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  1. With my car, opening any door (including boot) turns the GROM unit on. Perhaps your car thinks the boot is open even when it’s turned off, therefore turning the GROM unit on? But it would be odd for the GROM unit alone to drain your battery
  2. This one? It was in Petone last week. Most windows smashed with hazards on. Was sitting there like that when I went to work at about 5pm and was still there when I left in the early hours of the morning. Such a sad sight for such a nice car
  3. If a 335i isn’t fast stock then there’s no hope for my poor old 530i 😓 Perhaps if I owned a V10 M5 that would place me back within the realm of reality of fast cars 🤔😉
  4. Have you driven a 335i yet? You might be surprised by how fast they are bone stock
  5. “New shape” is most likely referring to the fact it’s the first model year of the E90 generation. Personally, I’m quite weary when it comes to getting a first production year car. Some problems or reliability issues that pop up in the earlier cars can be fixed for the later production years. In saying that, it’s a great price. An E90 330i is a great buy at under $6k
  6. Saw you cruising by the airport a couple weeks ago. It looks stunning!
  7. Looking good. Nice work with the windscreen cowl. Something I need to do with mine. Was that a hard job?
  8. Investment mate. Will be worth a lot of money soon... 😉
  9. Cool. Assuming your bike is actually worth $6000, I’d say it isn’t a bad swap. I can’t imagine you struggling to sell it for $6000 or close to that later on down the road
  10. Are you swapping your bike and putting up another $1500? Or is it a straight swap?
  11. Yeah, the condition it’s in really is a testament to its past owners. Having been garaged for most of its life really makes a difference. She’s been nothing but reliable in these 20,000kms. No such thing as even a sluggish start - sparks into life instantly, every time. Regardless of how long I don’t drove her for. Only unexpected item I’ve had to replace was the radiator, which developed a crack two days into ownership. But even that didn’t leave me stranded. If you keep up the maintenance on these cars, they can give you many happy miles for a fraction of the cost of a newer Japanese car
  12. 156,597 kms. Just achieved my second 10,000 “achievement points” in the old girl this week. Second 10,000 has been much the same as the first 10,000. Everything just keeps on working. A quick clean yesterday to celebrate the occasion (was also used to chauffeur my sister and date to their school ball last night) 😎
  13. I second this notion. My 530i was running great after the Castlepoint run. Could be a placebo, but it felt a lot more lively, and possibly even more powerful, towards the end of the trip. I think you're spot on the money here Pete. Be glad it's stuck open and not stuck closed! I highly recommend reprogramming the temp gauge so that it reads somewhat accurately. Did it on my car and it's been great (for my piece of mind).
  14. I’ve got the PS4 on my car. They completely changed the driving experience. Way more grip and better turn in. Highly recommend. Pricing isn’t that bad either
  15. 90,000 miles in the first year of ownership! That’s about what my car has now, after 18 years. So cool
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