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  1. sobanoodle

    Re-print of personalised euro plates [BMWxxx]

    Will do though it is a bit of distant project, you might actually be the first one if so please post an update. PS: are you Kyu from Q Motors?
  2. Would anyone know what the procedure is if one wants to re-print a set of BMW euro plates? BMWXXX format with BMW logo and Team McMillan BMW on them? I see that brand new BMW plates are only issued through authorised dealers, would this also apply if I want to re-new an already existing set of plates? How much does it cost?
  3. sobanoodle

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    I had my 2011 535i Touring written off a few months back. Uninsured restricted license driver in a 300Z Nissan. Not even a third party. She written off two cars (apart from her own) and caused damage to two motorway barriers (which will need to be fixed with the traffic control in place == $$$). I was fully covered.
  4. sobanoodle

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Yes sir!
  5. sobanoodle

    A note on BMW Apps SA6NR

    E-Sys + Enet cable is a good combo
  6. sobanoodle

    A note on BMW Apps SA6NR

    Hello from a fellow 6-er owner! You can buy legit FSC codes online and code everything yourself. Will save yourself a fair bit. I know someone who supplies the following FSC codes: - FSC Kafas BE and BF - FSC for Speed-Limit Info Kafas2 7E - FSC for Kafas4 Speedlimit 11F / G11 G12 G30 G31 - FSC for Kafas4 WWA (Wrong Way Assist) 13E - FSC for Kafas4 Front Collision Warning (FCW) 13F - FSC for BMW Apps, Sirius Radio, EPS - FSC-Set for Retrofit CiC, NBT and NBT Evo with USB I did a dumb thing and ordered a 7E FSC code - the code was accepted without any issues, VO-coded the car BUT it appears that AU/NZ CIC maps do not have SLI data embedded in them 😕 Should have done a bit more research prior to...
  7. sobanoodle

    Windscreen replacement

    Novus (Penrose) were equally crappy when I had to deal with them... Was thinking about it the other day too... I got a windscreen with a connected drive (KAFAS2 so should have heating elements around the camera to prevent fogging) camera behind it, wouldn't want Novus/S&S to touch it.
  8. sobanoodle

    Anybody have 2017 CIC maps?

    I have 2018 Premium maps.
  9. sobanoodle

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Haha yeah fuel bill is rather awesome, full tank for under a hundy and lasts me for 2+ weeks. Have ASD module so sounds very petroly in the inside
  10. sobanoodle

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Haha yeah it looked a bit dirty ;) Love the 6 series - smooth, perfect cruiser, lots of room too (for now at least), full tank for under a hundred is a nice bonus too. Comfort seats and dash wrapped in Nappa, M paket, adaptive drive, LDW/LCW, adaptive LED headlights, 360 + side view cameras etc. Just wish the original owner ticked off the soft close doors option, was only like $900 extra - frameless doors on these are a bit of an effort to shut, require a rather decent wack :) Would you know who can tune these diesels?
  11. sobanoodle

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    I have a brand new Westfalia towbar for F10/F11 (OEM option), removable tongue etc complete with a proper wiring kit. These are bolt-on and easy enough to install yourself. Was planning to install it on my 535i until it got written off.
  12. sobanoodle

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Turned out your wife's 535i parks like 300ish metres away from my (now dead) 535i, spotted her a a week or so ago but wasn't sure on the number plate, then had a better chance today Almost brought tears to my eyes...
  13. sobanoodle

    Bavsound - where to buy from?

    I've imported enough to know what whatsmyduty.org.nz is or what 0800 478 287 (option 2) number is for
  14. sobanoodle

    Bavsound - where to buy from?

    What carrier do they mainly use?
  15. sobanoodle

    Bavsound - where to buy from?

    Have you used them before?