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  1. spuckle

    Octane rating question

    It'd be interesting to do a consumption test, but can't see me keeping a consistent enough right foot for two whole tanks!
  2. spuckle

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    E9 bodied E39 M5. So much want.
  3. spuckle

    Octane rating question

    I've got this sticker inside the fuel door in my Japanese import E39 530i. Google translate says it says: "Eneos Vigo" "Unleaded High Octane" From a bit of research, apparently in Japan "High Octane" is 96+ RON, and standard being 91+ RON. I've been running it on UK standard fuel 95 RON, but should I switch to (what we call) Super Unleaded? This ranges from 97 RON to 99 RON depending on the garage, and can be significantly more expensive.
  4. spuckle

    Foreign Noob

    Thanks. I've noticed rubber perishing, most obviously the windscreen trim, so it's definitely been used a fair chunk, for Japan. Rust is the big issue with UK ones - I'll take rubber fatigue over rust any day!
  5. spuckle

    Foreign Noob

    If it wasn't for your forum it'd still have a head unit in indecipherable Japanese...
  6. spuckle

    Foreign Noob

    I'm pleased with it 😋. The wife less so....
  7. spuckle

    Foreign Noob

    It's only got 117k Kms on it, that's 72k miles. No chance of finding that kind of mileage on a UK one!
  8. spuckle

    Foreign Noob

    Hey, I'm from the New Zealand of the northern hemisphere - Scotland. Just bought an Japanese-import E39 530i Touring Sport. This seems to be much more common in your neck of the woods guys than over this way, so thought I'd join to get some useful info. I've also got a (broken) 2004 BMW 645ci, a 2006 Honda S2000 and a 2017 Volkswagen Polo GTi in the fleet.
  9. Does anyone have any idea how to do the radio module update from OCEANA to EUROPE on a MK3/Mk4 wide-screen Nav unit on a 2002 E39? Part number on my HU is 65.52-6 916 610 TIA