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  1. It used to be a one-off fee, then earlier this year they changed to a subscription based system, not retrospectively though.
  2. I've successfully used my Carly on F06, F11, E90 (pre-LCI), E92 M3 (LCI), E93 (pre-LCI). Bimmercode is also handy and allows you to do advanced coding and not only a certain list of coding options (kind of like a mobile version of E-sys. Works on F-series only though.
  3. sobanoodle

    Written off F90 M5

    Fairly certain this is the one that crashed on Ian Mckinnon Dr. Guessing they were coming down from Piwakawaka and lost control, demolishing a road sign and a traffic light. Drove past the place a few hours later and wondered what'd happened and then saw a post on fb with some photos. Walked my dog there the next morning, crap was all over the place, picked up an M5 guard grille as a trophy
  4. sobanoodle

    Newbie to the forum from Auckland

    Welcome! Can do this yourself as long as you can read how-to's and have a bit of spare time - all you need is a laptop, Enet cable off ebay (cheap) and some freely available software. PM me for some hints if interested.
  5. sobanoodle

    retrofit 6WA cluster to F3x

    Get one off ebay, make sure: a) it's a diesel version (these are usually cheaper than petrol) b) the cluster was virginised. Code, enjoy.
  6. sobanoodle

    UK import

    Or just use Google and save yourself a few hundreds. UK to NZ conversion is way easier than Japan to NZ.
  7. sobanoodle


    And I got my 535i from there too! I'm massively confused now...
  8. sobanoodle

    F31 335d Xdrive

    A bit of coding never hurts. Do Alpina D5 transmission flash
  9. sobanoodle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Flashed EGS (gearbox) with Alpina D5 soft. Did this affect the ability to control the brightness of your dash or CIC screen?
  10. sobanoodle

    A note on BMW Apps SA6NR

    Did they replace the speedo/kombi completely? Wonder if VO-coding to Oceania specs will cure it, google will probably know the answer.
  11. sobanoodle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    You're not alone
  12. sobanoodle

    Reverse camera for CIC iDrive

    I had a red coloured switch with a japanese sticker (Japanese import) next to it in my 535i, above the driver's footwell too . Looked super neat and factory.
  13. sobanoodle

    Swapping the runflats for some potenzas

    What mobility kit do you have? I have 71102333674 sitting in my boot (even though I am still running RFT) and I am trying to figure out if it has an in-built gel canister of some sort. And if so, how do you go about replacing it? If anyone knows.
  14. sobanoodle

    Reverse camera for CIC iDrive

    I reckon if you already have an aftermarket camera in there I'd just pop the stereo unit out and investigate. Might have something similar to the decoder in the video. In this case I reckon you should just be able to buy a decent quality camera off ebay/ali and connect it in place of the existing one. $800 is probably for a complete OEM retrofit (well it better be one for that price...)
  15. sobanoodle

    BMW diesel fires in Korea!

    Is this only related to 2.0L engines or 3.0L as well?