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  1. sobanoodle


    I want those rims. So sexy.
  2. sobanoodle

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    Sorry can I go off-topic and ask you how many 6 series Gran Coupes were sold here officially? And diesels in particular? 🙄
  3. sobanoodle

    To M3 or not to M3.. that is the question

    Yep... Was following one through Ponsonby today. "Carbon” wrapped bonnet and no mufflers. I mean no mufflers at all, not even muffler deletes. Looked extremely dumb imho.
  4. sobanoodle

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    I am looking for some at the moment, priced up a set of RE003 from BS Select and they can do them for about the same price as a set of Dunlop SP 050+ Both are non-RFT. Time to decide, any suggestions/opinions? $1500ish for a set of 245/35/20 and 275/30/20
  5. sobanoodle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sweet, contemplating whether to swap the whole set all at once or do the rears now and wait for the fronts to wear off. Found SP Sport Maxx 050 in 275/30/20 for $399 a corner. Edit: and 245/35/20 @ $350 a corner.
  6. sobanoodle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Have you noticed much difference?
  7. sobanoodle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Non-runflats? My rears will be dew soon and thinking of 050s too, where did you get yours from?
  8. sobanoodle

    Carly Coder in Auckland

    Haha yeah I do - flick me a PM
  9. sobanoodle

    Anybody have 2017 CIC maps?

    PM me or Google
  10. sobanoodle

    BMW Diamond key replacement

    Have a look on aliexpress - there are some very high quality housings for F-series, wouldn't tell the difference between OEM and those. Surely there are some for older types too.
  11. sobanoodle

    BMW diesel fires in Korea!

    If that's the case mine will be affected...
  12. sobanoodle

    Daytime driving lights

    PM me, can do this for you
  13. Might as well just google one for free
  14. sobanoodle

    New record for E30 325is pricing?

    She's super tidy! Leaves in my neighbourhood, the owner also has a very neat RS4.
  15. What are you trying to achieve anyway? Do not think there are any other alternatives for E-series cars.