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  1. I could see in the photos the rust reappearing after the restoration from a number of years back. I’m very glad someone else has come to the same conclusion.
  2. Mtech 2 front valance no longer available. Cheers all.
  3. $500 for spoiler $600 for m tech lip Lip is Schwartz metallic and will need repainting. Spoiler is Diamantscharwz metallic
  4. GetCam

    E30 NZ new Radio

    Blanks are reserved for inspection tonight.
  5. GetCam

    E30 NZ new Radio

    Asking $300 o.n.o Came with a car I no longer have, current car has original Alpine unit from Japan. Located Auckland, also have E30 factory fog light blanks $120.
  6. What’s one of those radios worth without the speakers?
  7. Yeah that was the boot and spoiler? I would have been but sadly my cars are both facelift. Bargain deal for m3 parts.
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2379001100.htm Nice car but the price point feels rather high.
  9. Sorry but London is far too far away.
  10. Suitable for a coupe. Preference for black leather, greater preference for vert front seats or m3 fronts. Auckland based. Let me know your price if you have some available. Also after: Diamandschwartz metallic fuel cap flap M tech 370mm steering wheel M20b25 engine facelift Full m20 manual conversion either 260 or 240 and pedals
  11. Thanks for the link, those ones are actually mine haha. Sorted on the lip, fog lights and ICV pipe for now. On the look out for the much desired sport seats preferably the black unicorns horizontal stitching with vert/coupe folding function.
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