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  1. sobanoodle

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Saw it on Jervois rd on Waitangi day. A young couple rocked into Dear Jervois in style (and Nike flip-flops).
  2. sobanoodle

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    Damn I was expecting a bit of a monster that you wouldn't let off-leash easily
  3. sobanoodle

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    There is actually one half way up Mt. Eden, two in fact. Grey Lynn park is also off-leash, not caged though.
  4. sobanoodle

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    I found Meola reef to be a bit rough (a couple of years back, never been back since) - lots of crap everywhere, not so friendly/well behaved dogs etc. Waiatarua is a much more safer and pleasant place. Have you tried St Leonards beach? Off-leash year round but very much tide dependent, has to be a low tide.
  5. sobanoodle

    Illegal to fit normal tyres after run-flat??

    Had no issues converting mine at an independent Tyre shop. No questions asked, very good price too. I have to admit though the car feels noticeable softer in corners, probably the only positive thing about runflats...
  6. sobanoodle

    Number of BMWs of a specific model in NZ

    That explains why I cannot find mine in there... Discovered this database about 6 months ago.
  7. sobanoodle

    Another Alpina (D5 F10 this time)

    Yep, shouldn't really be comparing the two, completely different target audience imho. M5/M6 = performance D5/B6 = getting from A to B in comfort (and pretty damn fast still)
  8. sobanoodle

    Micks Garage 20% off TODAY - Waitangi Day

    Haha spotted you awhile back, thought you were more of JDM type of person I'm on my second beemah now, reckon I've had enough of subs for now at least. Flick me a PM if/when you decide to place an order.
  9. sobanoodle

    Micks Garage 20% off TODAY - Waitangi Day

    Will do in the arvo, namely a couple of filters as I do not really need anything else. Maybe a set of wipers depending on what they have there. Kind of lean towards genuine after reading a couple of reviews on Bosch etc. Nope, cheaper (with shipping costs factored in)? To be honest I mainly look on ebay for smaller bits and pieces (genuine products).
  10. sobanoodle

    Micks Garage 20% off TODAY - Waitangi Day

    Anyone from Auckland placing an order? Need a couple of filters but don't want to pay $40 for shipping
  11. I have no issues updating service records in iDrive's service menu , will go under 00000 rather than xxxxxx BMW (i.e dealership). Do 3er have one microfilter or two?
  12. I could certainly live with that and save myself a bit of time... Got quoted nearly $1,100 for a vehicle check/oil change/microfilter replacement. I have addressed the last one with a set of genuine filters for $70 and 20min of my time, saving a few hundreds.
  13. Which means LL-1 can be used?.. What oil are you using as we have similar engines? Not that keen on paying $500+ for an oil change at my local dealership Not that I was going to follow that advice anyway (N54 crowd mind you).
  14. The more I read about this the more I am getting confused. This thread in particular and low/high sulphur comments. From what I can see NZ diesel is low sulphur.
  15. A bit more hijacking sorry. Where do you get your oil filters from? And air filters? eBay or locally?