert mode.
  8. They recently added E-series as well. Coding options hugely depend on your bimmer's specs. I.e you won't have folding mirrors if you do not have a comfort access. I actually like it, probably because mine is a diesel
  9. Just run it and it'll tell you what you can code, module by module - fairly basic and straightforward. Wouldn't touch the expert mode for now
  10. sobanoodle


    This forum is just full of old-fashioned "purists " Too big/heavy/ugly/AMG/[insert more here]
  11. Did a full and proper conversion myself, including ECE HDD cloning. Do not think 2019 Premium maps are out yet, have a link for 2018 though.
  12. Yep those workshops will charge you through the roof for things like that. Lack of information and then some disinformation lead people to believe that this sort of stuff cannot be diy'd, requires expensive equipment etc etc. Have you converted your navigation to NZ yet?
  13. You need to do some coding. HU_(cic/nbt/entry) RADIO_COUNTRY => ECE FM_DEEMPHASIS => 50us AF_FUNKTION => af_ein
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