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  1. Regarding the PFL lights: apart from it obviously being a matter of taste, there is something to be said for an original car. This one looks totally un-modified and as it would have come out of the factory. That’s pretty cool. As soon as you do the lights, then you’ll have the wrong steering wheel, the wrong nav screen...
  2. They’re the comfort seats, which have also been optioned with the ‘Active Seat’ function which is essentially a primitive seat massage. This car is extremely well optioned. In fact it’s one of the highest specs I’ve seen, apart from it missing certain facelift features like front PDC, auto lights etc. Only options I think it’s missing are the rear sun blind and extended leather This is an absolute stunner. They don’t come around this nice and original very often
  3. Well done! Even I’m tempted with a Mondeo after the Grand Tour’s piece on it. Sold the E46 then?
  4. Sorry, just realised that wasn’t overly clear. *can’t comment on how it works with the high cluster
  5. Oh yep. Most NZ new 530i’s have the low cluster I’ve found. Tend to be more poverty spec than the imports. Mines a low cluster, so can’t comment on how the GROM unit works with it
  6. Yep to tucking the unit behind the radio. It’s impossible to know it’s in there. Let me know how you get on with speakers. That’s something I definitely want to get done soon 😁
  7. Hey mate, ended up buying this one here: https://gromaudio.com/store/bt3_adapters/bmw-mini-98-05-bluetooth-adapter-car-kit-behind-the-radio-connector.html This one is the version above the one I linked in the principal post. I decided I’d rather just have Bluetooth and not faff about with annoying cords. It’s Bluetooth, works with the factory head unit, is completely hidden away and retains the functionality of the steering wheel buttons etc. Absolutely perfect for me. Happy with the audio quality and my phone connects automatically every time I get in the car. I really like how it reads out the song title/album title/artist on the factory screen. Some people I’ve taken in the car have asked how an 18 year old car has Bluetooth! I keep telling people: this isn’t a Honda Accord, this is the real deal 😉. It also comes with a handsfree mic, but I decided not to plug that in. I don’t drive and talk on the phone often, but mainly I find that those external mics look out of place. That’s just personal preference though. Only downside is you lose the functionality of the CD changer. I’m pretty sure this can be reverted back if you ever want to play your CDs, but don’t quote me on that. I don’t really miss mine at all. Installation isn’t too bad. If I can do it, most people can. Instructions are pretty helpful. I assume your car is the same as mine, in that it has no DSP or nav? In that case, this will work just fine with your car. The one I’ve linked doesn’t have a USB function, but I believe GROM offers one with USB. Slightly more expensive I think. Let me know if you have any issues 😄
  8. Photos of your new vehicle are required. Please and thanks
  9. Took some pics of the old girl tonight with @adro
  10. Spotted! M5 in Petone. Special edition with the twin exhaust only?!
  11. Went to see @Autoglym a wee while ago and bought a few products that I've been meaning to put into use. I finally got around to spending a day getting the Oxford Green paint to sparkle. Washed (with AutoGlym shampoo), clay barred, washed again, polished, and finally waxed. Also bought some leather cleaning product online and attacked the leather, before conditioning it. This was the most in-depth car clean I've ever done, and I'm pretty chuffed with how it's turned out. The paintwork is uber smooth to touch! And the leather is much less shiny, and nicer to the touch as well. Took this pic after labouring on her for an entire day:
  12. 152,053 kms. Quite a bit of love spent on Jane over the last couple weeks: Vanos seals refreshed Auto transmission serviced Rocker cover gasket replaced Sump gasket replaced Heater hose replaced Oil change I had these jobs done by Jon at Auto 38 two weeks ago. I've done 2,000kms since then, meaning I've had some time to get a feel for the results, and I'm really pleased. When people say that refreshing the vanos seals makes for a great improvement in their cars, they aren't lying! I drove from Wellington to Whanganui (200kms) after the seals were done which bedded them in nicely. The biggest takeaway is how much perkier the car feels; it's far more lively and torquey in the lower rev-range. Whereas before she would have chopped down from 5th into 4th when accelerating from 70km/h up to 100km/h, she now just pulls in 5th. And with only 150kms on the clock when this was done, I'm sure my vanos seals were in far better shape than others'. Highly recommended upgrade for anyone with these cars! Also running smoother and is slightly smoother on cold start, although not completely as smooth as I'd like it. But a great result nonetheless. Transmission service also returned great results. As soon as I took off from Auto 38 I noticed a change. Firstly, the shifts are far smoother (and they weren't rough to begin with!). And additionally, the up-shifts seem to come sooner, which could be the reason I've seen my petrol consumption drop from 10L/100km to 9.7L/100km! Sump gasket had a minor leak, so the gasket was replaced. Also got the rocker cover gasket done as one of those '"while you're in there" jobs - no record of it being done in the service history. Jon noticed the heater hose was getting quite soft, so replaced that to avoid any side-of-the-road-E39-coolant-system-failure moments! Hard to believe I'd already done 8,000kms since the last oil change in late November, but it was time for one of those as well! Overall, got a few of those checklist jobs done and the car has never run better. I chased an E60 M5, E92 M3 and E39 M5 over the Paraparas last weekend, and Jane held her own (although struggled a bit on the straights!). Love driving this car, and looking forward to putting many more miles on the clock Next on the to-do list: Replace folding radio wood trim with an uncracked piece (have the piece, just struggling to find the time to get the swap done), New rubber (I hear a set of Michelin PS4's calling Jane's name), Potentially a bit of suspension work. Undecided on how much I want to spend on suspension at the moment, when it's far from being buggered. Have a clunk that appears occasionally when coming to a halt. Might look into that soon.
  13. Great result! Can't recommend Jon enough
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