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  1. Hey looking for any and all info I get on fitting a turbo/sc on my 1999 323ci I believe my engine will be a m52b25 unsure if it's single vanos or what and unsure of how that will affect things but I think it does give an easy place to rap into for oil feed? I also believe it' odb1 and I'm unsure if that increases or decreases tuning capabilitys Biggest issue I see is the amount of room on the turbo side, the manifold is easily achievable as I've seen an ozzy flip the factory extractors to easily clear steering but then I'm wondering if any one has done this then what size downpipe did you fit and how? Also considered running a pipe to the other side but again room is limited. Another option I'm curious about is what type/style of superchargers will work easiest? I read about estima turbos working ok. Will be doing arp studs and a MLS gasket and injectors and bigger intake etc not rich so hoping to be able to use a rb25det turbo or a estima supercharger or something along those lines. Sorry for the long post guys any help is much appreciated
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    That's awesome cheers! Every Mm counts
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    Hey new member here, had around 15 bmws now cant get enough! hoping to get some advice on getting around the steering problem when trying to turbo! Prefer turbo over super charger ( ideally ) I also want to keep the engine bmw. Looking forward to learning more about bmws!
  4. My friends down the road have a pretty wikid rotary company called HPR and will easily be able to get it mounted nicely, I did read about the estimas s/c being a good option.
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    I wish I has that kind of money haha, And the steering shaft from firewall down to rack... I had a good look yesterday when I was pulling radiator and it's but with the slant engines there' actually quite a bit more room than I first thought