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  1. Smackiee

    SOLD: Staggered tyres 225/40/18 + 255/35/18 BU66

    Thanks again and good to meet you both!
  2. Smackiee

    SOLD: Staggered tyres 225/40/18 + 255/35/18 BU66

    @qube will let you know ASAP if Graham ends up not needing them due to incorrect size
  3. Smackiee

    SOLD: Staggered tyres 225/40/18 + 255/35/18 BU66

    I know I have already put an estimate on price but am I selling these too cheap? Like to get your opinion. I will not be changing price either way.
  4. Hi everyone, Upgrading my tires, so selling the old set. Blacklion Champoint BU66 225/40/18 x 2 255/35/18 x 2 All tires around 2000kms old. Were put in by dealership when imported earlier this year. Pretty much full tread. Pick up Mt. Wellington Auckland. Tires will be ready for pick up by end of day today. I have not seen any used sets for sale around so unsure of price. But will see what $200-300 will do if not offer me for the set.
  5. Cheers my friend, ill put you down on the list, but! nothing is yet confirmed. gotta get the numbers pumping before we move any further!
  6. Smackiee

    New BMW owner!

    Exactly QUBE, so both paddles still fully usable! Just left flipped hehe
  7. Smackiee

    New BMW owner!

    Thank you for your suggestions! I am a person who does not really like the de-badge look to be honest haha. Rims, have not really looked at different styles but the current ones are just not doing it for me. In regards to maintance! First thing I will be doing. Still a while away from the major stuff but I will be prepared. Currently 34000kms on the clock. I have paddles set up left paddle Pull - Downshift and Push for Upshift, right paddle has not changed Pull - Upshift and Push for Downshift. So from what qube is saying, I can still drive with one hand and change through the gears with the one paddle.
  8. Hi guys, currently in talks with VR speed factory otherwise known as VRSF. I need to obtain real numbers as to who would be interested in purchasing their products to provide them so they can calculate possible discounts etc. It would probably be better for them to get a dollar value of your order instead of the amount of people. So if you could provide a rough estimate, will be great. Please PM me if you are interested and keep the page free from spam. Thanks
  9. Smackiee

    New BMW owner!

    Hey guys, thought I would introduce myself being new to the page. (Thanks for taking me in) Recently got myself my very first non-jap car which is a 2009 BMW 335i E90! As far as I can see, it is bone stock but I am not 100% in the know of these cars. (Reason why I am trying to join as many groups as I can) First 'mod' is changing the paddle shift to have downshift 'pull' on the left hand side. Much better! 10 minute job. To do list (near future): Change out Rim/tyres. XHP gearbox flash Change angel eyes to white from yellow MHD Icarly for coding To do list (Future) Downpipes Chargepipe Exhaust Twin filters more to add Here are some photos to end off this long post! Looking forward to meeting people in Auckland!