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    Where were your items shipping from? I'm using Kiwi Shipping (essentially Mainfreight... I think) presently and so far they seem very organised (shipping from the US by sea). I believe they have depots in the UK too, maybe elsewhere. I always felt YouShop was a bit of a rip in terms of shipping costs.

    New BMW in the South of the North

    It becomes more relevant and worthwhile when you need the bigger tyres or odd profiles I think such as 275/35/R20, as to buy new in NZ is circa $1,000. Hyperdrive has the Pirelli P Zero PZ4 is this size listed at $1,229.99 !! Even in the second-hand market, they're still asking for 100's of dollars for these kind of tyres. A couple of examples... CONTINENTAL SPORT CONTACT 2 275/35/20 X2 NEAR NEW 6.5 tread, asking $570 per tyre PIRELLI PZERO RFT 275/35/19 X2 4.5mm tread, asking $312 per tyre Seems a bit extraordinary to me.

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Whoops. Bridgestone Tyre Centre in both Upper Hutt & Torrens Terrace Wellington (I myself just realised they were the same outfit, yet different quotes?). That was for the P Zero Run flats which I was originally thinking of getting. I'm pretty sure you can't get the Pirelli All Season Plus in NZ and I'm guessing if they could order from overseas you'd lose another arm and leg.

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Tire Rack Shipping to NZ: Kiwi Shipping

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Sure. My car is a staggered setup: 245/40/R20 Front and 275/35R20 Rear on 303M 20" rims. OEM Tyres are Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) Run Flats as seen here. Two quotes in NZ, $960 vs $1,100 (NZD) per tyre and from Tire Rack in the US $496.55 (NZD) per tyre. I opted for Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus as seen here. All up the final bill is going to be around $1,892.81 depending on what happens at NZ Customs, which, equates to $473.20 per tyre. Pricing and Conversion ( 1.47405 as @ 29-07-2018) Tire Rack Price USD x2 Tyres USD x1 Tyre NZD x2 Tyres NZD 275/35/R20 $216.89 $433.78 $319.71 $639.41 245/40/R20 $223.85 $447.70 $329.97 $659.93 $881.48 $1,299.35 Tire Rack Quote with Shipping (Air Freight) USD NZD Per Tyre $1,350.83 $1,991.19 $568.66 Plus NZ customs $2,274.65 Kiwi Shipping (Mainfreight) Shipping with Mainfreight means you qualify for Tire Rack's free shipping across the US. Kiwi Shipping (Mainfreight) Sub Totals - NZD Air vs Sea Difference Freight Charges USD Destination Charges NZD Total Charges NZD tyres & shipping NZ Customs Per Tyre $134.00 $110.00 $310.00 - BY SEA $1,609.35 $1,892.81 $473.20 $373.00 $456.00 $683.00 - BY AIR $1,982.35 $2,265.81 NZ Customs Estimate Item Duty $200.34 GST on Freight $30.45 Entry Fee $52.67 $283.46

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Out of interest, what brand of tyre delaminated on you and was it in a bad state to start with?

    New BMW in the South of the North

    53 years , that's some good going!

    New BMW in the South of the North

    I hear yah - I've got some old steel rims and tyres off a ute I can practice on. You can get a space saver but there's no cavity for it so you'd have to just strap it down inside the boot.

    New BMW in the South of the North

    After plenty of deliberation I've decided to try non-run flats, could end up being a bad decision, we'll just have to wait and see.... Main reasons were price since I can't bring myself to spend circa $1,000 on one tyre here in NZ (half the price in the US) and I wanted an All Season tyre. I can't afford two sets (summer and winter) and having UHP summer tyres where the manufacturer advises you don't use them below 7 degrees c doesn't seem like a good option in NZ. Puncture repair gun ordered along with a mini-compressor. Tyres @ the Mainfreight depot in California earlier this morning.

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Managed to get some AutoGlym on this afternoon - wicked stuff, ** BLING ** !

    New BMW in the South of the North

    @kiwi535 Thanks - will keep them in mind. Yes, currently have runFlats (Pirelli PZero) fitted. I'm not keen on the replacement cost; circa $900-$1000 for the PZero's. The budget has already been sssstttrrreeetttccchhheeeddddd (stretched). Was thinking normal tyres in combination with a tyre inflation kit. Anyone have personal experience with using a tyre inflation kit? Cheers, M.

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Thanks all. I've been to see Barry already for the essentials - he was most helpful (like every BMW owner I've met so far). Joining in an event could be fun, hopefully we can juggle work schedules to suit.
  13. Hello from the Hutt Valley, We’ve been driving around in a 1996 Ford Laser for sometime now with an occasional drive in our other vehicle, a 1998 Ford Courier XL Wellside. Both of which don’t have much of a vehicle safety rating. My fiancée and I recently fell in love with a 2012 7 Series 750i – a Japanese import. It was the first car yard we visited one random Sunday afternoon, and the 3rd vehicle we looked at up close. It was all over from there. It’s quite a leap in terms of.... almost everything (steering wheels and four tyres are still common place in the 2000’s)! Until it came to purchasing this particular vehicle, I knew squat about BMWs. I did spend some weeks researching the 5th generation 7 series and became aware of the potentiality for serious problems to occur. Despite numerous tales of woe in various online postings we went ahead regardless – love knows no bounds (3yr MBI sorted along with an independent PPI)? It’s fairly tidy considering it’s 72,000 wrinkles and at this stage I just intend to give it a good wax (AutoGlym). Try to remove some superficial scratches on the paint work and on the interior surface of the wooden trim. I've already invested in some leather care from European Leathercare in Petone. It doesn't look like the rear seats were used much at all. A couple of new tyres due soon as only 3mm left on the rear. I had spotted some Bridgestone Turanza T005’s after noting the B grade attributed to a decrease in rolling resistance (how much that will help in real-world economy I don’t know). Suggestions most welcomed regarding tyre selection, as well as any unwanted fuel vouchers 😰 Other than that, it’s an brobdingnagian joy to drive, bugger the environment and my retirement fund! Cheers. I slightly grainy photo shall have to suffice for now. P.s. does anyone know when the ECOPRO mode was first introduced with the 7 Series?