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  1. Does help a lot! Assuming mine isn't dead now... something blew out on the motorway today. Seal? Plug? I have mechanical warranty still so shes off to the shop. But not looking good. Engine bay is a pool of oil.
  2. 4CYLBimmer

    New BMW owner.

    Sad. But my BMW is most likely dead. Blew all the oil out the engine on the motorway, didn't notice until I slowed down. Pulled over, oil showed close to 0, hopped out safely, entire bottom part of the engine bay is a pool of what was in the engine... towed to the shop under mechanical warranty. *there was no warning symbol, nothing until I did a manual oil check on the car using the dash.
  3. 4CYLBimmer

    New BMW owner.

    Oh well... I'm thinking of getting an M2 at some point. But this is fine for now.
  4. As the title suggests, I've been trying to find o-ring replacements for both my VANOS solenoids on my 2011 320i. I have found a few places but nothing /seems/ to suggest they work on this engine.
  5. 4CYLBimmer

    New BMW owner.

    Hello. Auckland bimmer owner. First European car I've ever owned. 2011 BMW 320i MSport.