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  1. Manage to snap some pics of these two while working. Hope to see these again, maybe at the track? Note: these have been collected by their owners. Picture taken back early Feb.
  2. Here are my first attempts at wrapping the aluminium brushed trim in the 335i! Does not look to bad! but definitely room for improvement with corners and bubbling. Will need to take better photos during the day which I reckon will come out better in the sun light.
  3. Very nice. Same place I got my 335i from
  4. Yeah very tidy install, not red like yours and no sticker. Just don't understand why it is there. Tried to find more information about it but could find none.
  5. I also have a toggle switch just above the drivers footwell which disables the reverse camera from operating. Anyone know why such switch would need to be installed? I have found nothing else it affected in terms of operation.
  6. Nah no need to root the phone thats BS. Got mine from onlinewholesale https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/meters-testers/listing-1733679747.htm?rsqid=95a53021f0b541d385183230ff638534 Usually when I plug mine in, it asks something in regards to USB data transfer or something a long the lines and I OK it and it works.
  7. Hi @BeZerKaNZ Where did you get your K+DCAN cable? and is the Cable you bought to connect to your S7 OTG capable? I bought a simple trademe one and is connecting fine with the new APP. There is still not much info on it but with the info that is available is looking to be a good APP.
  8. Anyone tried this yet? https://www.bimmergeeksprotool.com Connected it up and had a look at all the coding options. Lots of interesting stuff. But I am one of those who wait for people to buy the licenses and test and review >.< I believe it is $79.99 USD for diagnostic license and $49.99 for Coding license. Cant find prices when device is not connected to vehicle. Looks very promising with the bluetooth adapter they sell also.
  9. Oh sweet, we went through 6 x 20 min session on Sunday and felt it was the right amount. But after getting home was wanting more haha
  10. I agree, I knew I was going to enjoy it but after the session I was itching for more! I should post for interest on a track day for this group @Matth5 Did you also do the club circuit at hampton for your first time?
  11. Ignore that last message, It is being run by HD AUTO which is the same people who did yesterdays session! I will definitely check if I can make it!
  12. Mark! Thanks I need some more info on this event on the 11th of August at National track. Can you point me in the right direction? Would be keen to go! Paul
  13. I was quite surprised as to how it handled on the wet. My friend in the 32 GTR was having issues putting power down in the wet with his RE002s. He was extremely surprised as well. There was a couple sessions in the dry which I will be uploading a bit later on. But overall lots of fun and can't wait to be back on!
  14. First time track day ever. Car handled great though did not push my luck due to first time learning and wet track. 2009 BMW 335i M sport MHD stage 1 tune HKS BOV POTENZA RE003 Everything else stock. DSC OFF, DTC ON Hampton down - Club circuit track. By no means I am an excellent driver at track, all about the fun.
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